Internet dating gaga

For some, having your ex dating Lady Gaga could be overwhelming, seeing an old part of you plastered across timelines and dissected on sites. However, for Crouse it’s been inspirational, using her shared relationship history with the 'Born This Way' singer as a reason to empower herself towards the life she deserves. In Chromatica, no one thing is greater than another. A detailed look into Lady Gaga's dating history and all the boyfriends she's had from 2005 to present, including Michael Polansky, Christian Carino, and more. It's hard to imagine what, exactly, it might be like to see one of your exes dating Lady Gaga, one of the most famous people on the planet. Lindsay Crouse, an opinion editor at the New York Times, knows, and she wrote about it in a new essay. As of 2020, Lady Gaga is dating Christian Carino. ... She was born to Joseph, an internet businessman, and Cynthia, a telecommunications assistant. She has a sister named Natali, who was born in 1992. In 2011, she began dating actor Taylor Kinney. She and Taylor got engaged in February 2015, then called the wedding off in July 2016. According ... 2005: Lady Gaga and Lüc Carl start dating When Lady Gaga was still Stefani Germanotta, she met Lüc Carl when she walked into his New York City bar , St. Jerome's. According to industry estimates, there are at least 100 live chatting and video-dating apps, not only from China but also Russia, Ukraine, and South Korea. GoGaga has filed a complaint with Google against a friendship and social dating app called Gaga on Play Store for ‘Misuse of Trademark’. Her fans were quick to get the lowdown on Horton, who has been a sound engineer for Gaga since 2018. Internet sleuths also found out he was previously married, and when news broke he was dating ... Lady Gaga is currently dating entrepreneur and investor Michael Polansky.; The singer and actress has broken off two engagements in the last few years and dated other men she's also worked with. Earlier this month, Polansky appeared on the internet with his new girlfriend, Lady Gaga. The singer shared a photo of the two getting close in Miami, sitting on his lap during a trip out on the ...

Dressing Your Little Princess for Special Occasions

2020.09.23 12:49 trishscully Dressing Your Little Princess for Special Occasions

Dressing Your Little Princess for Special Occasions
We as a whole love to feel uncommon occasionally, yet no one on the planet appreciates as much as our little girls do. They likewise value the effort we set up into putting their outfit for each event. In addition, the little ones' skill to show they're glad, and extraordinary girls white dresses sale is ensured to make them grin! Everything necessary is for you to invest some energy into finding a spot that sells VIP most loved garments for girls. Your hopeful diva will look lovable and you win the mother of-the-year grant.
In the event that getting children to dress themselves exploded backward awfully, you must choose the option to keep doing it for them until they are mature enough. Mature enough to build up some fashion sense, that is, and not make you resemble a terrible parent. Then again, in all seriousness, appreciate it while it keeps going. Before you know it, they'll be totally free so utilize your baby girl fashion master time shrewdly!

Figuring out how to cause your little princess to feel like a princess :

We're all happy occasions and fashion has changed drastically. Before, mothers were more on the ordinary side and used to have less comprehension of their little girls' had to stay aware of fashion patterns. Fortunately for your little one, you are a cutting edge mother who understands your little fashionista needs to be stylish.
Also, the greater part of us has those humiliating a minute ago outfit-mother set up adolescent photographs. On the off chance that your baby girl will censure you for anything when she's full-grown, it better not be for having helpless intuition with regards to fashion. In particular, listen to your little one. You don't need her to need to mix in or stick out on the off chance that it conflicts with her desires.
In the event that she's setting off to a companion's birthday party or having a playdate, the princess dresses for little girls must be age-proper. In the event that your dollface needs to dress more like you, you should feel glad, so give a valiant effort to assemble an outfit that is sensibly like your own. Your first concern ought to be to show her how to manufacture her confidence, be certain, and like herself. All things considered, an incredible fashion sense matters, as well!

