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Book Hiroshi Tanahashi's Retirement - Part Two: Callback

2020.08.19 22:56 apehasreturned Book Hiroshi Tanahashi's Retirement - Part Two: Callback

Part One Here!

Following a loss to Zack Sabre Jr in Round One of the New Japan Cup, he accompanies fellow tag champ Kota Ibushi for his bout against the Technical Wizard, which Ibushi wins. He moves on to Round Three, where he falls to Will Ospreay - who, in turn, loses to Okada in the semis, but not before challenging Ibushi to a Tag Team Title match on behalf of the Birds of Prey. The match is made for the New Japan Cup Finals in Osaka-jo Hall.

New Japan Cup Finals
Golden Ace (c) vs Birds of Prey for the IWGP Tag Team Titles
Birds of Prey are out first, looking to bring the second pair of tag titles to CHAOS, Eagles and Ospreay rallying the crowd as they await the champions. Golden Ace hit the scene together to Ibushi's theme song, high fiving their way to the ring to an even warmer reception than their opponents. They decide that Tanahashi and Ospreay will start things off, their first time facing off since Night 17 of G129, where Ospreay came away with the win.
Both men lock up, Tanahashi muscling Ospreay around, but the newly minted Heavyweight is able to push back, shoving the Ace away before hitting a 540 KICK ON A DIME! He covers for one, before going for an OSCUTTER! TANAHASHI CATCHES HIM - GERMAN, BUT OSPREAY LANDS ON HIS FEET! He goes for the Hook Kick, but Tanahashi ducks and spins around, catching a leg to hit a DRAGON SCREW! Tanahashi shoots right for the Cloverleaf, but Ospreay bucks him off into an ENZIGURI FROM EAGLES! Ospreay with a SILENT WHISPER! He tags Eagles and heads to the apron to hit a PIP PIP CHEERIO, FOLLOWED BY EAGLES WITH A WARP 4.5! ONE! TWO! THR-IBUSHI BREAKS IT UP!
Ospreay set the table perfectly, and Tanahashi would've been done if not for Kota, who's hit with a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK BY OSPREAY! Eagles, meanwhile, calls for a PELE KICK, BUT THE ACE MOVES! Eagles lands on his feet, but gets HIT WITH A SLING BLADE! Tanahashi starts to crawl to Ibushi, but EAGLES TAGS OSPREAY! Will grabs Tanahashi to try and halt the tag, but HIROSHI WITH A FALL IN LOVE ROLL! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! He dives for the tag, but OSPREAY GRABS HIM FOR A SUPLEX, FINGERTIPS AWAY! Ospreay throws a kick to the chest, followed by an OSCUTTER! ONE! TWO! IBUSHI BREAKS IT UP! The Ace is stunned, but he's helped up and HITS ANOTHER DRAGON SCREW! He hits a third for good measure, before FINALLY TAGGING IBUSHI!
Ibushi storms into the ring with a HUGE KICK TO THE CHEST OF OSPREAY! Ospreay kips up, and now IBUSHI WITH ONE TO THE HEAD! Kota isn't playing as he keeps the assault going, starting to target Ospreay's leg, and eventually calls for a GOLDEN STAR POWERBOMB! Ospreay drops down, and LANDS A HOOK KICK! Ibushi falls to his knees as Ospreay goes for a HIDDEN BLADE, BUT IBUSHI DUCKS! SNAP GERMAN SUPLEX FOR TWO! Robbie Eagles gets up top for a dropkick, but IBUSHI COUNTERS INTO A POWERBOMB! ROUNDHOUSE TO THE HEAD OF OSPREAY! IBUSHI IS ON FIRE!
Kota grabs Ospreay to go for a Kamigoye, but now Ospreay is able to avoid before hitting a kick to the stomach and a ROBINSON SPECIAL! Ospreay tags Eagles, Ibushi rolls to the apron, where Robbie heads to the top rope, only for TANAHASHI TO PUSH HIM OFF TO THE FLOOR! Tanahashi tags Ibushi, but OSPREAY LANDS A SPANISH FLY ON THE APRON ON KOTA! TANAHASHI WITH A DRAGON ROCKET ON OSPREAY! ROBBIE EAGLES WITH A CROSSBODY TO THE OUTSIDE!
Eagles rolls Tanahashi in, hunting for the finish with a Mach 4.5, but TANA MOVES! Eagles lands on his gut, and eats a SLING BLADE! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Tanahashi heads up top for a High Fly Flow, but EAGLES SPRINGS UP FOR A TOP ROPE RANA FOR A NEARFALL! The Ace is crawling towards his corner, looking for another hot tag, but EAGLES GETS TO WILL FIRST! Will rushes in and stops Tanahashi, before hitting a HIDDEN BLADE! He thinks about the Stormbreaker, but instead decides to go up top... IBUSHI TAKES OUT THE LEG! TANA PULLS HIM DOWN WITH A SMALL PACKAGE! ONE! TWO! THREE!
Golden Ace def. Birds of Prey (15:59) to retain the IWGP Tag Team Titles
Following the bout, Tanahashi has an interview where he says he's glad to have shown he can still be the guy to earn the pin, before a furious Ospreay says that he needed Ibushi to run interference to get the pinfall. Ospreay lays down the gauntlet for Tanahashi - Ospreay vs Tanahashi II, at Sakura Genesis (alongside much the rest of real life's Dominion card).

Sakura Genesis
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Will Ospreay
Now it's time for one of the most anticipated matches on the card, as Will Ospreay looks to go two for two against Hiroshi Tanahashi. His leg is taped up, the New Japan Cup Finals having taken a toll on the limb. He spares some of the theatrics to try and maintain his leg's strength, and he's followed out by The Ace. Tanahashi does all the traditional Tanahashi pomp and circumstance, kissing babies and hugging screaming fans as he heads to the ring. He and Ospreay tentatively shake hands before going to their own corners, the bell ringing for their second bout!
Both men lock up, and Tanahashi throws Ospreay into the ropes, Ospreay AGAIN GOING FOR AN OSCUTTER! Tanahashi catches him and goes for the German, but then turns it into a STRAITJACKET TO KEEP HIM TRAPPED! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Ospreay rolls out as Tanahashi gets to his feet and hits a ROBINSON SPECIAL! He clutches the knee as he covers for one, before heading to the corner for a Hidden Blade... TANAHASHI TURNS AROUND FOR A LARIAT!
Tanahashi quickly goes up to try for a High Fly Flow and the decisive win, but Ospreay hits a forearm before calling for an Avalanche Spanish Fly, but TANA WITH A SLAP TO KNOCK WILL DOWN! He goes for the High Fly Flow, but WILL JUMPS OUT OF THE WAY! The Ace gets a bellyful of canvas, and Ospreay with an ESSEX DESTROYER! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Ospreay sends Tanahashi to the apron, hitting a flurry of forearms before heading to the second rope, hitting a SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK INTO THE BARRIER! Ospreay holds his leg as he measures for a SASUKE SPECIAL, BUT HIS LEG GIVES OUT ON THE CARTWHEEL!
Ospreay pulls himself up and opts for a SLINGSHOT CROSSBODY TO THE OUTSIDE! He rallies the crowd behind him as he fights through the pain, sending Tanahashi back in and going for a Hook Kick, but Tanahashi ducks, spinning around for a lariat that misses before getting DECKED WITH A DROPSAULT! He falls flat, and Ospreay runs the ropes for a CHARGED UP HIDDEN BLADE! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO! Ospreay tries to pick Tanahashi up for a Stormbreaker, but his leg is too damaged, and TANAHASHI DROPS DOWN FOR A FALL IN LOVE! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOO! He springs to his feet, only for OSPREAY TO LAND A STANDING SPANISH FLY! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO!
These two are giving it all they've got as they fight to their feet, Ospreay up first to hit ANOTHER HOOK KICK! This time, he calls for another OsCutter, but now TANAHASHI SPIKES HIM OFF THE ROPES WITH AN URANAGE! He seems to be able to counter if he knows it's coming, and now Tanahashi hits a SLING BLADE FOR TWO! He goes after the leg with a series of stomps and a brutal Dragon Screw, before hitting a TWIST AND SHOUT! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!
The Ace is looking for the finish as he heads up top, but OSPREAY ABLE TO HIT A HURRICANRANA FROM THE TOP, ONE FINAL BURST OF ENERGY! The crowd are wildly cheering both men as they rise, and OSPREAY GOES FOR ANOTHER OSCUTTER ATTEMPT, ONLY FOR TANAHASHI TO TAKE OUT THE LEG! Tanahashi grabs the leg, Ospreay yelling out... DRAGON SCREW! LOCKS IN THE CLOVERLEAF! Ospreay is struggling, looking for any opening, and he JUST MANAGES TO GET THE BREAK!
Both men are exhausted as the Cloverleaf breaks, but Tanahashi heads up to the top, sensing the end is near. He rallies the crowd for the High Fly Flow chants, but OSPREAY LANDS A FOREARM! Tanahashi is dazed, and OSPREAY THROWS THE BACK OF HIS HEAD INTO THE POST! Brutal, but necessary, display by Will, as he heads to the apron, dragging Tanahashi's limp body out, his feet still over the turnbuckles - STORMBREAKER ON THE APRON, USING THE TURNBUCKLES TO SUPPORT THE WEIGHT! Tanahashi is out cold, and Ospreay rolls him back in, hooking the leg... ONE! TWO! THREE!
Will Ospreay def. Hiroshi Tanahashi (18:03)
Ibushi rushes down to the ring as Ospreay celebrates a tremendous victory on one leg. He helps his tag team partner up, Tanahashi still dazed from the devastating finishing sequence, another singles loss for the Ace, who now hasn't won a singles bout in over four months. Tanahashi stares down Ospreay, when all of a sudden, OH MY GOD! SUZUKI, SABRE AND TAICHI, ABSOLUTELY MUGGING GOLDEN ACE AND OSPREAY! They pummel them within an inch of their lives, before Taichi and Sabre hold up the tag team gold.

It's announced that at Wrestling Dontaku, Golden Ace and Will Ospreay will be put against Suzuki-gun in six man tag team action.

Wrestling Dontaku, Night One
Golden Ace and Will Ospreay vs Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki, Zack Sabre Jr and Taichi)
Will Ospreay is out first to fire up the crowd, followed by Golden Ace. The fan favourites all eagerly await the arrival of their attackers, and they're thoroughly focused when they're faced with the entrance of Suzuki-gun. Suzuki, Taichi and Sabre all swagger to the ring, and they're known for their ability to ruthlessly target an injury, something the Birds of Prey and Los Ingobernables de Japon fell short with. Now Tanahashi is fighting through an injured arm, and Ospreay a destroyed leg, something Suzuki and co have made it very clear they intend to go after.
It's Tanahashi and Zack Sabre Jr starting things off, Tanahashi wanting revenge for his shortcomings in the New Japan Cup. They lock up, and Sabre goes for the arm early, only for Tanahashi to spin out with a back elbow, sending ZSJ into the corner. He leaps in and starts hitting forearms, Zack ducking into the ropes to force a break, before SLAPPING TANAHASHI IN THE FACE! Tanahashi charges back in and slaps Sabre silly, but now TAICHI WITH A FOREARM! Sabre gets behind Hiroshi, the ambush having paid off, and hits a TIGER SUPLEX, FOLLOWED BY A PENALTY KICK! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!
Sabre goes after the arm, looking for a Hypernormalisation, but Tanahashi is able to quickly scramble free, only for SABRE TO HIT A DISCUS FOREARM! He covers for two, and tags in Taichi, who stomps on the base of Tanahashi's arm, the Ace overwhelmed early in the bout by Suzuki-gun. Taichi cuts off his attempt at a comeback with a lariat before tagging in Suzuki, who DECIMATES HIROSHI WITH A BOOT! He locks in a Sleeper, but Tanahashi starts to hit back with elbows, only for Suzuki to start wailing away with forearms, elbows, chops and slaps before ROLLING INTO AN ARMBAR! Tanahashi is on the verge of tapping, but IBUSHI BREAKS THINGS UP! Tanahashi jumps to his feet and MAKES THE TAG TO OSPREAY!
Ospreay hits a missile dropkick on Suzuki, followed by a SUPERKICK ON TAICHI! Sabre hits a forearm while on the apron, but OSPREAY CLEARS THE ROPES FOR A HURRICANRANA TO THE FLOOR! His knee seems to be in miraculous form, and he jumps to the apron for a PIP PIP CHEERIO ON SUZUKI! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! The Aerial Assassin grabs Minoru for an attempted ESSEX DESTROYER, BUT SUZUKI HOLDS HIM FOR TAICHI TO DELIVER A BOOT! Kota Ibushi runs in to take out Taichi, throwing him to the floor before hitting a forearm on Suzuki, and a GOLDEN TRIANGLE ON TAICHI! Ospreay throws Suzuki to the floor, and LANDS A SASUKE SPECIAL! Tanahashi now heads to the top rope... HIGH FLY FLOW TO THE OUTSIDE ON SABRE!
All six men are down as Ospreay sends Suzuki back in, hitting a ROBINSON SPECIAL FOR TWO! He goes for a Stormbreaker, but his leg falters, causing Suzuki to pounce with a chop block before LOCKING IN A KNEEBAR! Tanahashi this time makes the save with a HIGH FLY FLOW ON SUZUKI, WITH THE HOLD STILL IN! Ospreay's leg is caught in the crossfire, and he's in agony, meaning he takes more time to make the cover... ONE! TWO! THR-NOOO! He struggles up and heads to the corner for a Hidden Blade... AXE BOMBER BY TAICHI TO STOP THE MOVE! Suzuki hauls Ospreay up... GOTCH STYLE PILEDRIVER! ONE! TWO! IBUSHI WITH THE BREAK!
Ibushi is able to save the day as he goes back to the apron, and Ospreay starts the long crawl, before MAKING THE TAG! Ibushi sprints out, hitting a HIGH KICK TO THE CHEST OF SUZUKI! Taichi goes for an Axe Bomber, but Ibushi hits him with a kick as well, followed by a DRAGON SUPLEX! Ibushi roars as he goes for a Golden Star Powerbomb on Suzuki, but he drops him as Zack Sabre Jr enters, hitting a dropkick to send ZSJ to the outside. He follows it up with a SUICIDE DIVE! He rolls back in to grab Taichi, who's still looking to fight, but now SUZUKI LOCKS IN A SLEEPER FROM BEHIND! Ibushi could be out, and Suzuki goes for a Gotch Style Piledriver, but now TANAHASHI WITH THE SAVE! Ibushi drops down and suplexes Suzuki, who makes a DESPERATE TAG TO TAICHI!
Taichi and Sabre rush the ring, taking out Tanahashi and Ibushi, before Taichi hits a LIGER BOMB ON THE GOLDEN STAR! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO! He calls for a Black Mephisto, but Tanahashi fights to his feet, slapping Taichi in the face. Taichi drops his partner and Sabre gangs up on Tanahashi with him, before they look to finish Ibushi - OSPREAY WITH A CROSSBODY FROM THE TOP ROPE! He throws Sabre out of the ring, and follows him with a SLINGSHOT CANNONBALL! Meanwhile, though, Taichi is still rising, and hits a BLACK MEPHISTO ON IBUSHI! ONE! TWO! THR-IBUSHI POWERS OUT!
Tanahashi is stirring and Kota is out, but Ospreay looks ready for a hot tag, only for SUZUKI TO PULL OUT HIS LEGS! Minoru hurls him into the barrier and traps his leg before delivering stomp after stomp after stomp, before turning it over for Sabre to come by and hit a ZACK DRIVER ON THE STEEL! Taichi is going for another Black Mephisto, but IBUSHI KICKS HIM AWAY, AND TAGS TANAHASHI! Tanahashi immediately hits a DRAGON ROCKET ON SUZUKI! He throws a few forearms, before rolling in as Taichi tags Sabre, and SABRE HITS TANAHASHI WITH A FOREARM!
Sabre grabs the Ace by the arm and LOCKS IN AN ARTICLE 50! Tanahashi is wailing, and it only gets worse as Taichi rolls out and grabs Ibushi, making Tanahashi watch as he hits a BLACK MEPHISTO ON THE FLOOR! Tanahashi is all alone, and this is able to power him up, just a little, as he sees his friend hurt. He rallies, and SLAPS SABRE OVER AND OVER TO BREAK! SLING BLADE! DRAGON ROCKET ON TAICHI! Sabre rolls out, but now Tanahashi THROWS HIM INTO THE BARRIER! He goes right after Taichi, hitting a dropkick followed by a KINKASAN SUPLEX ON THE RAMP!
The Ace is taking care of everyone himself, but Sabre tags Suzuki... TANAHASHI WITH A SLING BLADE! He throws Sabre from the ring and hits a Twist and Shout on Suzuki before heading up top, all five others in the match down... he calls for a High Fly Flow, and OH MY GOD! IT'S... IT'S CHRIS HERO, A DAY AFTER HIS NO COMPETE CLAUSE HAS ENDED! He stands on the ramp, and Tanahashi looks up at him, before SUZUKI BRINGS TANAHASHI CRASHING DOWN! PILEDRIVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!
Suzuki-gun def. Golden Ace and Will Ospreay (25:20)
Chris Hero walks to the ring, hoodie over his jersey, as Tanahashi gives he and Suzuki a death glare for taking away his chance to clutch for his team. Hero looks around, seeing an old foe in Sabre and a dream opponent in Suzuki, before hitting a CYCLONE KILL ON TANAHASHI! He removes the hoodie to reveal a Suzuki-gun basketball jersey, and Tanahashi looks beyond upset as he once again came up short, this time when it seemed like he finally had it bagged - but he was ready to get his revenge.

It's announced for the very next night - an impromptu co-main event, between Hiroshi Tanahashi and Chris Hero.

Wrestling Dontaku, Night Two
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Chris Hero
Ahead of the match, Ibushi is seen backstage, saying that he had asked Tanahashi if he wanted him out there. Apparently, Tanahashi was so determined to take Hero out that he insisted he go alone, and we see an incredibly focused Ace make his entrance first. Then, it's Chris Hero's turn, and he looks like a beast as he heads into this first time ever encounter. He stands across from the Ace and laughs, any respect he had for him long gone to prove a point on behalf of Suzuki-gun.
The bell chimes, and Tanahashi RUNS IN FOR A SLING BLADE! He covers for one, and goes for another, but now Hero blocks, throwing him into the corner for a MAFIA KICK! He hurls Tanahashi to the ground and starts hitting huge forearms, before grabbing the bad arm and SPINNING TANAHASHI AROUND BY IT! Tanahashi lands with a thud, clutching his surely dislocated shoulder, and HERO HITS A DISCUS ELBOW SMASH! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!
Hero is in control as he calls for a Cyclone Kill, but TANAHASHI ROLLS HIM UP WITH A DENKOU SEKKA! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Hero springs up, and Tanahashi uses his good arm for an URANAGE! He runs the ropes to hit a PENALTY KICK! He stuffs Hero, and grabs the legs, hauling him up to hit a STYLES CLASH EARLY! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO! Hero is on the back foot, and now Tanahashi sends him out with a LARIAT, FOLLOWED BY A DRAGON ROCKET!
Tanahashi hits a flurry of forearms to try and keep the big man down, before heading up top... HIGH FLY FLOW TO THE OUTSIDE BRICKED AS HERO SWINGS A PIECE OF THE BARRICADE INTO THE RIBS! Hero laughs as Tanahashi writhes, the crowd in a stunned silence, and THROWS HIM WITH A CRAVATE SUPLEX ONTO THE BARRIER! He rolls Tanahashi back in, the Ace beaten down and in pain... HERO'S WELCOME! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOO!
The Ace is somehow still in it as he crawls to the ropes, his midsection and arm turned to putty by the relentless onslaught by Hero. Chris picks him up by the tights and goes for a German Suplex, but TANAHASHI LANDS ON ALL FOURS! He springs up for a LAST GASP ENZIGURI! FALL IN LOVE! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO! Hero gets up, and Tanahashi connects with a MODIFIED SLING BLADE! The Ace goes up top, but Hero stops him from hitting the High Fly Flow, only to get hit with a SUNSET FLIP BOMB! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Tanahashi gets back up... CYCLONE KILL! He collapses over the turnbuckles, and Hero pulls him back to the canvas before hitting ANOTHER CYCLONE KILL! ONE! TWO! THREE!
Chris Hero def. Hiroshi Tanahashi (11:12)
In a shockingly one-sided bout, Chris Hero is able to knock off New Japan's Ace in his debut, before leaving Suzuki-gun to pick the bones. Suzuki lands a Gotch Style Piledriver on Tanahashi before Ibushi runs out, fighting valiantly but eventually being put down by ZSJ and Taichi - who then hold up the Tag Team Titles. It's made official for Dominion - Golden Ace vs Dangerous Tekkers for the IWGP Tag Team Titles.

Golden Ace (c) vs Dangerous Tekkers for the IWGP Tag Team Titles
It's Dangerous Tekkers out first, looking to win their first gold as a team, but Sabre is notably invested in winning his first New Japan gold. Out come Golden Ace, with Ibushi itching to take Taichi out for the Black Mephisto on the floor and a noticeably healed Tanahashi, after some time to recover since Dontaku, ready to take the fight to Zack Sabre Jr.
After some talking, ZSJ elects to start things off, and Tanahashi steps in, only for Ibushi to suggest he starts, having beaten ZSJ in the New Japan Cup. Hiroshi looks disappointed but goes to the apron, and the bell rings. Ibushi and Sabre lock up, Ibushi pushing Sabre back into the ropes. Sabre ducks into them, but Ibushi knows this trick and hits a HEAD KICK! He gets out on the apron as Taichi charges for an AXE BOMBER, BUT IBUSHI COUNTERS INTO A HURRICANRANA OFF THE APRON! ZSJ rushes at Ibushi, but TANAHASHI SWEEPS OUT THE LEG! He and Ibushi high five, having game planned this one, before heading up - TANDEM HIGH FLY FLOW/GOLDEN TRIANGLE TO TAKE OUT THE TEKKERS!
Ibushi rolls Sabre back in before going for a MOONSAULT FROM THE TOP! Sabre moves, but Ibushi lands on his feet and goes for ANOTHER MOONSAULT, FOR TWO! He picks Sabre up and hits a series of kicks to the chest, before throwing him into the corner for a HIGH KNEE! He tags Tanahashi before hauling Sabre up to deliver a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! He bridges, trapping Sabre as Tanahashi pulls the leg up for a DRAGON SCREW! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!
Tanahashi starts targeting his foe's leg, but Sabre counters a Dragon Screw with a cartwheel before landing a DISCUS FOREARM SMASH! He berates Tanahashi with a slap, and the Ace reciprocates, only for ZSJ to catch the arm and LOCK IN ARTICLE 50! Tanahashi quickly throws him off and lands a Sling Blade, celebrating with the crowd as he heads up, but Sabre rolls from the ring before tagging Taichi.
Taichi heads in, and the Lord and Emperor looks for an Axe Bomber, which Tanahashi ducks, only for Taichi to spin and GOUGE THE EYES! Ibushi looks for a Springboard Dropkick to even the odds, but SABRE PUSHES OUT THE LEGS! Ibushi is hung up, and Sabre hits a BOOT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Taichi grabs Tanahashi by the hair for another eye poke, but Tanahashi catches it and goes for the Dragon Screw, only to PULL TAICHI'S TEARAWAYS OFF! Tanahashi stumbles, and TAICHI WITH AN AXE BOMBER! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO!
Hiroshi is in danger as Sabre throws Ibushi to the outside and starts beating him down against the barricade, and Taichi picks Tanahashi up to deliver a BLACK MEPHISTO! He hooks the leg, but IBUSHI DRIVES SABRE INTO THE BARRIER AND RUSHES IN FOR THE BREAK! Tanahashi is quickly back up as Taichi and Ibushi fight, and hits a DARUMA-SHIKI SUPLEX ON TAICHI! ONE! TWO! SABRE BREAKS IT UP! Tanahashi throws a few chops at Sabre as they fall out of the ring, and Ibushi tries to run interference, only for TAICHI TO HIT HIM WITH A CHAIR!
Taichi hits Tanahashi's shoulder with the chair, and Sabre goes for Article 50, only for IBUSHI TO KICK HIM OFF! Taichi hits Ibushi again, and goes for a Black Mephisto on the outside once more, but now Ibushi drops down and hits a HEAD KICK! GOLDEN STAR POWERBOMB ON THE FLOOR! Tanahashi rolls Taichi in and goes for a High Fly Flow, but TAICHI DODGES! He tags Sabre, and Sabre picks Tanahashi up for a Zack Driver, only for Tana to DROP DOWN! SLING BLADE! He picks Sabre up to hit a TWELVE SIX, FOLLOWED BY A TWIST AND SHOUT FOR A NEARFALL!
He tags Ibushi, and Kota comes in with a huge PENALTY KICK ON SABRE! He goes for the Golden Star Powerbomb, but ZSJ drops down, and Taichi throws him the chair, letting him BRAIN IBUSHI! Red Shoes reprimands him as Taichi slides in, and HITS IBUSHI WITH THE CHAIR AGAIN! He turns around, and THE ACE HITS A HIGH FLY FLOW ON A STANDING TAICHI, HITTING THE CHAIR! Both men are down, Tanahashi having taken himself out to stop Taichi from attacking his friend, but unfortunately leaving Sabre to pick the bones with a ZACK DRIVER ON IBUSHI! ONE! TWO! THREE! WE HAVE NEW IWGP TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!
Dangerous Tekkers def. Golden Ace (22:54) to win the IWGP Tag Team Titles
Following the bout, Tanahashi and Ibushi sit in the middle of the ring, rolling out together and heading up the ramp. They take their interviews separately, with Ibushi saying he and Tanahashi will be sure to regain their gold, while Tanahashi takes matters into his own hands when given a microphone.
He calls out the big man directly, saying he doesn't want Taichi, or Zack Sabre Jr - or even Chris Hero. Right now, his problems with Suzuki-gun, his team's problems with Suzuki-gun, extend beyond them. They go straight to Minoru Suzuki. Tanahashi explains that he knows he's had his fair share of losses in singles competition since Wrestle Kingdom, but on the horizon is Wrestle Dynasty, and he plans to avenge all his losses to Minoru Suzuki, no matter the cost, so that he can finally put that behind him and focus on he and Ibushi finding success once more.
Later on, Suzuki announces he's willing to face Tanahashi at Wrestle Kingdom one more time, in a marquee match between two Japanese legends to further hype the Madison Square Garden show - however, it comes with a caveat. If Tanahashi loses, he and Ibushi cannot challenge the Dangerous Tekkers for the IWGP Tag Team Titles for as long as they hold the gold.
Tanahashi accepts these terms, desperate to finally get his career on the up and up once more in a singles and tag team capacity - without consulting his Golden Ace partner, Kota Ibushi.

Wrestle Dynasty
Hiroshi Tanahashi vs Minoru Suzuki - If Tanahashi Loses, Golden Ace cannot challenge for the IWGP Tag Team Titles
Before this match, Ibushi insists on coming out with Tanahashi, and Tanahashi says okay, accepting his partner just wants to be there for him. He makes a grand entrance, MSG on their feet for the Ace and Ibushi, and out comes Suzuki, followed by the Dangerous Tekkers. We get a fantastic American "KAZE NI NARE," and the bell chimes to signal the start of this epic bout between two of Japan's greatest.
Both men lock up, now at 100%, and Tanahashi pushes Suzuki away to force a break. Suzuki taunts the Ace, and Tanahashi slaps him in the face, prompting a huge pop from New York. Minoru laughs and hits one of his own, before the two start trading them back and forth, the intensity building before Suzuki hits a boot, sending Tanahashi into the ropes, but the Ace REBOUNDS WITH A SLING BLADE!
Tanahashi picks Suzuki up and hits a forearm, before going for a Dragon Suplex, only for Suzuki to hit a back elbow. He then grabs both Suzuki's arms in a straitjacket... DARUMA-SHIKI GERMAN! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! He throws Suzuki to the apron and heads out himself for a SLING BLADE ON THE APRON, BUT SUZUKI HOLDS THE ROPES, SENDING THE ACE HEAD-FIRST INTO THE RING POST! Suzuki cackles before dropping down, grabbin the hair of the Ace before hurling him headlong into whatever he can find - the guardrail, the apron, the post, the floor - and Tanahashi ends up dazed and bleeding from the mouth.
Suzuki is in control as he rolls Tanahashi back in, and calls for a Gotch Style Piledriver, but TANA DROPS DOWN AND HITS A DRAGON SCREW! He rallies as he keeps targeting the leg, but gets too ambitious before being TURNED INSIDE OUT BY A LARIAT! Suzuki pulls him up by the wrists, mocking Ibushi at ringside before throwing boot after boot to the face, followed by a DROPKICK TO THE HEAD! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Tanahashi is clearly still looking to go, and Suzuki locks in a Sleeper Hold, only for Tanahashi to fall back and STACK HIM! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO!
Hiroshi rolls up out of it for a SLING BLADE! Suzuki falls to the outside, and Tanahashi FOLLOWS HIM OUT WITH A HIGH FLY FLOW TO THE FLOOR! He throws Suzuki into the commentary area, looking for a suplex onto the table, but now Zack Sabre Jr CATCHES MINORU! Tanahashi throws a slap, and now TAICHI WITH AN AXE BOMBER! Red Shoes is screaming at Taichi, but now IBUSHI CLEARS THE GUARDRAIL WITH A DROPKICK! He hurls Taichi into a row of seats, and hits a MOONSAULT OFF THE GUARDRAIL! ZSJ WITH A ZACK DRIVER ON IBUSHI! TANAHASHI WITH A HIGH FLY FLOW! The Ace turns around, and SUZUKI LOCKS IN A SLEEPER! He's fading and rushes to the table, driving Suzuki into it spine-first, but Minoru simply clambers up, before hitting a PILEDRIVER ON THE TABLE!
The Ace could be out as he's sent back in, and now Suzuki picks him up for YET ANOTHER GOTCH STYLE PILEDRIVER! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOO! Suzuki is enraged, slapping Tanahashi while he's down, but a defiant Tanahashi hits an ENZIGURI! FALL IN LOVE! ONE! TWO! THR-NOO! Suzuki rolls out, and Tanahashi runs the ropes for a PENALTY KICK! ANOTHER NEARFALL! The homage to Shibata wasn't enough, and he goes up for a HIGH FLY FLOW! ONE! TWO! THR-NOOO! Suzuki sits up, fighting to his feet, and Tanahashi with ANOTHER SLING BLADE!
He clambers up top, but now SABRE IS ON THE APRON! Tanahashi looks to him but thinks nothing of it, focused on Suzuki, but now IBUSHI HITS A SUPLEX ON SABRE OFF THE APRON! Tanahashi still beckons for Suzuki to rise, but TAICHI HITS IBUSHI WITH A CHAIR! Tanahashi finally looks over at the sound of his friend's wail of pain, and SUZUKI HITS A FOREARM! GOTCH STYLE PILEDRIVER! ONE! TWO! THREE!
Minoru Suzuki def. Hiroshi Tanahashi (19:58)
Suzuki-gun all celebrate, leaving an angry Tanahashi in the ring as Ibushi crawls in to join him. Tanahashi looks upset, apologizing for his loss, but Ibushi is sorry himself, knowing if he hadn't been out there as another target for Suzuki-gun, Tanahashi would've hit that final High Fly Flow. The Ace seems to have lost his lustre as he hits nine months without a singles win, and now Ibushi helps him to his feet. Ibushi says he appreciates being Tanahashi's friend and partner, and he'll be there when he needs him, but The Ace has to rebuild himself without worrying about Ibushi, and vice versa. The two shake hands and embrace, leaving the future of Golden Ace, and Tanahashi, in question.
Later in the show, Kazuchika Okada defeats Tetsuya Naito in the main event to win the IWGP Heavyweight Title.
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2020.06.29 23:46 apehasreturned Book Kenny Omega Staying in NJPW - Chapter Two: Redemption (Ape)

Part One Here!

After his speech at the G1 Supercard in New York, Kenny Omega makes it clear that while he very much has aspirations for his singles career, he wants to do more of what he was unable to as Heavyweight Champion, and work alongside his friends and stablemates, something that clearly worked against Bullet Club. He says on Twitter that Hangman has obligations on the first Road to Dontaku show, but he and the Young Bucks are free, leading to a reply from Tetsuya Naito simply saying "LOS INGOBERNABLES de JAPON." This all sets the stage for a blockbuster six man tag on the Road to Wrestling Dontaku, pitting The Elite against LIJ's Tetsuya Naito, EVIL and SANADA.

Road to Wrestling Dontaku, Night One
The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) vs LIJ (Tetsuya Naito, SANADA and EVIL)
LIJ are out first, Naito being followed by his stablemates as the crowd shows their support. He's still aching from his loss to Kota Ibushi, and missing his Intercontinental Title, but he looks to rebound alongside his partners by defeating an old G1 foe in Kenny Omega, and dispatching of the Young Bucks as potential challengers for EVIL and SANADA's IWGP Tag Team Titles, who won the belts at the Supercard. They're followed out by the Elite, who look ready to rumble after a successful night at MSG, and the proceedings start with SANADA and Omega, a rerun of their New Japan Cup bout.
SANADA knows where he slipped up last time against Omega, and takes the fight to Kenny before Kenny can take it to him, running out of the gates with a forearm smash, followed by a German Suplex, but Kenny lands on his feet, only for SANADA to nail a superkick and a SAITO SUPLEX THAT CONNECTS! Omega scrambles to his feet, but SANADA throws him to LIJ's corner to prevent a tag, hauling Kenny up onto the top rope before heading up to the second, raining punches down before tagging in Naito.
Kenny doesn't see the tag, dropping down from the ropes to get underneath the Cold Skull before RUNNING THE LENGTH OF THE RING, POWERBOMBING SANADA INTO A DOUBLE ENZIGURI BY MATT AND NICK! Both Bucks rush into the ring as Naito tries to attack Kenny, and Omega ducks, Naito getting NAILED WITH A TANDEM SUPERKICK! Nick runs and superkicks EVIL for good measure as Omega goes to work on Naito.
Omega wears Naito down with a dropkick to the back of the neck, knowing it's sore after the match with Ibushi, and looks for a Piledriver, only for EVIL to tag Naito's foot, keeping the Omega/Naito interaction from going too long. EVIL rushes in and blindsides Omega with a huge body splash before connecting with a body slam for two, pulling Omega up by the hair for a DISCUS LARIAT! ONE! TWO! NICK BREAKS IT UP WITH A 450, ONLY TO GET HIT WITH A DARKNESS FALLS!
Matt enters the fray despite EVIL and Omega being legal, hitting a superkick on EVIL, only for SANADA to kick out his leg and LOCK IN A SKULL END! Omega starts to get up to his feet, as does Nick, and they SANDWICH SANADA'S HEAD WITH A SUPERKICK! Omega finally makes the tag on Nick, who rushes in with a double axehandle on SANADA, a superkick on EVIL and a MOONSAULT TO THE FLOOR FOR NAITO!
Nick rolls back in, and throws another superkick at SANADA, WHO CATCHES THE FOOT FOR AN ANKLE LOCK! Nick is screaming, and Kenny interferes with a V Trigger to send The Cold Skull to the outside, only for NAITO TO HIT A GLORIA ON OMEGA! MATT CONNECTS WITH A SPEAR ON NAITO! It's utter carnage, Nick and EVIL fighting to their feet as the legal men, and EVIL hits a forearm smash on Matt to finally clear the ring before LOCKING IN A BANSHEE MUZZLE ON NICK!
EVIL has it in tight, but it's Omega who makes the save, going for a Croyt's Wrath on EVIL after breaking up the submission attempt, only to get grabbed by Naito. Naito shakes his head, Omega not getting away that easy, and GOES FOR A DESTINO, ONLY TO GET CAUGHT BY OMEGA IN A LAWN DART POSITION... LAUNCHES NAITO HEADLONG INTO THE CORNER! SANADA leaps in with a missile dropkick attempt and eats a V Trigger, and Nick tells Matt to haul EVIL up as Nick scrambles ot the apron... MELTZER DRIVER! ONE! TWO! THREE! THE ELITE KNOCK OFF LIJ!
The Elite (Kenny Omega and The Young Bucks) def. LIJ (Tetsuya Naito, SANADA and EVIL) (16:40)
After such a huge win, and after knocking off Bullet Club in the elimination match at the New Japan Cup Finals, Omega and the bucks make their next goal clear - they want the record for most NEVER Six Man Title reigns, and they're going to get their third at the expense of Bullet Club.
Omega goes on a tangent, saying that in only two matches as a stable since coming back they've proven themselves better than anyone - "Bullet Club, LIJ, CHAOS, Suzuki-gun." The Bucks all nod along, despite likely just making themselves some enemies, and send out the challenge - The Elite vs Bullet Club for the NEVER Titles on Night Five of Road to Wrestling Dontaku - and the G.O.D and Taiji Ishimori accept.