How to dress a kid in the winter? Step by step instructions to set up a kid for extravagant dress rivalry :

We as a whole need our little ones to be comfortable and look sharp in any place they go, and winter is no exemption. Additionally, when you see all the delightful little covers, you'll barely have the option to control yourself!
What's so amazing about looking for winter is that you barely need to stress over the size. Indeed, winter is your smartest choice in the event that you stress whether you'll pick the correct size when looking for kids. In the event that you purchased a larger than usual thing, your dollface can wear it when she gets greater. In the event that you purchased a modest one, you can generally offer it to a companion with a more youthful baby girl.
The most exceedingly terrible thing about dressing your little sweetheart in the winter is that it's more about common sense and less about fashion. She will most likely be unable to wear skirts and dresses as regularly in light of the fact that keeping her warm is the first concern. Fortunately, there's a savvy approach to make up for that – through smart embellishing all girls love!

How to set up a youngster for an extravagant dress rivalry?

Extravagant dress rivalries are the best, regardless of how old you are. On the off chance that your small scale me is going to one, don't hesitate to let your creative mind go out of control – sensibly speaking. Even better, make her own dream work out as expected (regardless of whether she needs to be Elsa, once more) or give the thoughts that will make her stick out.
Your little princess presumably cherishes looking effortless and cultured. Cause her to feel like a real princess by assembling inventive yet rich glamorous dresses for girls for her to wear to the following extravagant dress rivalry. Furthermore, if all else fails, recall that the Internet is your companion. Don't hesitate to bring a sneak look into the universe of high fashion to discover thoughts.
For example, you can generally look for direction and motivation by looking at decade-explicit publications of such non-benefit associations as Fashion Group International, Inc. You should simply attempt to copy what you see and your little baby girl is an obvious choice to win the opposition! Do you favor Twiggy, Marilyn Monroe, or Audrey Hepburn? In any case, those notorious watches never become dated.

How to dress your youngster like a rockstar? Step by step instructions to dress your youngster like a rockstar :

We as a whole love rock style, and there isn't anything more charming than a child wearing a cowhide coat and some pants, in a blend with certain embellishments as the last touch. Regardless of whether Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, or a nonexclusive fashion model went star-of-exciting music-video, your little one will deeply inspire everybody.
Saying this doesn't imply that you ought to go for excessively extreme outfits either (so's a no to Lady Gaga or David Bowie-motivated looks). You simply need her to wear the garments she appreciates wearing and feels comfortable in. What great is a staggering outfit if it's excessively close? However long you settle on strong yet sensible decisions, your little stone diva won't just resemble a rock star – she'll feel like one, as well.

How to dress your kid for picture day?

As we probably are aware very well, kids will, in general, be meticulous. This is the reason most mothers won't take any risks. Subsequent to finding the small scale fashionista's preferred dress store, they choose to adhere to it, and that is a large portion of the fight. This is particularly significant for unique events, an opportunity to go hard and fast.
Picture day is one such exceptional day, particularly in case you're a little girl. Additionally, you realize that the various little girls and their mothers will make a special effort for picture day. Clearly, you’re smaller than expected. I need to eclipse everybody and you must get it going.
It is up to you and her to unite and think of a unique outfit for an uncommon day. You need her to esteem the recollections of that day and affectionately take a gander at those photos sometime in the not so distant future. That way, she'll generally recollect how much her mama thought about her and made a special effort to make her look completely charming!

Interesting girl garments stores help present-day little girls run the world!

Each and every girl gazes upward to and needs to be much the same as mother. Presently you can let your little princess gain proficiency with a stunt or two on her alone. She'll presumably sneak into your stroll in the storeroom and play dress-ups that you'll profess not to know anything about.
Yet, you can likewise play a functioning part in building up your munchkin's fashion sense and helping her construct her own style. All you need is Modern child! You and your scaled-down me will appreciate the fun and imaginative cycle of selecting novel garments together. It simply doesn't beat that!
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2020.09.22 01:38 AvatarKanol Croatian Chart: "What's Love Got To Do With It" holds #1, "Rain on Me" #4, "Midnight Sky" #6, "Break My Heart" #9; Week 37