Road to Wrestling Dontaku, Night Five
Bullet Club (G.O.D. and Taiji Ishimori) (c) vs The Elite (Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks) for the NEVER Openweight Six Man Titles
Out first are the Elite, the Bucks and Omega being accompanied by Hangman Adam Page to the ring. The Guerillas of Destiny are out next alongside the Bone Soldier, touting their Six Man Titles around their waists as they get to the ring, music booming alongside the cold reception. However, they stop on the apron, and out come Gedo, Jado, Chase Owens and Bad Luck Fale, ready to make sure Bullet Club keep the advantage numbers-wise.
Bullet Club all warm up in their corner, Tanga Loa electing to start, while the Elite confer about the four managers their opponents brought out. Matt can be seen saying "let's just beat the fuck outta them," and Nick rolls his eyes at the brash response to the problem. Kenny agrees with Matt, and Hangman grabs a chair before justifying it as being "just in case," leaving a disgruntled Nick to enter the ring and start things off.
Nick tries to chop down the legs of the much larger Loa early on, but Tanga just back him up into the corner and cuts the ring in half, pounding him with hard shots to the midsection to wear down the high flyer. He goes for a powerbomb, and Nick drops down for a superkick, knocking Loa into his G.O.D. partner for the tag. Tama Tonga comes out with a high chop to the throat and a Stinger Splash in the corner, relishing in the control before again tagging in Tanga and going for a MAGIC KILLER, BUT OMEGA RUSHES IN WITH A LARIAT ON TONGA!
Loa goes after Omega, and Kenny runs around the ring, being chased by both Loa and Ishimori, bringing them right into a TANDEM SUICIDE DIVE BY THE YOUNG BUCKS! Kenny rolls Nick in and tags in, rushing in with a V TRIGGER ON TONGA! He picks him up for a One Winged Angel, but Tonga starts raining punches down, dropping down and rolling from the ring to talk to Gedo. Meanwhile, Taiji Ishimori creeps up behind Omega while the ref talks to Tama, and HITS A TIGER FEINT KICK! Omega falls over and Ishimori rushes up for a 450, but the ref yells at him up top as Tonga RUSHES IN WITH A PAIR OF BRASS KNUCKLES!
Omega is still getting to his feet, and the ref is distracted, with both Bucks still down from the dive. Tonga might get away with a shot from the knuckles, but HANGMAN BLASTS HIM WITH THE CHAIR! HE ABSOLUTELY BRAINED HIM! The rest of Bullet Club storm the ring and eat chairshots as well, the Young Bucks rolling in and running interference with superkicks as the referee screams, although not knowing anyone in the match was involved, He throws out Hangman and Bullet Club, but everyone is down except for the Elite! Omega hauls Tama Tonga up in an electric chair, and BOTH BUCKS HIT A DOUBLE SUPERKICK, OMEGA CAPPING IT WITH A ONE WINGED ANGEL! Tanga Loa is stopped by the Bucks as he tries to break up the pin, and OMEGA SCORES THE THREE! THE ELITE JUST OUT BULLET CLUBBED BULLET CLUB TO WIN THE SIX MAN TITLES!
The Elite (Kenny Omega and the Young Bucks) def. Bullet Club (G.O.D. and Taiji Ishimori) (11:12) to win the NEVER Openweight Six Man Titles
After the bout, it's interview time, and Kenny, having now gotten himself back on track, is settling into the role of epic, shit-talking troll that he's just oh so good in. He tells Bullet Club that the Elite left for a reason, and then starts trashing other stables. "First things first, Tanahashi, I'm coming for you, my man. You can't get away with all your faux 'old school' bullshit anymore. I see through it, I see through you, and when the time comes, I'll be there to kick your ass back to the Golden Age. But for now, we've got some nice hardware, huh? You know, we left Bullet Club for a reason. We're called the Elite for a reason. We're better than the Club, we're better than main unit, better than CHAOS, LIJ... and what the fuck is Suzuki-gun still a thing for?"
That final namedrop gets the attention of Zack Sabre Jr, fresh off a tag win alongside Taichi and El Desperado. Zack charges into the audience room and slaps Omega in the face, causing Kenny, the Bucks, and Hangman to all leap up, but Suzuki-gun get up in their grills to keep them away as Omega and Sabre go face to face. "You want to talk about how you're a big man, huh? Face it, Tanahashi NEUTERED you! You know who's beaten Tanahashi? ME. You know who you couldn't beat clean? ME. Don't you DARE talk down about us. You want to show you're 'Kenny Omega, the Best Bout Machine?' Show me. I know that your Elite friends won't be in Nagoya for Sengoku Lord, but I will. Face me, one on one, Kenny, and we'll see who's truly Elite." Sabre storms out, throwing chairs and water bottles as he goes, and Kenny chuckles to himself before heading off to celebrate with the Bucks and Hangman on their record-tying victory.

Sengoku Lord in Nagoya
Kenny Omega vs Zack Sabre Jr
Sabre is out first, having shown a more aggressive demeanor than his usual rage-filled responses to failed strategies. He's the one to challenge Omega here, so there's a lot to prove, and he still looks more ready than usual as Kenny hits the scene. Last time these two faced off, Kenny had to resort to a roll up to win, and now Zack knows him even better, arguably giving Sabre the advantage heading in. The Best Bout Machine is still confident as ever, but is firmly the good guy against ZSJ, high fiving audience members and the like on the way down. He gets in the ring and does his theatrics, the whole time being flipped off by Sabre. Kenny hops down and comes nose to nose with the Windy Man, talking trash before being backed up to his own corner for the bell to ring.
Kenny keeps trashing ZSJ as the two circle each other like sharks, Sabre waiting for Kenny to make a move. Omega knows that the bulk of Sabre's submission capability comes from his legs, so he eventually shoots for his right, only for Sabre to spin around and TRY AND ROLL OMEGA UP! Kenny kicks out at two, but Zack goes straight into an armbar, Kenny scrambling to free himself as quickly as possible, handstanding and sliding his legs under Sabre's arms for a SUNSET PIN! ONE! TWO! SABRE KICKS OUT!
Zack rolls out of the ring and kicks the barricade repeatedly, screaming obscenities as he goes, while Kenny leans against the ropes, asking if he's done. Zack tells Kenny to fuck himself, and rolls into the ring. Omega tells him he can have the first move, and Sabre goes for a discus forearm, which Omega ducks, throwing a side kick to the body which Zack catches, swinging the leg back and connecting with the forearm all the same. He goes for a German on Kenny, but Omega flips over and goes for one of his own, only for Sabre to slide between his legs and trip him up with a drop toehold, LOCKING IN AN ORIENTEERING WITH NAPALM DEATH! Omega punches Sabre's limbs to try and free himself up, and eventually slides under himself and rolls free, kicking Zack in the jaw with his free leg to get out of the hold.
Now it's Omega who's pissed, and he charges at Zack, who throws a high kick which Omega ducks, only for SABRE TO SPIN ROUND AND KICK OUT THE LEG! Kenny drops to a knee and eats a boot to the face, and then gets NAILED WITH A PENALTY KICK FOR A NEARFALL! Sabre goes for an Indian Deathlock, but he doesn't have it fully, and Kenny manages to heave his own weight to the ropes quickly, rolling to the apron and hitting an enziguri on ZSJ. He looks for a springboard dropkick, but Sabre scouts it, jumping aside and hitting a forearm smash before SHOOTING FOR AN ARTICLE 50! Omega is in a lot of pain, his arm being torn apart, but torques Sabre's knee into forcing a release, both men rolling away, tired.
Omega's up first, and he throws a V Trigger with his good leg, but Sabre has it scouted, hitting Kenny with a kick to the stomach to go for a Zack Driver. Kenny hops over, and HITS A REVERSE FRANKENSTEINER, ONLY FOR SABRE TO HANDSPRING OUT! SABRE WITH A SUPERKICK TO THE BACK OF THE NECK! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT, AND SABRE GOES STRAIGHT INTO THE GUILLOTINE CHOKE! He's got it in tight, and Kenny might be forced to tap here... he pounds on the mat, trying to rally the crowd in his favour as he slowly gets to a knee, then a vertical base... Kenny wraps the head, and CONNECTS WITH A BRAINBUSTER! BOTH MEN DOWN!
Kenny is exhausted, but picks Sabre up for a One Winged Angel all the same. He throws the leg back, and SABRE SHIFTS HIS WEIGHT, LOCKING HIS LEGS AND SPINNING INTO A TRIANGLE CHOKE! OMEGA COULD BE FADING! He tries for a powerbomb, but doesn't have the strength to pick Sabre up, and Sabre TURNS IT INTO AN ARMBAR, FREEING UP AN ARM TO BATTER OMEGA! Omega falls to a knee, and then falls flat, howling in agony... but HE SLIPS HIS ARM OUT! V TRIGGER! Sabre is dazed... V TRIGGER INTO THE ROPES! He's got a bad arm, but he can handle it as he picks Sabre up... CROYT'S WRATH ATTEMPTED, BUT SABRE LANDS ON HIS FEET! Sabre jumps up... CRUCIFIX COVER! ONE! TWO! KENNY KICKS OUT, BUT SABRE ROLLS INTO ANOTHER SMALL PACKAGE... ONE! TWO! THREE! ZACK SABRE JR PINS KENNY OMEGA THE SAME WAY OMEGA BEAT HIM A YEAR AGO!
Zack Sabre Jr def. Kenny Omega (18:54)
After the match, Kenny sits in the corner, disappointed in himself, and stares down Sabre, who... extends a hand? Omega gets up by himself, not knowing what Sabre could have planned, but SABRE HITS A KICK TO THE BAD KNEE! The bell is frantically rung as Kenny writhes, and out comes Minoru Suzuki, ready to hand Omega's ass to him for trashing his stable. Suzuki savours it as he stomps on Kenny's leg, knowing the Elite aren't on this leg of the tour, and hauls Kenny up for a Gotch Style Piledriver, when...
IBUSHI RUSHES TO THE RING AND CLEANS HOUSE! MISSILE DROPKICK TO SABRE! GOLDEN STAR POWERBOMB ON SUZUKI! Zack is stirring... KAMIGOYE! SUZUKI-GUN HAVE BEEN SENT PACKING BY THE INTERCONTINENTAL CHAMPION! Ibushi looks at a battered and bruised Kenny Omega, and extends a hand, just like Sabre... but again, Kenny doesn't take it.
He grabs a microphone from a ringside technician, and says "Ibushi... you haven't talked to me since Tanahashi, and I get it. You idolize him, and you didn't like the fact that I wanted to take the fight to him. But I still do, Ibushi. So I appreciate the fact that you wanted to come to my aid, but... I can't, in good conscience, let you go through that again. Until I'm done with Tanahashi, I can't do that to you, man." Ibushi, sans microphone, walks to Omega and points a finger in his chest, saying "Watashi wa kore no tame ni anata to issho ni imasu."
Omega looks to Ibushi, and thinks for a moment, before HUGGING HIM! THE GOLDEN LOVERS ARE REUNITED ONCE AGAIN! IBUSHI AND OMEGA ARE TOGETHER ONCE MORE! Confetti rains from the sky as the two embrace, once again partners.
It's announced that at Wrestling Dontaku, Night One, the main event will see the Golden Lovers reunite to take on Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr., while, on Night Two, they'll go head to head with Shingo Takagi and a vengeful Tetsuya Naito.

Wrestling Dontaku, Night One
Golden Lovers vs Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr)
Suzuki-gun enter first, Suzuki and Sabre uncharacteristically not being accompanied by the rest of their stable, opting instead to show Omega and Ibushi who's boss by taking the boots to them the old fashioned way, with no tricks. The Golden Lovers theme hits, and the crowd come unglued as Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi walk out on stage, Ibushi with his Intercontinental Title and Kenny with his NEVER Six Man strap. The bell rings, with Omega and Suzuki starting things off.
Kenny's knee has had time to heal up, so he's pretty fresh heading in, as is Suzuki. However, the daunting Suzuki still strikes fear in Kenny, who almost tries to avoid eye contact as the two go face to face. Minoru stands toe to toe with Kenny, who still looks away, and hits a tremendous chop on the Cleaner. Kenny flies back into his corner, seemingly wanting to tag out, but Ibushi tells him he can do it. Omega nods, heading back to the centre of the ring and absorbing another chop before DELIVERING ONE OF HIS OWN! Suzuki roars, and Kenny keeps the pressure on, chop after chop after chop landing before hitting a Hadouken to the face, and going for a KOTARO KRUSHER, WHICH SUZUKI CATCHES, DELIVERING A SUPLEX!
Suzuki tags in Sabre, and Zack goes straight to work on a recovering Omega, rushing the ropes to deliver a HUGE PK! ONE! TWO! KENNY KICKS OUT! Sabre locks in a chinlock, but Kenny slides out and goes for a V Trigger, which Sabre avoids before going for a Tiger Suplex, but Kenny escapes and looks for a superkick, only for Zack to catch the foot, so Omega goes for a back heel kick, and Sabre ducks, throwing a forearm that Kenny avoids... both men run the ropes and hit DOUBLE CLOTHESLINES! THEY KNOW EACH OTHER SO WELL!
Both men struggle to their corners, and THEY BOTH MAKE THE TAG! Suzuki sprints out of the corner with a head of steam, but Ibushi ducks, running the ropes and delivering a huge running hurricanrana, stacking Suzuki up for a nearfall! Minoru springs up and connects with a HUGE FOREARM! Ibushi absorbs it and fires back, before the TWO START GOING BLOW FOR BLOW! The two scream as they strike, neither budging an inch before IBUSHI HITS A KICK TO THE MIDSECTION! 24 SAI POWERBOMB! ONE! TWO! SABRE KICKS IBUSHI IN THE HEAD TO BREAK IT UP, AND GETS BLASTED WITH A V TRIGGER! Omega throws ZSJ out of the ring, and Ibushi low bridges Suzuki to send him out as well. They nod to each other... GOLDEN TRIANGLE MOONSAULTS TO THE OUTSIDE ON BOTH MEN! THE GOLDEN LOVERS IN PERFECT FORM!
Ibushi sends Suzuki back in and tags Omega, who heads up top for a 450 SPLASH! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Omega pulls Suzuki up, measuring his distances for a V TRIGGER! Hauls him up... AOI SHOUDOU! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT AGAIN! Omega chuckles, no longer scared with his friend in his corner, and looks for a Doctor Bomb, only for SABRE TO PULL SUZUKI OFF KENNY'S SHOULDERS! Kenny V Triggers Suzuki out of ZSJ's hands, and then picks up Sabre, hitting a YOU CAN'T ESCAPE! He calls for Ibushi to head up, and IBUSHI HITS A 450, FOLLOWED BY ANOTHER MOONSAULT BY OMEGA!
Suzuki struggles to his feet and gets decapitated by Ibushi with a roundhouse, and Omega picks him up for a One Winged Angel... SUZUKI SLIDES OFF AND LOCKS IN THE SLEEPER! Ibushi tries to pull Suzuki off his partner, but Zack picks Ibushi's leg and LOCKS IN ARTICLE 50! Both Omega and Ibushi are in trouble, and Omega's quickly fading... Ibushi struggles to a knee, but can't seem to shake ZSJ... OMEGA LEAPS UP AND DIVES ONTO SABRE, USING SUZUKI AS A WEAPON! Sabre's flattened, and Ibushi picks him up... GOLDEN STAR POWERBOMB! Omega and Suzuki are still legal, and a purple Omega hits a lariat, before calling Ibushi over. The two call for it... GOLDEN TRIGGER! ONE! TWO! THREE! THE GOLDEN LOVERS ARE VICTORIOUS IN THEIR RETURN!
Golden Lovers def. Suzuki-gun (Minoru Suzuki and Zack Sabre Jr) (20:01)

Wrestling Dontaku, Night Two
Golden Lovers vs LIJ (Tetsuya Naito and Shingo Takagi)
Los Ingobernables are out first, Naito and the daunting, undefeated in singles action Takagi making their way to the ring to try and exact some vengeance on Intercontinental Champ Ibushi and his partner Omega. The Golden Lovers come out to a warm reception, posing on the turnbuckles before heading in, deciding on Ibushi and Naito starting things off. The bell rings, and the crowd all hold their breath for the inevitability that someone's neck is going to explode.
Naito and Ibushi lock up, and Naito instantly tries to shove Ibushi to the ropes. Ibushi tumbles to the apron, and Naito hits a knee to the gut, pushing Ibushi against the ring post. He throws a few shots to the gut, and winds up for one more, but IBUSHI LEAPS OUT OF THE WAY, CAUSING NAITO TO PUNCH THE POST! Naito holds his hand and yelps, but he has no time to recover as Ibushi dropkicks his legs out from under him, running up onto the apron and LOOKING FOR A GERMAN TO REPAY THE FAVOUR TO NAITO, ONLY FOR SHINGO TO CHECK HIM OFF THE APRON INTO THE ANNOUNCER'S AREA!
Kenny looks on in horror at this absolute beast who just jetted his partner a good ten feet, and Naito clutches his hand before rolling to the floor to grab Ibushi. Naito pulls Ibushi up by the hair, with Kota on the commentary table, and then gets up on it himself, Ibushi throwing wild haymakers that Naito manages to avoid before setting up for a Destino. Omega shakes his head, not about to let this happen, and HITS A V TRIGGER ON SHINGO, LAUNCHING PAST TO THE OUTSIDE! He dashes to commentary and SPRINGBOARDS OFF THE BARRICADE WITH A FLYING V TRIGGER TO NAITO, BOTH MEN FLYING DEEPER INTO THE ARENA!
Omega yells at Kota to get Naito back in, and Kota manages to drag El Ingobernable back to the ring, looking for a 450 SPLASH, BUT NAITO AVOIDS! GLORIA BY TETSUYA NAITO! ONE! TWO! KOTA POWERS OUT! An exhausted Naito goes over to Shingo and makes the tag, and the absolute tank of a man steps into the ring, looming over Ibushi. He hauls the Golden Star up, and Ibushi quickly goes to the leg, kicking it over and over before CONNECTING WITH A TORNADO DDT, BUT SHINGO SPRINGS UP! Ibushi is in awe and charges at Shingo, who NAILS A SHOULDER TACKLE, ONLY FOR IBUSHI TO KIP UP! LARIAT TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD BY SHINGO! Runs the ropes... PUMPING BOMBER! ONE! TWO! OMEGA BREAKS IT UP!
Ibushi is gasping for breath after Shingo's onslaught, but Naito goes straight after Omega, trying to keep him from aiding his partner by CONNECTING WITH A WHEEL KICK TO THE CROWN OF THE SKULL! Shingo picks Ibushi up for the Last of the Dragon, but IBUSHI COUNTERS INTO A DRAGON SLEEPER! He tightens it, trying to wear Takagi down, but SHINGO TURNS IT INTO A POWERSLAM, RAMMING IBUSHI INTO THE CORNER WITH A DEATH VALLEY DRIVER!
Kota's hacking up a lung, having not tagged out in over fifteen minutes, and Shingo's got control, muscling him up for a Last of the Dragon, only for IBUSHI TO DROP DOWN! ROUNDHOUSE! Shingo's down to a knee, and OMEGA FLIES IN WITH A V TRIGGER BEFORE TAKING OUT NAITO! Omega runs to his apron, cheering on Ibushi, and KOTA MAKES THE TAG! Omega comes in like a man possessed, hitting three successive V Triggers on Shingo before going after Naito with a RISE OF THE TERMINATOR TOPE!
Kenny rolls back in to try and deal with Shingo, picking him up for an AOI SHOUDOU! ONE! TWO! SHINGO KICKS OUT! Kenny goes for a Croyt's Wrath, but SHINGO DROPS DOWN AND HITS A PUMPING BOMBER! Both men are down, and SHINGO MAKES THE TAG! Naito slides in and connects with a Flying Forearm Smash, followed by an EVOLUCION! ONE! TWO! OMEGA STAYS ALIVE! Naito stays calm, and instead picks Omega up for a DESTINO... AND IT CONNECTS! SHOOTS THE HALF! ONE! TWO! IBUSHI BREAKS IT UP WITH A PHOENIX SPLASH, TAKING BOTH MEN OUT!
Shingo goes after Ibushi, but Ibushi ducks and pays homage to his partner by going for a KOTARO KRUSHER, ONLY TO GET LAUNCHED TO THE APRON! Ibushi hits Shingo with an enziguri, and a wounded Omega gets to his feet and HITS A KOTARO KRUSHER ON SHINGO! IBUSHI WITH A SPRINGBOARD 450! OMEGA WITH THE MOONSAULT! Naito is down, and the two HIT A GOLDEN TRIGGER! ONE! TWO! THREE!
Golden Lovers def. LIJ (Tetsuya Naito and Shingo Takagi) (17:57)
After the match, Omega and Ibushi put Shingo over by talking about how there's sure a reason he's unpinned and unsubmitted - even they couldn't put him down for three. However, Omega talks about how with his friends by his side, be it Ibushi or the Bucks - he feels completely unstoppable, and he's glad to know that everyone's got his back again. He says it's a lot easier knowing that he's got people he can lean on, but he's still got to strike out on his own as well - he still wants to team with Ibushi and the Elite, but he's got his own goals to aspire to, and he wants to find himself as a singles guy again after losing to Zack Sabre Jr.
He says that War of the Worlds is coming up, and he wants the best Ring of Honor can offer, to prove that, just like he did to Lethal, he's still got it as a singles star.