Top 10 on the Official Charts:
  1. Kygo, Tina Turner – "What's Love Got To Do With It" (=) SECOND WEEK
  2. Jason Derulo & Jawish 685 – "Savage Love" (=)
  3. Topic ft. A7S – "Breaking Me" (+2)
  4. Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande – "Rain On Me" (-1)
  5. Joel Corry ft. MNEK – "Head & Heart" (-1)
  6. Miley Cyrus – "Midnight Sky" (+10)
  7. The Weeknd – "Blinding Lights" (+6)
  8. Regard ft. Raye – "Secrets" (+1)
  9. Dua Lipa – "Break My Heart" (-1)
  10. Harry Styles – "Watermelon Sugar" (-3)
"What's Love Got To Do With It" keeps #1 for a second week, this is the the song's 7th week on the chart
• The songs that hit #1 in 2020; "Blinding Lights" (14 weeks), "Rain On Me" (9 weeks), "Don't Start Now" (6 weeks), "Physical" (3 weeks), "Savage Love" (2 weeks), "What's Love Got To Do With It" (2 week), "All I Want For Christmas Is You" (1 week)
"Savage Love" stays stable at #2 in it's tenth week on the chart
"Breaking Me" by Topic & A7S rises to #3, this is it's 28th charting week
"Rain On Me" falls slowly to #4, future gains seem unlikely
"Head & Heart" dips a bit to #5 after it's #4 peak the previous week, still a strong future #1 contender
"Midnight Sky" jumps 10 positions to a new #6 peak, becoming the first top 10 for Miley Cyrus since "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart"
"Blinding Lights" reenters the top 10 at #7, achieving an enormous 33 weeks inside the top 10
"Secrets" after entering the top 10 last week achieves a new peak of #8
"Break My Heart" falls to #9 in it's 23rd week on the overall chart and it's 22st week in the top 10, it continues to cannibalize it's sister single "Hallucinate" in radio play
"Watermelon Sugar" falls to top #10 in it's 14th week on the chart
Other points of interest in the top 40:
11 Ava Max – "Kings & Queens" (-5) FALLING peak #6
15 Katy Perry – "Smile" (=) STABLE peak #15
20 Dua Lipa – "Hallucinate" (-6) FALLING peak #11
21 The Weeknd ft. Doja Cat – "In Your Eyes" (-2) FALLING peak #11
31 Ava Max – "Who's Laughing Now" (+4) RISING peak #31 NEW PEAK
34 Taylor Swift – "cardigan" (=) STABLE peak #34
83 Kylie Minogue – "Say Something" (-16) FALLING peak #67
92 Katy Perry – "Daisies" (-27) FALLING peak #12
Here is the top 10 on Croatian Deezer:
Deezer Daily Chart 21/09/2020.
  1. Relja, Rasta – "Genge"
  2. Cardi B, Megan Thee Stallion – "WAP"
  3. Topic ft. A7S – "Breaking Me"
  4. The Weeknd – "Blinding Lights"
  5. Maya Berovic – "Honey"
  6. Devito, Teodora – "Vudu"
  7. SAINt JHN – "Roses (Imanbek Remix)"
  8. Hurricane – "Folir'o"
  9. MC STOJAN, HURRICANE – "Tuturutu"
  10. Internet money, Gunna, Don Toliver, NAV – "Lemonade"
Official Croatian Chart
Official Daily Deezer Chart
Official Weekly Youtube Chart
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2020.09.21 02:47 Leather_Term Meet Brock Pierce, the Presidential Candidate With Ties to Pedophiles Who Wants to End Human Trafficking Sep. 20, 2020.
The “Mighty Ducks” actor is running for president. He clears the air (sort of) to Tarpley Hitt about his ties to Jeffrey Epstein and more.
In the trailer for First Kid, the forgettable 1996 comedy about a Secret Service agent assigned to protect the president’s son, the title character, played by a teenage Brock Pierce, describes himself as “definitely the most powerful kid in the universe.” Now, the former child star is running to be the most powerful man in the world, as an Independent candidate for President of the United States.
Before First Kid, the Minnesota-born actor secured roles in a series of PG-rated comedies, playing a young Emilio Estevez in The Mighty Ducks, before graduating to smaller parts in movies like Problem Child 3: Junior in Love. When his screen time shrunk, Pierce retired from acting for a real executive role: co-founding the video production start-up Digital Entertainment Network (DEN) alongside businessman Marc Collins-Rector. At age 17, Pierce served as its vice president, taking in a base salary of $250,000.
DEN became “the poster child for dot-com excesses,” raising more than $60 million in seed investments and plotting a $75 million IPO. But it turned into a shorthand for something else when, in October of 1999, the three co-founders suddenly resigned. That month, a New Jersey man filed a lawsuit alleging Collins-Rector had molested him for three years beginning when he was 13 years old. The following summer, three teens filed a sexual-abuse lawsuit against Pierce, Collins-Rector, and their third co-founder, Chad Shackley. The plaintiffs later dropped their case against Pierce (he made a payment of $21,600 to one of their lawyers) and Shackley. But after a federal grand jury indicted Collins-Rector on criminal charges in 2000, the DEN founders left the country. When Interpol arrested them in 2002, they said they had confiscated “guns, machetes, and child pornography” from the trio’s beach villa in Spain.
While abroad, Pierce had pivoted to a new venture: Internet Gaming Entertainment, which sold virtual accessories in multiplayer online role-playing games to those desperate to pay, as one Wired reporter put it, “as much as $1,800 for an eight-piece suit of Skyshatter chain mail” rather than earn it in the games themselves. In 2005, a 25-year-old Pierce hired then-Goldman Sachs banker Steve Bannon—just before he would co-found Breitbart News. Two years later, after a World of Warcraft player sued the company for “diminishing” the fun of the game, Steve Bannon replaced Pierce as CEO.
Collins-Rector eventually pleaded guilty to eight charges of child enticement and registered as a sex offender. In the years that followed, Pierce waded into the gonzo economy of cryptocurrencies, where he overlapped more than once with Jeffrey Epstein, and counseled him on crypto. In that world, he founded Tether, a cryptocurrency that bills itself as a “stablecoin,” because its value is allegedly tied to the U.S. dollar, and the blockchain software company Like his earlier businesses, Pierce’s crypto projects see-sawed between massive investments and curious deals. When announced a smart contract software called EOS.IO, the company raised $4 billion almost overnight, setting an all-time record before the product even launched. The Securities and Exchange Commission later fined the company $24 million for violating federal securities law. After John Oliver mocked the ordeal, calling Pierce a “sleepy, creepy cowboy,” fired him. Tether, meanwhile, is currently under investigation by the New York Attorney General for possible fraud.
On July 4, Pierce announced his candidacy for president. His campaign surrogates include a former Cambridge Analytica director and the singer Akon, who recently doubled down on developing an anonymously funded, $6 billion “Wakanda-like” metropolis in Senegal called Akon City. Pierce claims to be bipartisan, and from the 11 paragraphs on the “Policy” section of his website it can be hard to determine where he falls on the political spectrum. He supports legalizing marijuana and abolishing private prisons, but avoids the phrase “climate change.” He wants to end “human trafficking.” His proposal to end police brutality: body cams.
His political contributions tell a more one-sided story. Pierce’s sole Democratic contribution went to the short-lived congressional run of crypto candidate Brian Forde. The rest went to Republican campaigns like Marco Rubio, Rick Perry, John McCain, and the National Right to Life Political Action Committee. Last year alone, Pierce gave over $44,000 to the Republican National Committee and more than $55,000 to Trump’s re-election fund.
Pierce spoke to The Daily Beast from his tour bus and again over email. Those conversations have been combined and edited for clarity.
You’re announcing your presidential candidacy somewhat late, and historically, third-party candidates haven’t had the best luck with the executive office. If you don’t have a strong path to the White House, what do you want out of the race?
I announced on July 4, which I think is quite an auspicious date for an Independent candidate, hoping to bring independence to this country. There’s a lot of things that I can do. One is: I’m 39 years old. I turn 40 in November. So I’ve got time on my side. Whatever happens in this election cycle, I’m laying the groundwork for the future. The overall mission is to create a third major party—not another third party—a third major party in this country. I think that is what America needs most. George Washington in his closing address warned us about the threat of political parties. John Adams and the other founding fathers—their fear for our future was two political parties becoming dominant. And look at where we are. We were warned.