ROH/NJPW War of the Worlds 2019
Kenny Omega Open Challenge
Kenny Omega makes his way to the ring, telling the crowd that he'll welcome any and all comers, saying he wants a challenge, someone who will give him that rush that he so desperately loves. He calls out to the back for anyone to come face him, and his challenge is answered by this. Bandido makes his way to the ring, and the two face off for the first time EVER, IN ANY CAPACITY. The commentators hype up his accomplishments to that point - main evented ALL IN, finalist in the BOLA tournament in 2018, pinning Shingo Takagi in the process. He and Omega stare down, the crowd on their feet, and the bell rings.
The two men exchange glares, and, well, the crowd want a maniacal sprint, so let's give it to them. Omega instantly goes after his new opponent, but Bandido low bridges, sending Omega to the apron. Both men get the same idea and go for enziguris, but Bandido CARTWHEELS OVER FOR A SUPERKICK! Omega clutches his jaw as Bandido runs up the ropes like it's second nature, and DIVES OVER THE TOP ROPE TO THE APRON FOR A HURRICANRANA TO THE FLOOR, BUT KENNY LANDS ON HIS FEET!
Bandido turns around slowly, Omega with a huge grin on his face for being able to keep pace, and Bandido lunges for a lariat, which Kenny ducks, but BANDIDO HOPS ONTO THE BARRICADE FOR A MOONSAULT PRESS, WHICH OMEGA CATCHES! Picks Bandido up... YOU CAN'T ESCAPE ON THE OUTSIDE, WITH A MOONSAULT OFF THE BARRIER! Kenny rolls Bandido back in, and heads up top himself, trying to outclass the fastest-rising luchador in the world.
Omega sets up for a 450 Splash, but BANDIDO MOVES AND STACKS KENNY UP! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Omega kips up, as does Bandido, and Omega hits a superkick to the knee, only for BANDIDO TO SPRING ONTO HIS HANDS TO AVOID THE IMPACT! Kenny chuckles as Bandido handstands, and then just low superkicks him in the face. Kenny throws Bandido into the corner for a Flash Man's Time Stopper enziguri, and then goes for a Doctor Bomb, only for BANDIDO TO SUNSET FLIP OVER! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT BY OMEGA!
Now it's Bandido in control, and he unleashes a blitz of strikes that leaves Kenny dazed and confused, capping it with a HANDSPRING ENZIGURI! Kenny goes down to a knee, and BANDIDO WITH A SHINING WIZARD THAT'S DUCKED, OMEGA KIPPING UP! V TRIGGER OFF THE REBOUND! Bandido falls to the ropes, and Kenny goes for ANOTHER V TRIGGER, WHICH BANDIDO DODGES! HE GOES FOR THE 24 PLEX THAT'S FINISHED THE LIKES OF SHINGO, BUT KENNY HOLDS ON! Bandido kicks out his hand, and goes for the other, but Kenny breaks Bandido's grip and slides out of the ring to breathe, only to get ANNIHILATED WITH A SPACEMAN PLANCHA!
Bandido sends Omega back in and goes for a springboard missile dropkick, but OMEGA HITS A V TRIGGER OUT OF THE AIR! Bandido's still standing, somehow, and Omega fires his finger gun in tandem with Bandido collapsing to a pop. He picks Bandido up and runs the ropes for a KOTARO KRUSHER, BUT BANDIDO HANDSPRINGS TO AVOID! He's behind Omega and GOES FOR A POISON RANA, BUT OMEGA HOLDS HIS LEGS! HE'S IN THE ELECTRIC CHAIR... CROYT'S WRATH BY OMEGA! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!
The Cleaner seems to be calling for a One Winged Angel, and he picks an exhausted Bandido up off the floor, but BANDIDO HITS A PELE KICK! He rushes to the top rope, but OMEGA HITS A V TRIGGER! Kenny heads to the apron, determined to not let Bandido take to the skies, and heads up top from the apron, raining punches on Bandido, but BANDIDO GETS HIM INTO A FALLAWAY SLAM... MOONSAULT OFF THE TOP FOR A REVOLUTION FLY! COVER ON OMEGA FOR A NEARFALL! Bandido picks Kenny up... LAUNCHING HIM INTO THE SKY FOR A GTS! Omega is still on his feet, the verge of collapsing... BANDIDO FIRES A FINGER GUN AS OMEGA TUMBLES TO THE FLOOR!
Bandido def. Kenny Omega (19:59)
On the Dominion promotional tour, Kenny's asked how he feels, since three of his last four singles outings have resulted in losses. He says he's disappointed, but determined. He's going to make it right, however he can, by facing whoever he must to prove that he's still the man to beat. For now, however, he's got to focus on the Elite, as they're defending their Six Man Titles on the last show before Dominion against Tomohiro Ishii and Roppongi 3K.

Best of the Super Juniors Finals
The Elite (c) vs CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii and R3K) for the NEVER Openweight Six Man Titles
The Elite are out first, partying their way to the ring, with Omega looking notably less prepared than usual. He looks to be lacking confidence, and when CHAOS hit the scene, he looks to almost be dreading this defense. It seems the loss to Bandido took a lot out of him, and he even lets Matt Jackson start off against SHO.
SHO and Matt have the usual high-flying technical start, with frantic tags being made between Roppongi 3K and The Young Bucks, both Ishii and Omega staying out of the equation early on. Eventually, it comes down to SHO and Nick, with Matt having leaped out to the floor onto YOH, and SHO gets the upper hand with a Superkick and Hurricanrana, before calling for a Shock Arrow... and OMEGA FINALLY COMES IN TO BREAK THINGS UP! V TRIGGER TO SHO! RISE OF THE TERMINATOR TO THE OUTSIDE TO TAKE OUT YOH! Rolls back into the ring and calls on Nick... HOT TAG MADE TO BOTH OMEGA AND ISHII!
Omega rushes out with a shoulder tackle, but Ishii absorbs it and goes for a lariat, which Omega ducks before sending Ishii into the corner - Ishii catches Omega with a back elbow, but Omega hits a Yakuza Kick! Hauls Ishii up... AOI SHOUDOU! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Big Tom is in a bad way, and Omega has him on the back foot as he throws him into the ropes... ISHII FIRES BACK WITH A HEADBUTT! DDT ON OMEGA! Omega's woozy, and Ishii hauls him up for a Brainbuster, OMEGA KNEEING HIS WAY FREE! He charges for a V Trigger, but ISHII THROWS HIM UP AND HEADBUTTS HIM OUT OF THE SKY!
Ishii picks Omega up for a Driller, but Kenny drives him from the ring, sending both men to the floor, allowing BOTH BUCKS TO HIT A SUPERKICK! Kenny sends Ishii back in and HITS A 450 SPLASH! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Ishii gets up, and Omega goes for a V Trigger, but ISHII HITS A POWERBOMB BEFORE TAGGING IN YOH! YOH rushes in and goes right after Omega with a springboard dropkick, knocking Kenny flat. He picks Kenny up, but KENNY HITS A BRAINBUSTER!
The Elite def. CHAOS (Tomohiro Ishii and R3K) (11:09) to retain the NEVER Openweight Six Man Titles
After the match, the Bucks are cheering, and CHAOS head to the back, disappointed. Omega looked to return to form there, and he picks up his title when all of a sudden, some music he truly dreads hits, signalling the arrival of Hiroshi Tanahashi. The Ace makes his way to the ring, and lifts a microphone to his lips, only for OMEGA TO GRAB IT OUT OF HIS HANDS! "I know what you're gonna say... Dominion, right? Well... you're on, Ace."
After the show, Omega has an interview, where he explains that since Wrestle Kingdom, Tanahashi's been the bane of his existence. He's driven a wedge between he and Ibushi, which is why Ibushi won't be accompanying Omega at Dominion, he's been responsible for two of the worst losses of his career at Wrestle Kingdom and in the New Japan Cup, and he's sent him down this long road to failure. Now, at Dominion, he takes back the crown of Ace, no titles on the line, just to prove that he's better.

Kenny Omega vs Hiroshi Tanahashi
Tanahashi is out first, the Ace looking happy as ever at the possibility of beating Omega for the third time that year. He waits for Omega, but it's not the happy go lucky "Battle Cry" Omega that comes out - we bring this back. The crowd are all on their feet in Osaka as Omega makes his way to the ring, truly the Cleaner once more, and stands down with Hiroshi Tanahashi. Both men are alone - just one on one, for pride, at Dominion. The bell rings, and we're underway.
The Ace locks up with the Cleaner for a test of strength. Omega gets Tana down to a knee, only for TANA TO SLAP OMEGA IN THE FACE! Omega scoffs and hits an overhead chop, followed by another knife edge to send Tana into the corner. Omega boots Tana in the stomach, and breaks out the Chainsaw Arms, causing The Ace to clutch his eyes before Omega goes back to business with a high knee and a snap suplex.
Commentary talks about the very real animosity between the two as Omega keeps bringing it to Tanahashi, laying in the strikes before going for an early Aoi Shoudou, which causes Tanahashi to drop down and HIT A CHOP BLOCK! Omega figured Tana would target the knee as he had at Wrestle Kingdom, but it doesn't make it hurt any less as THE ACE HITS A DRAGON SCREW! Omega pounds the mat but springs back up, refusing to go down that easily and hits a TONY JAA DOUBLE KNEE! Omega winces at the bad knee but keeps going, sending Tanahashi to the outside for a RISE OF THE TERMINATOR!
Kenny pulls Tanahashi back in by the hair and goes for a One Winged Angel, which Tanahashi SPINS OUT OF WITH A HURRICANRANA! Omega flies up and tries to keep control, but gets hit with a Dragon Screw, followed by a SLING BLADE! Omega falls from the ring... TANAHASHI WITH A DRAGON ROCKET DIVE! Now it's Tana sending Omega in, and he heads up top for a High Fly Flow... CONNECTS WITH A STANDING HIGH FLY FLOW! ONE! TWO! KENNY KICKS OUT!
Hiroshi leaps up and kicks Kenny's knee out, hauling him up for a STYLES CLASH! ONE! TWO! AGAIN KENNY KICKS OUT! Tanahashi is getting pretty far into his box of tricks, and throws Omega into the ropes for another Sling Blade, but OMEGA TURNS IT INTO A SPINNING SIDEWALK SLAM! Omega stumbles to the corner, and HITS A V TRIGGER! He ignores the pain in his knee as much as possible, and HITS ANOTHER V TRIGGER AGAINST THE ROPES! Hauls The Ace up... CROYT'S WRATH! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!
Omega calls for a One Winged Angel, but Tanahashi COUNTERS INTO A DDT! He picks Kenny up and slaps him silly, hitting a TIGER SUPLEX! Omega's down on his face, and TANAHASHI GOES FOR THE CLOVERLEAF! Omega screams out, and manages to kick Tanahashi off, only to get hit with a SLING BLADE! Tanahashi LOCKS IN THE DRAGON SLEEPER!
Tanahashi has it in deep, and Kenny is crawling, desperate to not let it end like this... he scratches, claws... FINALLY GETTING TO THE ROPES! Tanahashi climbs up top... HIGH FLY FLOW TO THE BACK! COVER ON OMEGA! THIS MUST BE IT... ONE! TWO! THR-OMEGA WON'T DIE! Omega opens his eyes and wildly shakes his head, Tanahashi looking like he's seen a ghost! He picks Omega up for a Twist and Shout, but OMEGA HITS A REVERSE FRANKENSTEINER! RAIN TRIGGER FOR A NEARFALL! DOCTOR BOMB, AGAIN FOR TWO! WHAT DOES OMEGA HAVE TO DO?
Kenny Omega def. Hiroshi Tanahashi (23:23)
Kenny Omega has done it, he's beaten Tanahashi, and the Elite come out alongside Kota Ibushi to help him celebrate his win. He raises his arms high, and finally pulls out the finger gun, the symbolic "bang" being fired at the back to show that Kenny Omega - the Cleaner, the Best Bout Machine - isn't gone just yet.
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2020.06.15 04:41 apehasreturned IWGP Intercontinental Title Part Two: New Era in New Japan (Ape)

Part One Here!

Sakura Genesis
Jay White (c) vs Kota Ibushi for the IWGP Intercontinental Title
We are right into the thick of it, as it's time for White/Ibushi III in the main event of Sakura Genesis 2020, and the crowd are burning with anticipation to find out who the better man truly is! With Ibushi having beaten White in the G1 Finals, and White having knocked off Ibushi in a grudge match at Wrestle Kingdom, this one could go either way. Ibushi enters first, followed by the Switchblade and the Guerrillas of Destiny, who are porting the IWGP Tag Team Titles after defeating Ibushi and Tanahashi. Ibushi is clearly livid at the fact White is again bringing backup, but restrains himself until after the formal introductions have been made and the bell has been rung before RUNNING AT WHITE AND HITTING A CORNER KNEE! HE HAS WHITE UP FOR THE GOLDEN STAR BOMB, BUT WHITE DROPS DOWN AND SCRAMBLES FROM THE RING!
Ibushi nearly caught the champion there, and White fumes on the outside, screaming expletives at the Golden Star before gameplanning with the G.O.D. Ibushi smiles at White, and then heads out of the ring to pursue the champion, only for the Tag Champs to stand between them. Ibushi rolls back in, and White waits for the count of nineteen before heading back in, only to roll back out once more to outstanding boos. Ibushi follows him out this time, and G.O.D again stand between them, only for Ibushi to turn tail and hop onto the apron. He looks over his shoulder, then SPRINGBOARDS UP AND MOONSAULTS OVER TAMA AND TANGA TO LAND ON THE CHAMPION! Ibushi lands on his feet, grabs White by the hair and rolls him in, before vaulting off the ropes with a MISSILE DROPKICK!
White is shocked at Ibushi's outburst, and has no time to breathe as Kota unleashes a series of absolutely brutal kicks, caving Jay's chest in before nailing a Standing Shooting Star Press for two. Kota pulls White up, and Jay is already loopy, but manages to stave off the onslaught with an STO into the bottom turnbuckle. Ibushi clutches his face before White hits a high-angle Uranage, spiking Kota on the back of his neck, and following it with a Saito Suplex for a nearfall. White sets Kota up for a Blade Runner, but Kota reverses, nailing a German before GOING FOR A KAMIGOYE! White ducks it, trapping Kota's arm between his legs, and goes for a PUMPHANDLE SLAM, BUT KOTA FLIPS OUT! DROPSAULT! 24 SAI POWERBOMB! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT BY WHITE!
Kota hauls White to his feet, and kicks him in the gut to set up for a Golden Star Powerbomb, but White drops down and hits a chop block to the back of the knee. Kota shakes it off, but White rams Kota into the corner, trapping his leg in the ropes and battering it within an inch of it breaking before backing off, slapping Kota as he holds his leg. White realizes how in control he is, and throws Ibushi out of the ring, hurling him into the barrier before picking him up and placing him in a modified Tree of Woe, Ibushi's leg trapped in the metal barricade with all the pressure on his bad right knee. White chuckles and grabs a steel chair, BLASTING IBUSHI'S KNEE WITH A CHAIR AGAINST THE STEEL! Kota is wailing as white goes for it once more, but the referee uncharacteristically steps in, prying the chair from White's hands. White decides to roll back into the ring, and awaits a countout victory to the disgust of the audience.
By ten, Kota is free, and he drags himself towards the ring, breaking the count at sixteen before White pounces on him, and LOCKS IN THE INDIAN DEATHLOCK! IBUSHI IS GOING TO HAVE TO TAP! THIS HAS TO BE IT! He looks like he's about to tap, but he gets to the ropes... ONLY FOR TAMA TONGA TO PULL IT AWAY! BUT WAIT! IT'S TANAHASHI! TANAHASHI PUSHES TONGA AWAY, AND IBUSHI GETS TO THE ROPES! White releases the hold, and Hiroshi pounds the apron in support for his partner, the G.O.D having fled to the opposite corner. White picks Ibushi up for a Blade Runner, but KOTA PUSHES HIM AWAY AND HITS A DDT! Ibushi is somehow to his feet, and CONNECTS WITH A KAMIGOYE! WHITE IS OUT, BUT KOTA CAN'T COVER WITH THE BAD KNEE! He drags himself to the cover, but Tanga Loa PULLS WHITE OUT! The referee finally snaps, and THROWS OUT G.O.D!
Ibushi rolls out of the ring, and, with the last of his strength, sends White back in before heading up to the top rope! HE'S GOING FOR A PHOENIX SPLASH, BUT WHITE TAKES OUT THE KNEE! The Switchblade grabs Kota's neck, Ibushi's legs still draped over the top rope, and HITS AN ELEVATED BLADE RUNNER ON THE GOLDEN STAR! ONE! TWO! THREE! JAY WHITE RETAINS OVER KOTA IBUSHI!
Jay White def. Kota Ibushi to retain the IWGP Intercontinental Title (32:41)
Tanahashi helps Ibushi out of the ring, Ibushi limping heavily but still clearly robbed, as he would have earned the cover over White if not for Tanga Loa. Tana comforts his partner, and turns back to look at the celebrating White, pondering for a moment before continuing to assist Ibushi.
The post-show interviews are eventful, as Ibushi says that he's been examined by doctors and isn't cleared to compete at Wrestling Satsuma no Kuni, leaving as Jay White starts his press conference.
White celebrates dandily, only to be interrupted by Los Ingobernables de Japon. Earlier in the evening, the team of BUSHI, Shingo Takagi and SANADA had knocked off the team of the Chase Owens, Bad Luck Fale and KENTA, with SANADA forcing Owens to tap to the Skull End. Naito says he still has unfinished business with White, but he has to worry about defending his Heavyweight Title - however, he thinks that SANADA has more than earned a crack at the Intercontinental Championship, with LIJ even promising to stay away from ringside and let him handle his business himself.
White, cocky, says that while Bullet Club might manage him, he can certainly knock off SANADA without any moral support - so he'd be happy to face SANADA one on one, without any interference. The Cold Skull grins, and taps the championship on White's shoulder before going off to celebrate Naito's title retention with the rest of LIJ.

Wrestling Satsuma no Kuni
Jay White (c) vs SANADA for the IWGP Intercontinental Title, with Bullet Club and LIJ banned from ringside
SANADA enters first, with the skull mask being ported alongside his once again dark brown hair, forgoing the blond for a more menacing look against the Intercontinental Champ. The Switchblade is out next, notably very alone as well, and the ring introductions are made and the match is started swiftly. The story heading in is White wanting to embarrass SANADA by beating him clean, so the two lock up, starting the feeling out process, with White trying to pick the leg early and win in the same manner he did against Naito and Ibushi. However, SANADA catches him in a wizard, locking the chin and GOING FOR A SKULL END EARLY! White rolls over it, and the two lock up again, even more tentatively.
White keeps on wriggling free from SANADA's attempts at neck-based submissions, but finally gets caught in a neck crank, scrambling to the ropes for the break. SANADA slicks the sides of his hair, smiling at White, and White fumes, punching the turnbuckle before charging at SANADA's knee. SANADA hops it, and turns around to deliver a THUNDEROUS BRIDGING GERMAN! ONE! TWO! WHITE KICKS OUT! SANADA is in total control, and White is like a fish out of water without his stablemates to back him up. SANADA connects with a TKO for another nearfall, and continues to target the neck of the champion with neckbreakers, DDTs and submissions to wear him down for the Skull End.
The challenger is dominating, but White's tactics aren't to be ignored, constantly going underhanded to screw up SANADA's gameplan, eventually turning the tides with a double eye poke. White goes after the leg, but SANADA's defense is too strong, bucking White off and throwing him into the corner, going for a corner splash only to get CAUGHT WITH AN STO! SNAP SUPLEX INTO THE TURNBUCKLE BY WHITE! SANADA is dazed, and gets HIT WITH A BLADE RUNNER! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Not enough damage has been done to SANADA, but White looks to remedy that by seamlessly transitioning into a TEXAS CLOVERLEAF, MOCKING HIROSHI TANAHASHI AND KOTA IBUSHI! SANADA manages to break free, but the pain has already been inflicted, and Jay locks in an INDIAN DEATHLOCK! SANADA gets to the ropes, falling out of the ring in agony.
The champ is now on top, and goes for a Blade Runner on the outside, only for SANADA TO DROP HIM THROUGH THE ANNOUNCE TABLE IN AN ACT OF DESPERATION! The challenger sends Jay back in, and heads up top... MOONSAULT PRESS ON WHITE! ONE! TWO! FOOT ON THE ROPE! SANADA grabs White by the beard and NAILS A SUPERKICK! SAITO SUPLEX! SKULL END ATTEMPT, but Jay is fighting... SANADA kicks the hands away, and IT'S IN! WHITE ROLLS OVER AND STACKS UP SANADA! ONE! TWO! THREE! WHITE STEALS A WIN FROM THE COLD SKULL!
Jay White def. SANADA to retain the IWGP Intercontinental Title (20:30)
After the match, Bullet Club rush the ring to celebrate, White notching a second successful defense over another big name, when all of a sudden.. IT'S KOTA IBUSHI! Ibushi steps out onto the stage, and soon after, we find out that he didn't come alone! Tanahashi and Ibushi take to the ring, and Bullet Club all fil behind Jay White as Ibushi stares him down. A ref hands White a mic, and he says "Hey Kota, I already beat you. You don't get to stand face to face with me like that." Kota moves in even closer, and White shoves Kota aside, before TANAHASHI STANDS UP AGAINST WHITE! The two men stare down, and White raises his championship, only for Tanahashi to grab his hand and lower it, shaking his head. White looks daunted, and rolls out of the ring, yelling at Tanahashi as he walks up the ramp. Later that night, it's confirmed for Wrestling Dontaku that Jay White will defend the Intercontinental Championship against The Ace, Hiroshi Tanahashi.

Wrestling Dontaku
Jay White (c) vs Hiroshi Tanahashi for the IWGP Intercontinental Title
This is again the next match in a series, starting when Tanahashi having successfully defended the Intercontinental Championship against the Switchblade at Wrestle Kingdom 12. From there, White would get his win back in the G1, and Tanahashi would eke out a win at King of Pro Wrestling. Tana would then lose the Heavyweight Title to White in Osaka a year later, and Jay would again pull off a victory, leaving the tally at 3-2 White heading into this contest.
Now, it's the third year of their ongoing feud, with White the champion for the first time, and both men are bringing backup - Tanahashi in the form of Ibushi, and White in the form of KENTA. Formal ring introductions are made, and Tanahashi stares down the champion in a tense confrontation before the bell rings. White turns around to talk to KENTA, and Tanahashi smiles at him, telling him to take his time. White turns to face the challenger once more, and they lock up, with Tanahashi getting the upper hand in a test of strength. However, he's distracted as KENTA BLASTS IBUSHI WITH A BUSAIKU KNEE ON THE OUTSIDE! Tana turns to help his partner, and WHITE ROLLS HIM UP! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT BY TANAHASHI! White springs up, but gets HIT WITH A SLING BLADE! NOW IT'S A NEARFALL FOR TANAHASHI!
Tanahashi immediately goes to work on the midsection to work White over for the High Fly Flow, and manages to cinch in a Cloverleaf for a few moments before The Knife Pervert squirms free. Tana drops an elbow and follows it with a Twelve-Six for a nearfall. White is feeling it in his ribs, and tries to escape the onslaught by conferring with KENTA, only for HIROSHI TO HIT A SUICIDE DIVE TO THE OUTSIDE - CAUGHT! BLADE RUNNER INTO THE BARRIER FROM OUT OF NOWHERE! EVEN JAY WHITE IS IN SHOCK! The champion is in a state of disbelief, yelling to ask KENTA if he saw that, and, with a massive grin, rolls Tanahashi back in and covers him for the one, two, thrNOO! TANA STAYS ALIVE! THE HIGH FLYING STAR IS STILL IN IT!
White gets up and stomps Tanahashi in the gut until he starts coughing, smugly taking in the hate from the crowd and slapping the eight time World Champ around. Eventually, though, Jay heads up top, and calls for a High Fly Flow of his own, the ultimate disrespect... BUT IT MISSES! TANAHASHI HITS A STYLES CLASH! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT! Both men are down, and Tanahashi has an opportunity to catch his bearings, despite clearly being out of sorts after the Blade Runner into the steel barricade, especially with the added momentum of the suicide dive. He struggles to his feet, as does White, but he throws the champ into the ropes to go for a Sling Blade, only for WHITE TO COUNTER! BLADE RUNNER! NO WAY! ONE! TWO! THREE!
Jay White def. Hiroshi Tanahashi to retain the IWGP Intercontinental Title (7:29)
Jay White punctuates his title reign with a sub ten minute victory over one of the Greatest of All Time, with no unfair tactics used against the challenger. An incredulous White raises the Intercontinental Title high above his head as the segment comes to a close ahead of the main event, leaving everyone with the question - what now?

Best of the Super Juniors, Day 11
Bullet Club (Jay White, KENTA, and the G.O.D.) vs LIJ (Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi, EVIL and SANADA)
It's good old fashioned eight man tag team action, as Los Ingobernables de Japon take on Bullet Club. Both Naito and SANADA have some beef with White, and EVIL and SANADA are poised to challenge the G.O.D. at Dominion for the IWGP Tag Team Titles. There are a lot of layers here, but it's a fast-paced barnburner to match the feel of the Best of the Super Juniors card. Bullet Club are out first, followed by LIJ, who come out as a team despite the bit of tension between Naito and Hiromu.
White and SANADA start off in a callback to their bout at Satsuma no Kuni, a simple collar-and-elbow to begin the proceedings. Things break down pretty quickly once Hiromu tags himself in, however, and he soars at White with a diving senton, unleashing his brand of chaotic neutral upon the Intercontinental Champion with a series of stiff kicks and an attempted Time Bomb, only for White to tag in Tama Tonga. Hiromu tries to take it to Tonga, but he tags in his fellow G.O.D partner to stack the numbers against the Junior Heavyweight Champ.
Hiromu lands a D Driver on Tanga Loa, but Tama nails a Stinger Splash in the corner, followed by a Tongan Twist for a nearfall. Tama tags in KENTA, and Hiromu rolls KENTA up for two before tagging in EVIL, who barrels at KENTA with a shoulder tackle, sparking a stiff back and forth affair, with the two trading kicks until EVIL nearly decapitates KENTA with a lariat. He goes for an EVERYTHING IS EVIL, BUT WHITE PULLS KENTA OFF HIS SHOULDERS, ONLY FOR NAITO TO RUSH WHITE! The Heavyweight Champ is trading blows with the Intercontinental Champion, and they both fall out of the ring, meaning that KENTA and the G.O.D are beating down EVIL. Not for long, though, as SANADA ejects KENTA to the apron, and HIROMU HITS A SUNSET FLIP POWERBOMB ON KENTA TO THE OUTSIDE!
EVIL is still recovering from the beatdown by Tama and Tanga, but SANADA bravely goes after both of the Tag Team Champions, hitting a back elbow on Tama and leaping up for a Moonsault Press, only for TANGA LOA TO POWERBOMB HIM BACK TO EARTH! MAGIC KILLER ON SANADA! SANADA falls out of the ring, and the G.O.D grab KENTA to help him get a cover on EVIL, but EVIL TAKES OUT TANGA LOA WITH A POWERSLAM! Hiromu tags in on EVIL, and hits a crossbody on KENTA, but Tonga HITS A GUN STUN ON HIROMU!
It's absolute carnage, but all of a sudden, NAITO AND EVIL TRAP TAMA TONGA! OUT OF CONTROL! SANADA gets back into the ring, nursing his neck, and all four men surround KENTA, White nowhere to be seen. HIROMU HITS A CORNER DROPKICK! DEATH VALLEY DRIVER INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! He tags in Naito, who hits a DESSSTTTIIIIINNNOOOOOOOO! Naito tags in EVIL, who himself tags SANADA, and they connect with a MAGIC KILLER OF THEIR OWN ON KENTA! DOUBLE COVER AS HIROMU AND NAITO STOP A BREAKUP FOR THE ONE, TWO, THREE!
LIJ (Tetsuya Naito, Hiromu Takahashi, EVIL and SANADA) def. Bullet Club (Jay White, KENTA, and the G.O.D.) (17:35)
Los Ingobernables de Japon revel in their win, all of them clearly back on the same page with an impressive victory, when WHITE AND THE G.O.D TAKE ALL FOUR MEN OUT WITH CHAIRS! White grabs KENTA and tells him to get up, and KENTA screams asking where the hell he was - no matter how good he is, he can't handle four on one without backup. Jay sighs and hands KENTA a chair, when all of a sudden, SHINGO TAKAGI IS HERE! Shingo makes the save for his teammates, cleaning out KENTA, and helping EVIL and SANADA get rid of Tama and Tanga, leaving Shingo to BLAST JAY WHITE WITH A PUMPING BOMBER! As White scampers up the ramp, the message has been sent, clear as day - Shingo Takagi wants Jay White. Later on in the post-show interviews, it's announced that the co-main of the BOSJ Finals will see Jay White defend against Shingo Takagi.

Best of the Super Juniors Finals
Jay White (c) vs Shingo Takagi for the IWGP Intercontinental Title
It's The Dragon against The Switchblade, and Shingo comes out alone, followed by White with KENTA. There are formal ring introductions in order, and the bell rings, only for White to immediately get the hell out of dodge to try and piss off Shingo. Shingo patiently awaits White having to get back in, and when he does, he grabs him by the hair and hurls him into the corner, battering the piss out of the champion with brutal blows to the midsection, punctuating it by blasting him with forearms until he falls over. The Dragon hauls the champ up to go for a Last Falconry, but White falls free and hits a half and half suplex to catch a breath.
White's already a bit marked up from the early onslaught, but instead of running away he's going to try and end it quickly, electing to nail Shingo with a dropkick off the rebound, followed by another for the top rope - BUT SHINGO ROLLS THROUGH AND STANDS BACK UP! White is in a state of disbelief, his eyes bulging from his skull as Shingo spits on the canvas to readjust his jaw before staring daggers at the champion. He charges at White, but WHITE HITS AN STO INTO THE TURNBUCKLE! URANAGE ON SHINGO! Shingo bounces up and eats a jumping knee to the face, followed by a SNAP SUPLEX INTO THE CORNER! Shingo's dazed, and WHITE WRESTLES HIM INTO A CROSSFACE!
Shingo is already near the ropes, and gets the rest of the way there, only for KENTA TO BAT AWAY HIS HAND! Shingo shakes out his hand, clearly in pain, and White transitions into an STF to BITE THE FINGERS OF TAKAGI! Shingo is yelling out, but takes advantage of the switch and grabs Jay by the hair, bashing his face off the mat to force the break. White crawls to the corner as Shingo pulls himself up on the ropes, but White goes for the chop block only to get intercepted and muscled up into a POWERBOMB BY TAKAGI! ONE! TWO! KICKOUT!
Both men are down, and fight to their feet at roughly the same time. White throws a few forearms Shingo's way, and Shingo hits White with just one to send him soaring across the ring, selling the immense power of The Dragon. Shingo trudges over to White's corpse, but WHITE GOUGES THE EYES! The referee chews out White, but KENTA rushes into the ring and BLASTS SHINGO WITH A BUSAIKU KNEE! White pushes the ref aside and drapes an arm over Takagi... one, two, TAKAGI POWERS OUT! White gets up to go for a Blade Runner, but Takagi breaks free and POUNCES WHITE ACROSS THE RING! Shingo then looks out to ringside, and rolls out, chasing KENTA down to NAIL A PUMPING BOMBER LARIAT! He rolls back in, throwing White into the ropes, and BOTH MEN HIT LARIATS! BOTH MEN DOWN ONCE MORE!
Shingo is up first, and he sets up for a LAST OF THE DRAGON, ONLY FOR WHITE TO DROP DOWN! KIWI KRUSHER! White restores himself in the corner, pulling himself up to his feet and punting Shingo in the jaw to send him to the apron. KENTA is holding a kendo stick, and White tells him to hold off, stepping out onto the apron only for SHINGO TO JET HIM WITH A THROW ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE TIMEKEEPER'S TABLE! White isn't moving, and Shingo drops down, grabbing White by the hair before the champion yells "NOW!" KENTA blasts Shingo in the back of the neck with the bamboo, crumpling him, and the ref yells at the Bullet Club member as White pushes Shingo into the squared circle to go for a Blade Runner, but SHINGO TURNS IT AROUND! LAST OF THE DRAGON! ONE! TWO! THREE! SHINGO TAKAGI IS CHAMPION!
Shingo Takagi def. Jay White to win the IWGP Intercontinental Title (23:06)
In the post-show interviews, Takagi sets down his NEVER Openweight Six Man belt alongside his new piece of hardware in the Intercontinental Championship. When asked about any dream matches for the title, he says there were some people he'd like to fight again, but nothing was on his mind like "that piece of shit KENTA." The challenge was set, with Shingo Takagi laying the gauntlet at KENTA's feet for Dominion.

Dominion 6.14
Shingo Takagi (c) vs KENTA for the IWGP Intercontinental Title
It's time for Shingo to prove his mettle as champion against one of NJPW's most grizzled veterans in KENTA, in a bout that's sure to be explosively violent and stiff. KENTA is out first, alone, all business, wearing a G2S Club shirt and porting freshly dyed silver hair. He rolls his wrists as he awaits the arrival of The Dragon, and grins as Shingo's music hits. Takagi makes his way to the ring, draped in gold, and hands off the Intercontinental Title to the referee before the bell chimes... we are underway with Shingo versus KENTA!
The two men look up to start things off, Shingo getting the upper hand to begin with by pushing and pulling KENTA around the ring, having the size and weight advantage. He backs KENTA up against the ropes and claps on his chest for a clean break, but KENTA lands a vicious slap, echoing through the arena with gasps from the crowd. Shing tries to shake the feeling back into his face, but not before hitting a BRUTAL overhand chop on KENTA. The Black Sun clutches his chest, breathing heavily before connecting with a spinning side kick to the gut of Shingo, followed by a jumping knee to the bridge of the nose and a SPINNING BACKFIST THAT KNOCKS TAKAGI FLAT! KENTA lands a jumping double foot stomp and twists around to deliver a ROUNDHOUSE TO THE SKULL! TAKAGI COULD BE OUT! ONE! KICKOUT AT ONE!
KENTA needs to rethink his strategy, and he adjusts from kicking Shingo really hard to kicking Shingo really, REALLY hard. He breaks out a flurry of strikes, the combination ending with an attempted backfist, but SHINGO CATCHES HIM AND HITS A PUMPHANDLE SLAM! Shingo ejects KENTA from the ring, and follows him out, tossing him over the barrier and into the audience, where he grabs a security chair and hurls it at the former GHC Champion. KENTA is dazed, but Shingo pulls him back to ringside after inflicting some punishment, only for KENTA TO BOUNCE TAKAGI'S HEAD OFF THE POST! Shingo is busted open, and KENTA has the wherewithal to roll in and out to break the count before hitting a RUNNING DROPKICK THROUGH THE BARRICADE ON SHINGO!
Both competitors are down and out, but KENTA gets to his feet first, grabbing Shingo only to get DECIMATED WITH A BELLY TO BACK SUPLEX ON THE FLOOR! Shingo is seething, his mouthguard stained with blood as he picks KENTA up... GALLON THROW ONTO THE APRON! Referees rush over to KENTA to check on him, but Shingo disregards them, the Dragon shoving KENTA between the ropes to go for a cover. ONE! TWO! TH-KICKOUT BY KENTA! He may be a member of Bullet Club, but KENTA's showing that he's still got that fighting spirit as he struggles to his feet. Takagi looks for a Last of the Dragon, but KENTA HITS A PELE KICK, FOLLOWED BY A SHOTGUN DROPKICK INTO THE CORNER! He heads up top for a DIVING DOUBLE FOOT STOMP, BUT SHINGO DODGES! PUMPING BOMBER TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD!
Takagi roars to the crowd and sets KENTA up for a Last Falconry, but KENTA drops down into a drop toehold, looking for a Rings of Saturn before Takagi spins round and nails him with a forearm to stop him in his tracks. Shingo stands up and goes for a big boot, but KENTA HITS A DROPSAULT! PUNT TO THE FACE, KICKING SHINGO'S DAMN MOUTHGUARD OFF! HAULS HIM UP... GO TO SLEEP! ONE! TWO! TWO AND A HALF AS SHINGO KICKS OUT! KENTA is in shock, but that won't deter him, as instead he picks Shingo up in an Argentine Backbreaker Rack... URA GO TO SLEEP TO THE BACK OF THE HEAD! Shingo lands sprawled over the bottom rope, more or less dead from the impact as the blood drizzles from his head out to the floor, staining the apron on the way down. KENTA tries to drag Shingo to the centre of the ring, but he's physically depleted enough that Shingo is able to kick out by the time he shoots the half.
KENTA's in awe at Shingo's tenacity, and hooks him up in a cravate to bring him to his feet. Once Shingo's propped up, KENTA runs the ropes for a BUSAIKU KNEE, BUT GETS LEVELLED WITH A PUMPING BOMBER! SHINGO CONNECTS WITH A STAY DREAM, FOLLOWED BY A LAST OF THE DRAGON! SHINGO INTO THE COVER... ONE! TWWWOOOO! THREEEE!!!! SHINGO TAKAGI MANAGES TO DEFEAT KENTA!
Shingo Takagi def. KENTA to retain the IWGP Intercontinental Title (22:51)
Shingo lifts his pristine title high, wary to not get any blood on it as he holds it above his head. He grabs a microphone and congratulates KENTA on a good fight, and sets it down, grabbing his mouthguard and putting it back in when all of a sudden he hears some very familiar music.
Shingo turns to face the ramp as the Aerial Assassin makes his way to the ring, posing in the corner before flipping into the squared circle to stare down Takagi. He picks Shingo's mic up off the mat, and says "I've beaten you once... and I'll do it again." He pats the title and turns to leave, but Shingo grabs his shoulder. "No... you know, I was asked about who I wanted to face, and I didn't mention wanting a one on one match with you. That's not because I don't want to face you... it's because beating you once WOULDN'T BE ENOUGH." Ospreay smirks, and says "Wrestle Dynasty," before leaving the ring to Takagi.
Later that night, it's confirmed that New York City will play host to Wrestle Dynasty, where Will Ospreay will challenge Shingo Takagi for the IWGP Intercontinental Title - in a two out of three falls match.
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2019.09.04 07:52 youto2 QWF Tuesday Night Vice - 9/03/19 - Part Two