I believe, having studied systems, any time you have a system of two, what happens is those two things come together, like magnets. They come into collision, or they become polarized and become completely divided. I think we need to rise above partisan politics and find a path forward together. As Albert Einstein is quoted—I’m not sure the line came from him, but he’s quoted in many places—he said that the definition of insanity is making the same mistake or doing the same thing over and over and over again, expecting a different result. [Ed. note: Einstein never said this.] It feels like that’s what our election cycle is like. Half the country feels like they won, half the country feels like they lost, at least if they voted or participated.
Obviously, there’s another late-comer to the presidential race, and that’s Kanye West. He’s received a lot of flak for his candidacy, as he’s openly admitted to trying to siphon votes away from Joe Biden to ensure a Trump victory. Is that something you’re hoping to avoid or is that what you’re going for as well?
Oh no. This is a very serious campaign. Our campaign is very serious. You’ll notice I don’t say anything negative about either of the two major political candidates, because I think that’s one of the problems with our political system, instead of people getting on stage, talking about their visionary ideas, inspiring people, informing and educating, talking about problems, mentioning problems, talking about solutions, constructive criticism. That’s why I refuse to run a negative campaign. I am definitely not a spoiler. I’m into data, right? I’m a technologist. I’ve got digital DNA. So does most of our campaign team. We’ve got our finger on the pulse.
Most of my major Democratic contacts are really happy to see that we’re running in a red state like Wyoming. Kanye West’s home state is Wyoming. He’s not on the ballot in Wyoming I could say, in part, because he didn’t have Akon on his team. But I could also say that he probably didn’t want to be on the ballot in Wyoming because it’s a red state. He doesn’t want to take additional points in a state where he’s only running against Trump. But we’re on the ballot in Wyoming, and since we’re on the ballot in Wyoming I think it’s safe—more than safe, I think it’s evident—that we are not here to run as a spoiler for the benefit of Donald Trump.
In running for president, you’ve opened yourself up to be scrutinized from every angle going back to the beginning of your career. I wanted to ask you about your time at the Digital Entertainment Network. Can you tell me a little bit about how you started there? You became a vice president as a teenager. What were your qualifications and what was your job exactly?
Well, I was the co-founder. A lot of it was my idea. I had an idea that people would use the internet to watch videos, and we create content for the internet. The idea was basically YouTube and Hulu and Netflix. Anyone that was around in the ‘90s and has been around digital media since then, they all credit us as the creators of basically those ideas. I was just getting a message from the creator of The Vandals, the punk rock band, right before you called. He’s like, “Brock, looks like we’re going to get the Guinness Book of World Records for having created the first streaming television show.”
We did a lot of that stuff. We had 30 television shows. We had the top most prestigious institutions in the world as investors. The biggest names. High-net-worth investors like Terry Semel, who’s chairman and CEO of Warner Brothers, and became the CEO of Yahoo. I did all sorts of things. I helped sell $150,000 worth of advertising contracts to the CEOs of Pepsi and everything else. I was the face of the company, meeting all the major banks and everything else, selling the vision of what the future was.
You moved in with Marc Collins-Rector and Chad Shackley at a mansion in Encino. Was that the headquarters of the business?
All start-ups, they normally start out in your home. Because it’s just you. The company was first started out of Marc’s house, and it was probably there for the first two or three months, before the company got an office. That’s, like, how it is for all start-ups.
were later a co-defendant in the L.A. County case filed against Marc Collins-Rector for plying minors with alcohol and drugs, in order to facilitate sexual abuse. You were dropped from the case, but you settled with one of the men for $21,600. Can you explain that?