Blackmire: MacSeal taken by surprise and Pine getting some cues from the champ!
Cyclone: Wh-WHAT?! Did he really just beat MacSeal?
Blackmire: He certainly did! Josh Pine, proving his worth in an INCREDIBLE upset and you have to think people will not write him off as a rookie any longer!
Ulysses: Here is your winner, by pinfall, at a time of 3 minutes 41 seconds - JOSH! PINE!
Pine is elated and celebrates awkwardly but joyously as his theme plays again, and Aiden MacSeal, for his part, doesn’t give a damn about any of that - as soon as he manages to shove Pine off him he’s broken into a full run out of the ring, in hot pursuit of Kenny Cadence.
MacSeal disappears behind the curtain, as we fade out into a break.
We open our scene, as we see a table set up in the ring, with two chairs on each end. As we see a man presiding over the table, QWF President Alton McHenry, mic in hand, as he begins to speak.
McHenry: Hello ladies and gentlemen, i’d like to welcome you to the contract signing between Ikbal Rizwan and Enrique Valera for their three stages of hell match for the QWF Heavyweight Championship to take place at The John Cena Memorial Wrestling Show, may he rest in peace, I now invite our participants to come down to the ring.
As soon as McHenry finishes talking, Hope You’re Feeling Better by Santana begins to play, and after the drum roll we see two men come out, Enrique Valera clad in an almost obnoxiously pink suit sunglasses, hair tied up into a bun, and a cocky smirk planted on his face. And Pancho in a far more subdued traditional looking tuxedo. As the two make their way towards the ring to a sea of jeers and trash being thrown at them.
Blackmire: This crowd at a fever pitch with their hatred of the Valera’s, and I damn sure agree! Attacking Rizwan after his match vs Pancho last week, and injuring his leg in a cowardly attack!
The two eventually hit the ring, Enrique hopping onto the apron and stepping through the ropes, as Pancho soons follows with the same motion, as Enrique then goes and takes a seat, kicking his feet up on the table, and leaning back in the chair, as then-
Repent by Shaggy comes through the speakers of the soundstage, as Ikbal Rizwan arrives onto the entranceway, his title belt over his shoulder, as he’s in a tight fitting gray suit. Where we notice one thing in particular, a huge bulge coming from of the knees, presumably a large knee brace after the damage done to it last week. As Rizwan slowly makes his way down to the ring, walking with a noticeable limp as he does so.
Cyclone: Now, we see the champion, and what a monumental task he has coming up for him at the John Cena Memorial Wrestling Show, may he rest in peace. Rizwan has to fight in a high stakes Heavyweight Title Match on an already injured leg, a match where he has to pull out a win on that leg not just once, but twice. Not to mention the first match being a submissions match where his leg is vulnerable, and not to mention the x factor in Enrique’s corner, Pancho Valera. For Rizwan, it looks like he’ll have to give a superhuman performance on sunday to walk out with even a hope of keeping that title.
Rizwan makes his way down to the ring, climbing up onto the apron, and stepping between the ropes into the ring, as he takes a seat himself, as McHenry begins to speak once more.
McHenry: Welcome both of you, here you will confirm your official agreement to a three stages of hell heavyweight title match at the John Cena Memorial Wrestling Show, and all the stipulations within, now, I have to ask before you sign, Rizwan, have you been cleared to compete by our doctors?
Rizwan: By sunday, yes. I obviously will not be at 100 percent, but i’ve rehabbed enough over the past week that I will be able to function in the ring by sunday.
McHenry: Alright, good, now, before you sign, do you have any concerns Enrique?
Enrique: Yeah, wondering if Rizwan has to pay out of pocket for his wheelchair down to the ring or if that’s a company expense. Don’t wanna see a brotha go broke after all.
Enrique smirks after his comment, Rizwan just staring a hole through him, as McHenry begins to speak
McHenry: Enrique, I ask you refrain from any more unserious comments. Now, one last thing, I figure both of you are entitled to know what the other two stipulations you’re heading into are before you sign. First up, the second fall of the match will be a weapon of choice match! Where either competitor will be allowed to bring one weapon to the ring, which they will be allowed to use legally during the second fall of the match!
Blackmire: And one hell of an announcement during the 2nd fall, with each competitor allowed to bring one weapon they will be allowed to use during it! We have to wonder how this will shake up during the match, if Rizwan is too hurt after the first fall, Enrique being allowed to use a weapon could be disastrous, but if Rizwan is able to keep going, a weapon could be the equalizer he needs to survive on that hurt leg!
We see Rizwan crack a smile, ideas seeming to already flow through his head, as Enrique picks his mic back up, and talks once more.
Enrique: Hey, quick question here, for that fall will Rizwan be allowed to use both the crutches he’ll need to get down to the ring or just one of them? I don’t think it’ll be fair for me if he can have two weapons.
McHenry: Again, Enrique, please stop wasting time. Now, for the third fall should this match go to one. We have took note of how the Valera’s have conducted themselves in-ring over these past 4 weeks. In the interest of making sure a third fall is fully decisive and truly only down to each competitor’s skill. Therefore, the stipulation for the third fall with be a steel cage match!
Enrique instantly shoots up from his chair, taking off his sunglasses as he and Pancho get in McHenry's face, yelling at him, as Rizwan can't help but crack a smile. Enrique then grabs McHenry by his suit, as McHenry speaks into his mic.
McHenry: If you don't get your hands off me I have the power to suspend you!
Enrique has no choice but to relent, as he picks his mic back up, angrily pacing around and running his hand through his hair.
Enrique: You know what, you know what, fuck it! I'm still gonna win! I'm still good enough! I still got 2 falls to win before that! Rizwan I'm gonna turn you into a fucking cripple!
Enrique then grabs his pen, hastily scribbling to sign the contract, as Rizwan picks up his mic, stands up, and begins to speak.
Rizwan: First of all, thank you Alton for considering Pancho being in Enrique's corner. Second, Enrique, you've put me through a lot haven't you? You hurt my leg, Pancho will still be ringside the first two falls, you've set yourself up quite well. But this isn't my first time fighting from below. I've gotten through people who don't want to see immigrants like me come here, i've gotten through seeing war at my doorstep, last time we fought even, I got through your pre-match attack to win. I may be more hurt now than I was then, I may have to beat you twice in one go, I may have to deal with your uncle sticking his nose in our business, but I stand here as champion for a reason. It's because I believe in myself, I believe in my own skill, and have backed that belief up. I'm here as champ because life and other people have kept trying to throw roadblocks at me, and i've smashed through all of them! I know how dangerous you are Enrique, and I know you must be smelling the blood in the water right now, but I know who I am. I know i’m dangerous as well, and I know there’s a lot I can fight through. Can you say the same? How much do you truly believe in yourself, how much do you think you can fight through when you think you need another man in the corner to pull it off? You’re far healthier than I am, you have the skill to be champion, but do you have the mind to be one Enrique?
Enrique stares daggers into Rizwan, looking incensed, as he picks his mic back up, and begins to talk once more-
Enrique then drops his mic, and in his rage then goes to jump over the table to attack Rizwan! But Rizwan reacts quickly, and blasts Enrique with a forearm! Sending Enrique back over the table, sliding off as the table topples over and Enrique falls sitting down on the mat, as he scrambles to his feet, but ring crew rushing into the ring, alongside McHenry, restrain him!
Blackmire: Enrique trying to attack Rizwan, but it backfires! Enrique being restrained!
Cyclone: And in classic contract signing fashion, the table does not stay upright!
Enrique angrily shouts, as he tries to break free of the ring crew holding him back, as Rizwan responds by just sitting down on the mat, and beckoning Enrique to try and come forward!
Enrique then manages to shred the ring crew off of him, as he comes at Rizwan, who stands up, as the two begin to trade forearms, before ring crew come back to pull Enrique away once more!
Ring crew then pull Enrique out of the ring, Enrique struggling but can’t do much against a swarm of people escorting him. As leftover ring crew more calmly escort Pancho away.
Blackmire: Enrique thrown into a blind rage after the third fall was announced to be a steel cage match! Meaning no Pancho to help him out should the match go to a third fall! And so all the stipulations are set, first will be a submissions match, followed by a weapon of choice match where each competitor will be allowed to use one weapon they bring to the ring, and for the third fall, a steel cage match!
Cyclone: Physically and stamina wise, it’s looking grim for Rizwan with a hurt leg that will surely be targeted, and will only get worse over the course of 3 different matches! But as he himself said, he’s the champ for a reason, and if he can set off Enrique and force him into bad decisions like he just did, if he’s right about Enrique not being ready mentally, he could find himself evening the odds a lot more that he theoretically should!
Enrique is escorted up the entranceway, as he yells and screams at Rizwan, McHenry, and the ring crew holding him back, desperately flailing trying to get out to no avail. As Rizwan in the ring walks over to the toppled table, picking the contract and a pen up from the ground, and signing the contract himself!
Rizwan then heads out of the ring and makes his own way to the back, slapping hands with fans as he makes his way back up, before disappearing through the curtain.
We then cut away, as backstage, Vladimir Babineau and B.L. Zebub have their backs pressed against a wall near a doorway and are talking sotto voce.
Zebub: I’m not so sure about this. Yeah 250 thousand each is a lot of money… could buy a lot of candles and ceremonial daggers with that… but she’s gonna put up a fight.
Babineau: Shut up and don’t be numb, you American lug. There’s two of us, ayuh, and just one of her. Right? Ain’t hard.
Zebub: Hm. I do like those odds. How are we gonna do it?
Babineau: I take her from the right. You take her from the left.
Zebub: Got it. Oh, and uh, hail Satan.
The two burst through the door and the camera does not follow. From inside Babineau’s voice can be heard.
Suddenly there is the sound of fists hitting flesh followed by a loud “CLUNK”, and Alexis Breathnach leaves the room shaking her head in annoyance, turning a corner and then breaking into a sprint out of the back door. In the room, Babineau and Zebub are still sprawled on the floor clutching their heads and arguing…
Babineau: YOU DAMN GAWMY MOOSE! This is your fault!
Zebub: What? How could I have foreseen she was gonna use that secret technique…
We then see Alexis run off, making her escape and leaving the building.
We then come back to the ring, as our commentary team is set and ready to go once more-
Blackmire: Welcome back! Up next, “the unstoppable force vs the mimicking object”; Mac Candor vs. Donna Biastranzjeh!
Ulysses: The following contest is a singles match scheduled for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit!
A loud roar echoes from the PA system, switching into the beginning notes of locomotive. As the music kicks in, a gigantic man storms from out the curtain. The crowd erupts!
Ulysses: Making his way to ring, weighing in at 305 lbs. From Buffalo, New York: THE MAMMOTH, MAC CANDOR
Blackmire: And what a force he is, the Buffalo goliath hot off the defeat last week. This time, a smaller plate than the still undefeated Graves.
Admas: Candor played his part, but tonight could be a rebound from some lost momentum. Hey how come you’re being so harsh on the guy?
Blackmire: I-I’m just saying the truth he didn’t win last week. There’s no ill will. And this match could be the beginning of ascending back into the ranks, as he takes on Donna Biastranzjeh.
Mac grabs the middle rope, and lifts himself onto the canvas. He asks for a mic before getting into the ring.
Adams: Seems like Candor has something to say, let’s listen in.
Candor: As everyone here knows, this Sunday is the Memorial John Cena Wrestling Show. And this show hits home to me, because just like a lot of the people watching tonight, I grew up watching matches from him. He was an inspiration, and a part of the reason for why I had two choices in my life: join the Army,
Pockets of the crowd boos.
Candor: Or become the man you see today, and the One Ton mammoth of Professional Wrestling! So on Sunday, I will pay tribute, and tonight I dedicate the ass whooping I’m gonna give out to John Ce-
Horns ring out, and the entire crowd get up and boos at the entrance.
Adams: What in the fu-
Blackmire: This can’t be happening.
As the intro ends, we see a 5’7” figure rushing around the entrance way, in a “Rise Above Hate” tee and “Never Give Up hat, Girbaud jean shorts, and to make matters worse Vlone Air Force 1s. They turn around and take off their hat to reveal…
Ulysses: And their opponent, weighing in at 175 lbs. From Kansas City, Missouri: ”DITTO” DONNA BIASTRANZJEH!
She walks toward the ring, taunting the crowd physical disgust towards what she’s doing. While she’s distracted, Candor slides out of the ring, and when she turns around makes her eat a sickening bicycle kick to the face. The hat flying into the crowd behind, as well as sending her halfway into the crowd. He grabs her hand and whips her into the canvas, driving her chest first into it. She clatters to the floor, before getting stomped further into the hardwood.
Adams: Y’know I just do not feel bad for her right now. Ditto’s planned this out, and is getting her ribs rocked for it.
Blackmire: Justifiably so, but the ref’s gonna break this up or the match is never gonna get started. We need a match, not a slaughter.
Adams: We have a main event for that.
Blackmire: And I-...you hav-...Candor picking up what’s left of Donna and tosses her right into the ring. Laura Prince calls for the bell!
As the bells sounds, Mac slides in and continues to lay into Donna. She slumps back up, but gets a knee to the back and more stomps by Candor. He mixes it up with a standing elbow drop, and then grabbing her by the face for an armless crossface hold. He rolls onto his back, and puts his weight onto the submission. Donna frantically whips her hands around the general area, before grabbing onto a rope. Mac gets away from her, and she struggles to get up from the attack. As she gets up, Mac hits her with another bicycle kick across the face, sending her outside and back to the floor.
Adams: Jesus H. BRHIST! What a big boot from Mac Candor!
Blackmire: Mac sliding out, deadlifting her u-GERMAN ON THE EDGE OF THE CANVAS! He holds onto her, AND ANOTHER ON THE FLOOR!
Mac hangs onto her again, spins her around and completes the rule of threes with a belly-to-belly onto the floor. He tosses her back into the ring, yelling towards the crowd.
Candor: Who’s the man? I SAID WHO’S THE MAN GODDAMMIT!
He points to the sky and gets back into the ring, as the crowd goes absolutely nuts. Mac hits his chest before looking at Donna, getting back up. He lifts his arm into the air, and stares at his prey before heading to the corner far away from her. As she turns around, and he lunges after.
Blackmire: Candor going for a lariat, and she ducks it! Donna bounces off the ring, goes for a shoulder tackle...but it’s not enough. He tells her to try that crap again. She’s going of the ring again…
As Donna runs back, she eats a hellacious discus lariat, Mac’s biceps smacking her right in the eye. She falls nearly onto her neck.
Donna grabs on Mac’s leg, looking right up at him. His eyes bore into her very soul, as he grabs her, and whips her into the ropes. He mocks her attempt at a shoulder tackle, before heading to the ropes, and demolishing her with a tackle of his own.
Adams: There are very few times in wrestling where a shoulder tackle could end a match right here, as Mac heads to the corner. Eyeing for another clothesline.
Donna gains the strength to get back up, as he charges at her again. Mac swings for a lariat, but she ducks it and reverse it into a back suplex. She gets back up, one hand into the air stumbling toward Mac’s head, almost as if she’s half dead. As the crowd boos her continued mockery, she waves her hand across a confused Mac’s face before going to the ropes and rebounding for a five knuckle shuffle.
Blackmire: Five Knuckle Shuffle, and Donna’s continues to gain the hatred of the fans in attendance. Cover…
Mac launches her, and get back to his feet instantly.
Adams: I knew a person would say “animus” or “ire” instead of hatred.
Blackmire: Oh, to boost their vocabulary?
Adams: Yeah, exactly.
Blackmire: That’s...kinda dickish, once you think about it. Like why those kind of words.
Adams: Well, they we’re in the Young Anachro-Capitalist group at my hi-
Blackmire: They’re in jail now, aren’t they.
Adams: Yeah, for chi-
Blackmire: Yeah, I heard enough of this conversation. Both wrestlers are back on their feet,Mac with a brutal chop to the chest.
Adams: Or, if your in Cell D-49, a stark chop to t-
Blackmire: Stop that!
Donna backs herself into the corner from the chop, as Mac hits her with another one. He switches it up with an elbow, then chop, switching between the two over and over. He breaks the duo with a few headbutts before running to the neighbouring corner and hitting her with a big boot to the face. She shambles out of the corner, before getting a boot to the back of the head. She falls to knees, and Mac capitalizes by hitting the ropes and leveling her with a third big boot across the face. He goes for the cover.
Donna violently kicks out and struggles to get back to her feet, shaking both of her hands. Mac springs back up and goes for a shoulder tackle...but she doesn’t budge. He goes for another one, doesn’t move again. And blood begins to pour out of her nose from the previous big boot, Mac turns around and goes for one more tackle. She ducks it, Mac rebounds with a lariat, she ducks it and hits the ropes.
Blackmire: Shoulder tackle by Ditto, and another.
Adams: Mac tries to stop her with another lariat, she duck it, SWINGING BACK SUPLEX WHAT IS GOING ON!?!
Donna raises her hand, this time with true to life energy, she waves down at Mac, hits the ropes…
Mac gets back to his feet, and falls prey to a military press by Donna. She motions for an AA, but Mac gets out of it, reversing it into a crucifix pin.
Donna kicks out. As both get back to their feet, Donna grabs Mac by the neck. Mac retaliates with a neck grab.
Blackmire: They’re both trying for Ice Age, life’s draining out of both competitors. Both have a vice grip on each other.
They both begin to go red in the face. Then purple, blue, teal. Finally pale, they fall to the ground dead. Referee Price goes towards both to check if they have any life on them before administering a count.
Adams: The match can’t end like this! Are they even okay?
Blackmire: Price almost at 10, we could see the match end in a dra-...wait, LOOK!
Donna rolls onto Mac, and unconsciously puts one arm on him. Price counts.
Adams: Oh bullshi-
Donna continues to roll, until she falls flat on her face outside the ring. Ring crew helps her back up and out of the ring.
Ulysses: TIme of the fall, 7:45. Your winner, DONNA BIASTRANZJEH!
As her music plays, loud “WHAT?!” can be heard, as Mac Candor whips back up and see Donna getting helped out of the ring. Donna hears the thunderous stomps, and pushes the ring crew onto Candor before limping off into the entrances.
Adams: Candor stopped from getting revenge on Donna’s cheap victory tonight!
Blackmire: Well Adams, ask and you shall receive. A change of momentum for Mac Candor, but at the cost of another lose.
Candor makes it to the top of the entrance way, frustrated. He looks up at the ceiling, disappointed and hurt. As the fans cheer him for his efforts, he leave through the curtain.
Adams: We’ll be back in a moment with more action….also, that rhym-
Blackmire: Shut up!
We then once more cut backstage, as Daimio Esforzado rounds a corner and comes face-to-face with a black man in orange briefs and a t-shirt with a spiral design on it - he realizes this is his friend Rondel Pivot! The two break out into big grins and slap hands, and then suddenly Rondel gives Daimio a big hug, lifts him up, and spins him around! The two men are obviously overjoyed to be reunited.
Daimio: So you made it, huh?! Damn, Rondel, why didn’t you call when you got in? I knew you signed, but not that you’d be here tonight…
Rondel: Yeah I don’t have a match scheduled yet, but the Whirling Dervish has gotta be where he’s gotta be. There has to be something I need to do around here... Can’t be stopped, feel?
Daimio: Yeah, I feel - hey, who’s your friend?
It is at this point that Daimio notices Rondel’s tag team partner - the masked, gold-clad Lord Sabaoth.
Rondel: Oh, dang, I shouldn’t forget, this is -
Sabaoth interrupts, voice clear but barely louder than a whisper.
Sabaoth: Lord Sabaoth. Charmed. I have heard of you, Daimio Esforzado.
Daimio shakes his hand, looking a little askance but smiling.
Daimio: Only good stuff, I hope, right? Hah. So Rondel, this means…
Rondel: Yeah, I couldn’t get in contact with the boys. You have no idea how much I called and wrote them, man, but… shit, that time’s just past now. I gotta keep movin’ forward or I’ll go crazy! And this guy right here… we just started training together, but we’re both already in the shape of our lives, man, it’s gonna be crazy when we get in that ring…
Daimio: ...How do you two know each other, then?
Sabaoth: Let us just say Rondel is a… friend of a friend.
Daimio pauses a moment before responding.
Daimio: Well, I gotta introduce you both to Rizwan soon, he’s the one who wanted me to get you two over here anyway… and I gotta have my match soon. Talk later, right?
He secret handshakes with Rondel again and stops short of shaking Sabaoth’s hand - they just nod at each other - and makes his way to gorilla position. As we then cut back into the ring, James Ulysses at stand by for announcements.
Ulysses The following contest is scheduled for one fall, and it has a 30 minute time limit. Introducing first, from Osaka Japan... He weighs in tonight at 250 pounds... KAIDO MIYAMOTO!
Miyamoto’s theme hits as he steps out from backstage wearing his red Ribera Steakhouse jacket.
Blackmire: Miyamoto already a well known competitor in Japan, known for his absolutely ruthless demeanor in the ring. He’s honestly a massive coup for QWF to have signed.
Adams: I’ve seen footage of his matches. Daimio’s got a tough mountain to climb here tonight if he wants to take down Miyamoto.
Kaido steps between the ropes and into the ring, with a cold expression on his face, which he allows to fall into a smile as the crowd continues cheering for him. His music fades out, and James Ulysses steps back to the centre of the ring.
Ulysses: And his opponent, from Edo, by way of Tenochitlan.... He weighs in tonight at 193 pounds... DAIMIO ESFORZADO!
Code of Honor blasts through the sound system as Daimio charges out from backstage, holding his dual Mexican and Japanese flags!
Blackmire: Daimio Esforzado has proven to be one of the.. Perhaps most unconventional, but definitely most beloved members of the QWF roster.
Adams: The kid might be a confused Japanese fanboy, but he’s got hard and he’s incredibly talented in the ring.
Daimio leaps onto the apron, and takes a deep breath, leaning forward against the ropes, before thrusting his whole body back and screaming.
Daimio steps into the ring after setting his flags carefully in the corner, and the two men square off as Jefferson Masanori calls for the bell.
Miyamoto and Daimio step towards each other in the center of the ring, and start trading elbow strikes. Miyamoto gets the better of the strike exchange, using his 60 pounds of muscle to batter Daimio into the corner! Daimio staggers back, dazed, into the corner, but supports himself and fires off a big kick that sends Miyamoto a step back!
Blackmire: Daimio definitely at a power disadvantage in this match, but he’s using his agility to his advantage!
Adams: Daimio has the Japanese system of honorable fighting hammered into him, but when he’s fighting a tank like Miyamoto, he’s going to have to do something besides stand toe-to-toe.
Daimio takes advantage of the kick, and pushes forward, pulling Miyamoto into a deep arm drag! Miyamoto rolls to his feet, barely fazed, and tries to throw another big elbow, only to be caught with another deep arm drag! This time, Daimio holds on, working Miyamoto’s arm with a very classic straight armbar.
Blackmire: Daimio still taking the fight to Miyamoto, but this time more intelligently, working on the bigger man’s arm. A lot of Kaido’s offense is based on lifting and stiff strikes, and weakening that arm is going to make it harder for him to get momentum going.
Adams: It’s a clever way to go about things, but we’ll see if he can keep the bigger man grounded.
Miyamoto gets up to his knees, and Daimio wrenches hard on his arm, trying to force him back down. Miyamoto is too powerful, however, and clubs his free arm down on Daimio, dazing him enough to free Kaido’s other arm! Daimio gets up to his feet quickly, as Kaido massages feeling back into his arm. Daimio goes for a stiff middle kick right to Miyamoto’s arm, but Miyamoto fires back with a clothesline, sending Daimio flipping down to the mat!
Miyamoto falls into the cover, and the referee falls into the count.
Daimio kicks out right at one, and the two wrestlers stand up to face one another yet again.
Blackmire: Kaido gets the first attempted pinfall here in this match, but it looks like neither man has a clear advantage so far in this match.
Adams: Both of them have taken some big shots so far, and it doesn’t look like either of them has noticed yet. Fighting spirit at its finest here in QWF.
Miyamoto and Daimio transition into a collar and elbow. Daimio uses his agility to take the back, and pulls Miyamoto into a hammerlock with the already worked over arm! Miyamoto grimaces slightly, showing some emotion for the first time. Daimio wrenches the arm tight, putting as much pressure on Miyamoto’s arm as possible. Miyamoto drops down to his knees, putting even more torque on his arm, but manages to wrap his other arm around Daimio’s neck, standing up and catching him with a jawbreaker! Daimio staggers back, holding his jaw. Miyamoto charges with a big elbow strike, rocketing off Daimio’s jaw and sending him to his knees! Miyamoto grabs his arm after the strike, wincing, but pulls Daimio up yet again! Miyamoto charges forward with a lariat, as Daimio staggers back, but Daimio is just quick enough to duck the strike! Miyamoto hits the ropes, and Daimio tries to catch him with a kick to the gut, but Miyamoto catches the boot! Miyamoto pulls Daimio into a belly to belly suplex, sending him halfway across the ring!
Miyamoto grabs his arm yet again, after the strain of lifting and throwing his opponent, but he follows Daimio as he gets up to his hands and knees. Miyamoto pulls Daimio up to his feet, and then pulls him into a MASSIVE German Suplex!
Miyamoto bridges the suplex, and the ref starts the count!
Daimio kicks out, obviously still dazed, and rolls to the ropes.
Blackmire: Miyamoto using his impressive power to throw his smaller opponent around. It can’t be good for his arm, but it’s also his best shot to end this match quickly!
Adams: Miyamoto realized he was on the back foot, so he took an opportunity to hit a couple of big shots. Now Daimio has to find an opening to get back into this fight.
Daimio pulls himself to his feet, and Miyamoto catches him with a chop that lights up Daimio's chest, sending him back into the ropes! Daimio staggers forward, and Miyamoto catches him for a powerslam - NO - he rotates back, slamming Daimio into the mat with incredible torque!
Blackmire: SEEK AND DESTROY! Daimio’s in trouble! This could be it!
Adams: Daimio just barely getting his shoulder up before the three, there, and the crowd is ecstatic to see this match go on!
Miyamoto pushes himself to his feet, still favoring his left arm, and motions for Daimio to get up. After a few moments, Daimio slowly staggers to his feet, and Miyamoto hits him with a stiff boot to the gut, setting him in powerbomb position!
Blackmire: He’s going for the Miyamoto Bomb - that absolutely sickening neck drop powerbomb that’s ended hundreds of matches before!
Miyamoto lifts Daimio up into the air, then drops - NO! At the last possible moment, Daimio springs to life, hooking his legs around Miyamoto’s neck and dropping him with a very late hurricanrana!
Daimio pops to his feet slowly, knowing this is his opportunity. He steps forward as Miyamoto begins to stand up, and hooks his neck in a dragon sleeper! He steps forward, sweeps the leg, and drops Miyamoto on the back of his neck!
Blackmire: Quauhnochtli Otoshi! Daimio’s looking to end this match!
Daimio rolls into the cover!
Miyamoto kicks out at 2.5, and immediately starts staggering to his feet! Daimio looks momentarily shocked, but charges forward, floating over Miyamoto and hooking his arm!
Adams: Macuahuitl Hineri, torquing that injured arm! Daimio knows his game plan and he’s - OH MY GOD!
Daimio goes for the neckbreaker, but Miyamoto refuses to budge, instead powering Daimio back up with his injured arm, and spinning into an absolutely brutal rolling chop! The sound echoes throughout the arena as Daimio slumps down onto his ass! Miyamoto isn’t finished, though, and pulls Daimio to his feet yet again, before putting his arm into a pumphandle position! Miyamoto lifts Daimio into the air, and flips him over into a tombstone position!
Blackmire: Red Thunder! Miyamoto taking advantage of Daimio’s aggression and looking to hit a brutal piledriver here!
Miyamoto sets up to drop Daimio, but Daimio, yet again, has just enough momentum to catch Miyamoto with a hurricanrana! This time he hooks both the legs!
Adams: WHat a reversal! Quick pin attempt from Daimio that I don’t think anyone saw coming!
Ulysses: And your winner, at a time of 9:42... DAIMIO ESFORZADO!
Daimio springs up, celebrating his victory, as Miyamoto slowly clambers to his feet, not quite sure what’s just happened.
Blackmire: An absolutely incredible pin reversal from Esforzado there seals the victory on a match that really could have gone either way!
Adams: Daimio clutching victory from the jaws of defeat, because with how hard-hitting that match was, I’m not sure he would have been able to kick out after that piledriver.
Blackmire: Either way, it was a hotly contested match, and one we’re likely not to have seen the last of.
Miyamoto exits the ring, clearly disappointed and frustrated with the loss, as Daimio goes over to the turnbuckles, taking a moment to climb with all the energy he’s used, but he gets on, as he poses to the crowd to cheers!
We then cut away, as backstage in the loading area of the venue Alexis Breathnach is seen panting from her earlier sprint away from the locker room, despite this a grin is on her face.
Alexis: How many morons does it take to cash in on an idiot’s offer? More than a couple apparently. Blair, I’m sure you must be having such a hard time hearing me through that awful illness that’s so bad you can bail on this show but show up all prim and proper for our match, I sure as hell hope that putting that much money on the line was worth it for a whole lot of nothing to show for it, I’m gonna remember all this when I get you in-
Alexis is suddenly cut off as she arches forward in pain. As Alexis crumples to the floor, the smiling face of GiGi looms from behind her, holding up the crackling cattleprod she just used on Alexis.
GiGi: What was that you were saying about cashing in? Don’t mind if I do…
GiGi grabs Alexis from the floor, ignoring Alexis’ clumsy attempts to strike at her as she sends Alexis crashing head first into the door of a parked car, aiming two harsh kicks at the green haired girls ribs in the process.
GiGi: Think you’re something special? Newsflash sweetie, you ain’t got nothing on me. You got lucky last week and you know it as well as I do.
As GiGi gives Alexis another zap with the cattle prod, producing another shout of pain, a limo pulls into the parking area. The backdoor opens to allow Dick Blair to step out, looking not at all sick or unwell as he walks toward the crumpled Alexis, casually writing a check for GiGi as he goes and handing it to her.
Dick: You see that, you little third world guttertrash? Quality, service. Turns out you actually can get good help these days, you’ve just got to be willing to pay the good rates, not that you’d know anything about that would you? Your family still sleep all in one room or have you upgraded from a pigsty to a hovel?
Alexis: Fuck…. You….
Dick Blair stands up straight and sighs, resting his face in his hand for a moment.
Dick: I don’t know… the amount of money I spend on you and you don’t appreciate it still. No pleasing some people I suppose.
Dick snaps his fingers and, with a grin, GiGi moves in and helps lock Alexis’ arms in place behind her back, allowing Dick to pull back and deliver a hard punch to her stomach, knocking all the breath Alexis had left out of her and making her double over.
Dick: You’re a third rate wrestler from a fourth rate family Breathnach, and on Sunday the whole world is going to see it loud and clear.
GiGi and Dick each swiftly grab one of Alexis’ legs and lift her up, dropping Alexis harshly onto the hood of the car GiGi had slammed her against with a modified double back suplex, cracking the windshield with the force.
Dick: I don’t think you’ll be needing this….
Dick grabs at Alexis and pulls off the denim jacket adorned with signatures and fan scribbles from her entrances since the beginning of QWF, while GiGi poses on the hood and takes a selfie with herself and the battered, bloodied Alexis before snatching harshly at Alexis’ neck, ripping off her choker.
Dick: Tell the owner to send me the bill when you get some feeling back in your legs, and give him my apologies for leaving shit all over his windshield.
Alexis manages to roll over and off the car, her knees buckling underneath her as she tries and fails to stand. GiGi and Dick walk back to Dick’s limo, GiGi stopping to blow a kiss to Alexis and then flip her the bird before both sit in the backseat of the limo and it speeds off back into the night.
Danielson: Alexis? ALEXIS?! Oh my god, don’t just stand there go get the doctors or something!
As the interviewer calls for help Alexis forces herself to stand, legs shaking badly as she sits on the hood of the damaged car, blood running down one side of her face where she hit the hood of the car on the way down.
Danielson: What happened? What happened?!
Alexis grunts and holds her ribs as she makes herself situp straight.
Alexis: Dick Blair just signed his own death warrant, that’s what….
Alexis then tries to get off of the hood of the car to stand up, but as she does, she falls right down to her knees, unable to do so, as we fade out on the horribly hurt Breathnach.
©2019 QWF All Rights Reserved
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2019.07.10 03:08 youto2 QWF Tuesday Night Vice - 7/09/19 - Part One

We open the show, as we get a panning shot displaying a packed crowd inside Soundstage 13 in the city of Los Angeles, California! The crowd is already buzzing, anticipation for the first ever QWF show killing them, as they all chant-
Crowd: Q! Q! Q! Q!
We then pan on over to our commentary team, where we see commentators Jack Blackmire and Cyclone Adams dressed up and ready for the occasion, happiness and excitement palpable on their faces, particularly Cyclone, who looks damn near restless for the show to kick off, as Blackmire then begins to speak.
Blackmire: Welcome, everybody, to the inaugural episode of QWF Tuesday Night Vice! Coming to you live from Soundstage 13 in the beautiful city of Los Angeles! Thank you to all the people tuning in nationwide on twitch, and tuning in local all across Southern California on public access TV! I'm your play-by-play Jack Blackmire, joined by our color, the ever enigmatic and charismatic Cyclone Adams!
Adams: Great to be here, Jack. Personally, I can't wait to see some real wrestling action! Get my blood pumping like i’m in the ring again!
Blackmire: Well if it’s action you want, then it's action you'll get: we're starting off with a real bang! We're seeing a trios match filled to the brim with some of our most exciting talent here in QWF!
Adams: And from what I hear about some of the competitors in this match, it seems we’re about to live up to the Vice portion of our name real quick! And from being in tag and trios matches plenty of times myself, no scenario breeds the kind of chaos and excitement that multi-matches can bring!
Blackmire: Absolutely! This will be an absolute treat to watch! But enough talk, lets kick it over to our ring announcer, James Ulysses!
We then cut to a hard camera shot of the ring, showing QWF ring announcer James Ulysses, microphone in hand, ready to make his first announcement.
Ulysses: The following contest is a six-man tag match, and it is scheduled for one-fall! Your referee for this contest will be QWF Official Jefferson Masanori. Introducing first, from Harcourt, Iowa, he weighs in tonight at 255 pounds, TIMMY BLEEDER!
Crowd: BOOOOOOOOOOOO!/yaaaaaay!
Bleeder’s theme hits, and he hobbles out from backstage, hauling along a trash can full of various weaponry.
Blackmire: Timmy Bleeder, hardcore icon, a man who has spent decades literally carving a path through anyone he’s faced. There’s an undercurrent of this crowd who respects that, but this man is a monster.
Adams: I get what you’re saying, Jack, and believe me, I’m happy that I never had to face off against Bleeder, myself - but he knows his strengths, he knows what he has to do to win. He’s a legend for a reason.
Bleeder scowls, argues with some fans, and steps into the ring.
Ulysses: And his partner, from Hell, Michigan, he weighs in tonight at 300 pounds, B.L. ZEBUB!
The lights in the arena dim, but don’t quite go black, as Zebub’s theme hits hits the stadium. Zebub walks out from the ring, with his hair in his devil horrns and a lantern of dry ice emitting fog around him.
Blackmire: The Satanist Veteran, B.L. Zebub - He’s a technician who has found success around the world, but never quite made it to the top. Now he’s slowing down, but still trying to prove he’s the force he once was.
Adams: He doesn’t seem... I don’t know, as scary as he was back in the early 2000s, though, Jack.
Zebub walks around the ring, flashing the devil horns and waving the cauldron around, before setting it down by commentary and stepping into the ring as the lights go back to normal.
Ulysses: And their partner, from Parts Unknown by way of Italy. He weighs in tonight at 425 pounds, LOBO VIOLINTO
Lobo comes out, a violin on his chin, and plays himself to the ring
Blackmire: Lobo is a monster, but he tries his best to be civilized, an effort many of the audience respect him for.
Lobo gets to the ring, looks at his violin, lets out a mournful whine, before smashing it against the ring post with a snarl.
Adams: Whatever is going on in Lobo’s head, it’s got to hurt him.
Ulysses: And theri opponents - Introducing first, from Edo by way of Tenochtitlan, he weighs in tonight at 193 pounds... DAIMIO ESFORZADO!
Daimio’s theme hits, and he steps out onto the ramp, holding a small Mexican and Japanese flag over his head. He absolutely CHARGES down the ramp, holding his flags, before leaping up on to the apron!
Blackmire: Daimio’s an... interesting man. A great fighter, but definitely eccentric.
Adams: He’s a luchador enmascarado with a huge Japanese influence. Barring his excitable nature, he’s an incredible fighter, and I see great things for him
Daimio flips over the top rope, landing on his feet, and stares down the heels on the opposite side of the ring as Ulysses begins to speak again.
Ulysses: And his partner, from Medieval Times, Baltimore... he weighs in tonight at 291 pounds... SER HADRIEN THE OAF!
Music fit for a knight begins to play as Hadrien steps out from backstage with his medieval banner, and gets down on one knee to pray.
Blackmire: Another eccentric man, Hadrien has been sure he’s a knight ever since his.. Unfortunate firing from Medieval Times this year. His frame might not show it, but he’s a chivalrous man, most of the time, and a very powerful wrestler.
Adams: Many of the strongest men in professional wrestling have bodies that don’t look chiseled or powerful. The additional weight also helps to diffuse some of the impact of heavy strikes or slams. The issue is just being able to wrestle long matches against resilient foes with extra weight on your frame.
Hadrien lumbers out to the ring, and takes off his faux plate armor, unhooking his presumably mock sword from his belt and setting all of it on the floor by the steps. He then walks up the steps, and steps beside Daimio, watching the evildoers for signs of treachery.
Ulysses: And their partner, from Kilkenny, Ireland, she weighs in tonight at 136 pounds... ALEXIS BREATHNACH
Alexis’s theme hits the arena as she bursts out from backstage, windmilling her hair and bouncing around the green smoke emitting from the stage.
Blackmire: Breathnach, however, is an already acclaimed wrestler, finding success in companies such as WiR before their untimely closing, and in wrestling federations all over The UK and Ireland.
Adams: She’s agile, she’s surprisingly strong, and she’s not afraid of grabbing any equalizer she can find. A woman after my own heart, Jack.
Alexis comes down the ramp in her denim jacket, slapping high fives and allowing her fans to make marks and signatures all over the jacket, branding it unique. She flips over the top rope into the ring, motions her two partners to the corner, which they oblige (with minor grumbling from Hadrien), and turns to face Zebub, who seems to be taking point across the ring.
Breathnach charges Zebub recklessly, catching him with some fiery elbow strikes. Zebub staggers backwards into the ropes, and Breathnach backs off, a cocky grin on her face. Zebub steps out of the ropes, and Breathnach pulls him into an Irish whip! Zebub hits the ropes, and Alexis leapfrogs him once. She looks for the return dropkick, but Zebub catches himself on the ropes, leaving Alexis to crash to the mat a couple feet away.
Blackmire Breathnach showing her fire in the beginning of this match, but Zebub is a veteran, and knows every trick in the book.
Adams: Leapfrog to dropkick is one of the oldest sequences in the book - That's because it's effective, sure, but it's also risky.
Breathnach is back up quickly, but eats a right hand to the face. She goes to fire back, but Zebub grabs her hair from out of sight of the referee, and pulls it into a side headlock!
Crowd: BOO!
Blackmire: A cruel, but effective counter there from Zebub, and he's already grinding down the much smaller babyface here!
Alexis struggles in the headlock, quickly dropping to one knee from the sheer force of the bigger man.
Adams: Zebub knows he's not as young as he used to be, and that goes for most of his team, as well. Their best shot here is slowing down the pace, and working one of their opponents over at a time.
Alexis fires a quick elbow into the stomach of her Satanist opponent, who lets out a rather unsatanic "oof" and staggers back. Breathnach takes advantage, shoving Zebub into the ropes and sending him off with another Irish Whip! Zebub hits the ropes, comes back - LOBO VIOLINTO! Lobo absolutely turns Alexis inside out with a lariat to the back of the head, and Zebub follows up with a knee drop to the back, before quickly making his exit away from the monster!
Blackmire: Lobo with the blind tag! He got tired of waiting and his long arms definitely helped in turning the match around there!
Adams: Normally I can explain the strategy behind a wrestler's choices, but Lobo here is... well, he's just literally an unchained monster. He's here to cause destruction.
Lobo heaves Breathnach up from the ground and tosses her with a brutal looking deadlift gutwrench suplex! Lobo lets out a primal roar as Alexis slumps into a heap!
Crowd: BOOO!
Alexis gets up to her hands and knees, and Lobo follows her, clasping his arms around her waist and heaving her up into a german suplex position! He tosses her backwards - but she flips, landing on her feet and immediately taking the werewolf down with a chop block!
Blackmire: And another massive sup- whoa! Alexis showing incredible agility in order to get back into this match!
Adams: Alexis knew she wasn’t going to last long getting ragdolled by Lobo, so she threw everything she had into a reversal here!
Alexis takes a moment to shake out the cobwebs after her bad fall, but as Lobo gets back up, she hits the ropes and leaps for a reverse rana! Lobo staggers, but doesn’t go down!
Crowd: YAAAaaaaa-BOOOOOOOO!!!
Lobo holds Alexis up by her legs, and takes a couple slow steps forward, before planting her with an inverted alabama slam! Alexis hits the mat hard, and rolls onto her back, holding her chest. Lobo puts a foot over her for the cover, and howls in triumph, as Masanori makes the count!
Alexis pushes Lobo’s foot off of her, and rolls onto her side, still holding her chest and spluttering for air! Lobo grabs Alexis by the hair, earning an admonishment from Masanori, and pulls her up and into an Irish Whip! Alexis hits the ropes, and Lobo charges forward for a massive clothesline! Alexis rebounds, slides under Lobo’s arm, and catches herself again as Lobo whirls around! Alexis pushes herself to her feet, obviously the worse for wear, but stares defiantly at the massive wolfman in front of her. Lobo steps forward, game for the challenge, but eats a lightning-fast superkick for his troubles!
Blackmire: Massive superkick from Alexis, rocking the beast, but he’s not downed yet!
Lobo staggers back, almost going down, and Alexis is on him immediately! Alexis leaps forward, catching Lobo off-balance and drilling him with a quick DDT! Alexis hits the ground hard, but immediately rolls over, pulling herself to the corner!
Adams: That DDT did it, though - Alexis is definitely not in the best of shape, however, after those big slams she took from Violinto.
Crowd: A-LEX-IS!! A-LEX-IS!
Timmy Bleeder spies his opportunity, and makes a big show of trying to get into the ring! Masanori has no time for this gaijin bullshit, and goes over to shove Bleeder out of the ring, right as Alexis leaps forward and makes the tag to Daimio! Lobo gets up, and charges straight into an echoing middle kick from Daimio, which stuns him for a brief moment. Masanori turns around, seeing Daimio in the ring, and waves him out as Alexis slumps in the corner! Daimio tries to explain, both in English and in Japanese, but is shut down by the hard-nosed referee!
Lobo charges the corner, knocking down Ser Hadrien before he can make the tag to Alexis's slumped body, and pulls Alexis out of the corner with a massive Biel toss! Alexis skids across the ring, and ends up sliding to the outside! Lobo charges after her, going to the outside to continue his assault!
Lobo steps out of the ring, and rummages through Bleeder's bag of tricks! He pulls out a brutal-looking barbed wire-wrapped kendo stick out of the trash can as Alexis is just barely getting back up to her knees!
Blackmire: No! This can't be legal!
Adams: Masanori is a Japanese-trained referee, Blackmire. He only controls what happens in the ring, and I think he enjoys a little ultraviolence.
Lobo heaves the kendo stick, going for a brutal swing - NO! Daimio comes flying through the ropes with a massive suicide dive, taking Lobo down in the nick of time!
Adams: That said, QWF's international tag rules make it so Daimio is the legal man once Alexis has left the ring.
Blackmire: Thankfully for Alexis.
Daimio gets to his feet, but is caught by a couple right hands from Timmy Bleeder, who rolls him into the ring and follows him back in! On the outside, Alexis is on her hands and knees, and sees the barbed wire kendo stick, grabs it, and uses it as a cane to push herself to her feet! Lobo gets up as well, and Alexis meets him with a stiff kendo shot! Lobo staggers back into the trash can, knocking it over and spilling weapons all over the floor! Alexis spins the kendo stick in her hand, and comes back with another shot, sending Lobo spinning to the ground!
In the ring, however, Bleeder is walk-n-brawling all over Daimio, lighting him up with right hands and sending him into the corner! Daimio slumps a little bit, and Bleeder takes a couple steps backwards, before charging forward with a splash to Daimio’s chest! Daimio staggers out of the corner, and lands face-down in the middle of the ring!
Adams: Bleeder showing his brawling prowess in the ring, keeping Daimio off balance. He’s old and slower, sure, but he’s still got a mean right hand.
On the outside of the ring, Alexis goes for a third shot, but eats a steel chair to the gut from B.L Zebub! Alexis doubles over, and Lobo starts digging around menacingly through the trash can of weapons!
Blackmire: Alexis might have bitten off more than she can chew here, with two opponents staring her do-
Hadrien comes charging - well hobbling - around the ring, waving a two-handed sword! Zebub scrambles immediately, leaving Lobo holding a baseball bat to take on both his opponents!
Adams: I'm not sure this can be called a wrestling match anymore - wait!
In the ring, Daimio staggers to his feet after a Bleeder bodyslam, and Bleeder charges at him for a sick lariat! Daimio ducks, dodges, and hooks Bleeder for a deep arm drag! Bleeder hits the mat hard and Daimio follows quickly with a standing moonsault! Masanori is instantly down to make the count!
Zebub slides in the ring to break up the pin, leaving Lobo even more alone. He swings brutally at Hadrian, but the baseball bat is deflected expertly by the knight's sword! Alexis seizes her opportunity, catching Lobo in the gut with the handle of her kendo stick, then bringing it down onto his back. Lobo hits the ground hard, and the kendo stick gets stuck in his fur!
Blackmire: Impressive... tag-team swordfighting from Breathnach and Hadrien?
Adams: Alexis is an opportunist, and Hadrien was happy to give her an opportunity.
Zebub gets shoved to the corner, and does his level best to ignore the carnage unfolding under him, as Breathnach and Hadrien go back to their corner. Daimio pulls Bleeder to his feet, whips him to the corner, and tags in Hadrien, who thankfully leaves his sword at ringside. Bleeder is dazed, and takes a right hand from Hadrien, then another, before finally staggering out of the corner and into Hadrien's waiting arms! Hadrien lifts Bleeder into a vertical suplex, before powering him down with a side slam!
Adams: All that weight crushing your body, just a brutal slam!
Hadrian hooks the leg, heaving from the exertion, as Masanori makes the count.
Zebub sprints into the ring, but is caught by a running Daimio, who dives forward and floors him with a diving lariat!
Hadrien slowly gets to his feet, and the three babyfaces celebrate in the ring, as Lobo slowly comes to on the outside, and the other two heels roll out of the ring and head to backstage, scowling.
Blackmire: An impressive showing by three young wrestlers who very well could be the main event of QWF, given the opportunity.
Adams:: I wouldn’t go that far, yet, Jack - we’ve still got some great wrestlers appearing later on tonight, and we’ll see how they intend to make their mark on this first show.
We then cut away from the ring, as we open our next scene, as we’re backstage with QWF Interviewer Claude Danielson, microphone in hand, as he begins to speak.
Danielson: Ladies and gentlemen, I hope you’re enjoying QWF’s first ever show, i’m QWF interviewer, Claude Danielson, and i’d like to introduce the man i’m interviewing today, Enri-
Before Danielson can finish his sentence, Enrique Valera comes into frame-.
Valera: YOOOO What up?
Valera is all smiles, as he sports his ring tights, mostly white with red stripes running down the side, red wrestling boots with white soles, a shirt with the california flag on it, and sunglasses indoors covering his eyes. Danielson keeps his cool despite the interruption, as he speaks.
Danielson: Now, Valera, you have your debut match in QWF coming up tonight, but I understand that you are no stranger to wrestling, can you detail some of your previous exploits?
Valera: Brotha i’ve been in this scene for a good few years, ‘bout 6 of ‘em now, been doing this since I could go live on my own. Anyone who knows anything down here will have already seen me all around the SoCal circuit, tapping people out and leaving ‘em embarrassed from Santa Barbara to Calexico, hell, you may see me pop up in Tijuana and Mexicali every now and then. To mexican promoters though, I charge a 10% travel fee on top my usual pay, it’s the price you pay for making me interact with border guards.
Danielson: Now, Valera, your match tonight is against a newcomer in Josh Pine, what are your thoughts on the match?
Valera: Brotha I already chopped down a damn tree to spread my message, and wrestlers are just like trees man, exactly like ‘em, it’s almost uncanny.
Danielson: Valera, could you explain further what you mean by this?
Valera: Brotha if you’re large brained like I am I don’t need to explain nothing, you’ll just get it, and if you don’t get it, you ain’t worth explaining to. Those who don’t get me ain’t worth my energy, if you don’t get i’m a whole ‘nother level all my own, then your levels so low you’ll never even get the chance to interact with me anyways. If you don’t get i’m on a whole ‘nother level, you’ll be left looking at the lights wondering how you let yourself get bested by this poor brown kid time and time again, if you don’t get i’m on a whole ‘nother level….then you’re gonna have to get it the hard way, and i’ll take pleasure in making sure you know what I know. It’s quite generous of me actually, straight up charitable really. I’ll be giving free lessons of just good I am to people who probably don’t deserve it, shit maybe I should start calling myself a philanthropist, giving out free broken bones to all these people desperately needing some. Breast cancer awareness month getting replaced by Enrique Valera awareness month! Valera! Out!
Valera then pushes the camera over, taking the cameraman down with it as he walks off, we see Danielson rushing over to help the cameraman as best as we can, as we then cut away from the scene.
We then cut back into the ring, as we see our announcer James Ulysses in the middle of the ring, mic in hand, ready to announce.
Ulysses: Ladies and gentlemen, your next match is set for one fall-
Crowd: ONE FALL!
Ulysses: With a thirty-minute time limit, introducing first-
Rhythmic drum beats and ominous chanting fill the arena, as a hulking man, dressed in gray and wearing the head of a moai, appears from the entrance ramp.
Ulysses: Hailing from Easter Island, weighing in at four-hundred-and-ten pounds, and standing at six foot seven, HOTU MATUA!
The crowd pops with a mixture of boos and respectful cheers. Matua slowly stomps to the ring, along with the beat of the drums.
Blackmire: You've faced Matua before, Cyclone-
Cyclone: How can I forget! If there's one person in this business who you don't want to go into the ring with, it's Hotu Matua. From his stone head to his boulder-like size, you're more likely to stop a train than stop Matua!
He eventually makes his way to the ring, stepping over the top rope and turning to face his opponent. As he finally finishes his trip to the ring, a guitar's twang fills Soundstage 13.
Blackmire: Speaking of locomotives...
Ulysses: And his opponent, from Buffalo, New York, weighing in at three-hundred-and-five pounds and standing-
Cyclone: Nice.
The towering Candor finally enters the entrance ramp.
He marches his way to the ring, making sure to high-five every hand offered, taking advantage of his massive wingspan.
Blackmire: These two combined have nearly half-a-century in this business.
Cyclone: Damn straight, brother. When they say wrestlers stand on the shoulders of giants, they're talking about these two men right here.
Candor, quicker than Hotu, steps up to the apron and then over the top rope. The two giants face off, with Candor having the height advantage, if weighing a lot less than the massive Matua. The crowd pops just at the sight of these two big men towering over the ring and the audience. QWF junior referee Laura Prince calls for the bell.
Candor can be seen smiling and offers his hand to Matua to shake. Matua slaps it out of the air and shakes his great big stone head.
Crowd: BOO!
Blackmire: Now, these are two of the top big men in wrestling history. Where's the respect?
Cyclone: I wouldn't say it's about respect, here, brother Jack. Matua is saying here that "this isn't a scrimmage, this is a battle". He might even see the handshake as a sign of disrespect.
Matua offers his arms, for a collar-and-elbow tie-up. Candor takes it, and the two veterans lock-up.
Blackmire: All that from a handshake?
Cyclone: The lingua franca of the ring is violence, Jack.
The two colossals struggle for position, but Candor eventually takes advantage, pushing Matua to the corner. The islander pushes Mac off, only for Candor to take advantage with a series of monster chops!
Crowd: Woo! Woo! Woo!
Blackmire: Look at the sheer power of Candor!
Cyclone: Just a couple of those can cause you shortness of breath for life. That's why I'm always coughing, and having shortness of breath, and the red eyes.
After around ten chops, Prince gets in the way, trying to separate the two massive people. Candor ends the series, to a slight boo from the audience. As Candor moves back in with Prince getting out of the way, he's immediately blindsided by the stony skull of Matua.
Candor is knocked to the ground, making a massive thud as his frame is thrown back. Matua slowly slaps his chest, in the center of the ring. He raises Candor to his feet and then slams his fist into the Mammoth's head, over and over.
Blackmire: Putting those educated hands to good use!
Finally, Hotu lets up and grabs Candor by the arms and Irish Whipping him to the ropes. Candor rebounds, but ducks an elbow and charges back! Matua turns, just in time for a massive shoulder block from Candor.
Cyclone: Stampede!
Blackmire: But look, he's still standing!
As Blackmire says, Matua only stumbles back, remaining on his feet. Candor, seeing that the moai man is still standing, runs back to the ropes and does it again, pushing Matua all the way back to the ropes.
Crowd: One more time! One more time!
Blackmire: Soundstage 13 wants to see some chaos!
Candor, taking in the crowd and with the ref pleading "no", reels back to the ropes one more time and sprints at Matua! With one last shoulder block, he sends them both spilling to the outside!
Crowd: YEAHHH! Q! Q! Q! Q!
The ref begins the count, as the two giants slowly rise to their feet. As they hit the three second mark, both get to their feet and begin to clamber toward each other. Matua hits Candor with a punch, Candor responding with one of his own. Slowly, they pick up the pace until they're trading punch after punch!
Cyclone: A fistfight's breaking out in the middle of this wrestling match!
Matua manages to hit a good punch, sending Candor back reeling. As the Mammoth tries to stabilize himself, Matua grabs him and throws him into ring pole, to a sickening crack!
Crowd: OHHHH!
Cyclone: Owww!
Blackmire: Oof!
The Commentators, Together: That's gotta hurt.
Candor falls to the ground, clutching his shoulder. The ref rolls out of the ring to check on him, only for Matua to push her aside and raises Candor to his feet.
Blackmire: Matua refusing to let our referee do her job.
Cyclone: You wanna go in there and stop him, Jack?
Matua slings Candor, still dazed from the intense pain, back into the ring, rolling him to the center. Matua slowly climbs the ropes, allowing Candor to slowly rise to his feet. The ref re-enters the ring and Matua charges at Candor for his own shoulder block, hitting him right in the injured shoulder!
Cyclone: He’s going for it!
With Candor knocked to the ground, Matua hits him with a dropping elbow drop to the chest!
Blackmire: Frost Beam!
He goes for the cover.
Candor pulls his shoulder up, clutching the injured one, and narrowly pushes Matua off of him. Hotu is seemingly surprised, but with his stone face, it's hard to tell.
Blackmire: What do you think Matua's thinking, Cyclone?
Cyclone: Behind that stone head of his, there's a warrior's mind. He's thinking about how to end this match, and soon.
Both of them begin to rise and face off again, but Hotu is up first. He grabs around the neck of Candor and brings him down for a headlock.
Cyclone: He is bringing Candor back down to size, here, Jack.
Blackmire: Matua's trying to slow down the pace of this match, that's where he thrives the most.
Candor struggles through it, desperately trying to escape. After a few moments, he grabs on tightly to Matua's arms and wrenches them apart! He escapes the headlock and runs for the ropes, returning with a big boot to Matua's head! He goes for the cover.
Matua gets the shoulder up and Candor wastes no time bringing him back to his feet, utilizing the ropes heavily to lift the massive Easter Islander to his feet. With both of them back up, he grabs the throat of his opponent and throws Matua's arm over his shoulder!
Blackmire: He's going for it!
The Mammoth raises Matua in the sky! - for a few moments, until he releases him and clutches at the injured shoulder. While he does so, Matua wastes no time (a first) by throwing the massive Candor over his shoulder in a hands-free back body drop! He turns and helps Candor up, before Irish Whipping him in the corner.
Cyclone: That's not where you want to be!
Matua marches over to the corner and rams his shoulders into the stomach of the Mammoth, before taking steps back and dragging his foot on the ground.
Cyclone: Here he comes!
Matua charges for the corner!
Blackmire: The full weight of Matua-
Cyclone: Karmic justice for the Islander!
Matua steadies himself in the corner, still standing, only to face A RUNNING BOOT FROM CANDOR!
Blackmire: BIG BOOT!
Matua, dazed and confused, stumbles out of the corner, straight into the center of the ring. Candor comes out to meet him and grabs him by the throat!
Blackmire: Can he do it?
Candor hesitates. Before he lifts him into the air, he pushes Matua back.
Cyclone: What's he doing?
Candor GRABS HIM WITH THE OTHER ARM! He throws Matua's arm around the shoulder!
Cyclone: OH MY GOD!
Blackmire: ICE AGE!
He goes for the pin!
Ulysses: Ladies and gentlemen, your winner via pinfall, at 12:20, "THE MAMMOTH" MAC CANDORRRRR!
Prince raises Candor as far as she can. He raises his arm further, but cringes it back when selling the shoulder. He lifts Matua to his feet and offers a handshake.
Cyclone: Will he take it?
After a few dreadfully long moments, Hotu takes the hand and shakes it.
The two wrestlers then walk out together, relying on each other after a grueling match.
We then cut away from the ring, as not really known to many of the fans in attendance, Lucas is wide-eyed around the official QWF merch section. Lucas, still shirtless, picks up a black ‘Q?’ t-shirt with white text. He notices it’s size would fit him perfectly.
Merch Guy: That the one you want? It’ll be $20, dude.
Lucas, knowing he has no money currently, looks frustrated... and severely sunburnt from his long walk to Soundstage 13. It’s as if a lightbulb goes off in his head; you can physically see him think.
Lucas: Hey, punk! Get your ass back here with that merch! You didn’t pay, asshole!
Merch Guy: What? HEY! THIEF!
When the guy selling merch turns his back, Lucas thrusts the goods into his shorts and juts off away from the scene, back to the talent area. The camera follows him and Lucas begins to admire his new threads.
Lucas: Let’s get these sleeves cut out, man. I’m goin’ to look damn good tonight.
Lucas pulls out a boxcutter and proceeds to give his new t-shirt that I’m a pro-wrestler look.
Lucas: We found out what Q means yet?
Lucas glides the blade down the sleeves and cuts his thumb.
Lucas: Shit! I haven’t even stepped in the goddamn ring... and I’m bleedin’!
Backstage, Lucas throws up the X with his arms to indicate he’s injured.
Lucas: Fuckin’ need a tetanus shot again.
Nobody pays attention to Lucas as he keeps tossing up the X with his hands.
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