Okay, well, first of all, that’s not accurate. Two of the plaintiffs in that case asked me if I would be a plaintiff. Because I refused to be a part of the lawsuit, they chose to include me to discredit me, to make their case stronger. They also went and offered 50 percent of what they got to the house management—they went around and offered money to anyone to participate in this. They needed people to corroborate their story. Eventually, because I refused to participate in the lawsuit, they named me. Subsequently, all three of the plaintiffs apologized to me, in front of audiences, in front of many people, saying Brock never did anything. They dismissed their cases.
Remember, this is a civil thing. I’ve never been charged with a crime in my life. And the last plaintiff to have his case dismissed, he contacted his lawyer and said, “Dismiss this case against Brock. Brock never did anything. I just apologized. Dismiss his case.” And the lawyer said, “No. I won’t dismiss this case, I have all these out-of-pocket expenses, I refuse to file the paperwork unless you give me my out-of-pocket expenses.” And so the lawyer, I guess, had $21,000 in bills. So I paid his lawyer $21,000—not him, it was not a settlement. That was a payment to his lawyer for his out-of-pocket expenses. Out-of-pocket expenses so that he would file the paperwork to dismiss the case.
You’ve said the cases were unfounded, and the plaintiffs eventually apologized. But your boss, Marc Collins-Rector later pleaded guilty to eight charges of child enticement and registered as a sex offender. Were you aware of his behavior? How do you square the fact that later allegations proved to be true, but these ones were not?
Well, remember: I was 16 and 17 years old at the time? So, no. I don’t think Marc is the man they made him out to be. But Marc is not a person I would associate with today, and someone I haven’t associated with in a very long time. I was 16 and 17. I chose the wrong business partner. You live and you learn.
You’ve pointed out that you were underage when most of these allegations were said to take place. Did you ever feel like you were coerced or in over your head while working at DEN?
I mean, I was working 18 hours a day, doing things I’d never done before. It was business school. But I definitely learned a lot in building that company. We raised $88 million. We filed our [form] S-1 to go public. We were the hottest start-up in Los Angeles.
In 2000, you left the country with Marc Collins-Rector. Why did you leave? How did you spend those two years abroad?
I moved to Spain in 1999 for personal reasons. I spent those two years in Europe working on developing my businesses.
Interpol found you in 2002. The house where you were staying reportedly contained guns, machetes, and child pornography. Whose guns and child porn were those? Were you aware they were in the house, and how did those get there?
My lawyers have addressed this in 32 pages of documentation showing a complete absence of wrongdoing. Please refer to my webpage for more information.
[Ed. Note: The webpage does not mention guns, machetes, or child pornography. It does state:“It is true that when the local police arrested Collins-Rector in Spain in 2002 on an international warrant, Mr. Pierce was also taken into custody, but so was everyone at Collins-Rector’s house in Spain; and it is equally clear that Brock was promptly released, and no charges of any kind were ever filed against Brock concerning this matter.”]
What do you make of the allegations against Bryan Singer? [Ed. Note: Bryan Singer, a close friend of Collins-Rector, invested at least $50,000 in DEN. In an Atlantic article outlining Singer’s history of alleged sexual assault and statutory rape, one source claimed that at age 15, Collins-Rector abused him and introduced him to Singer, who then assaulted him in the DEN headquarters.]
I am aware of them and I support of all victims of sexual assault. I will let America’s justice system decide on Singer’s outcome.
In 2011, you spoke at the Mindshift conference supported by Jeffrey Epstein. At that point, he had already been convicted of soliciting prostitution from a minor. Why did you agree to speak?
I had never heard of Jeffrey Epstein. His name was not on the website. I was asked to speak at a conference alongside Nobel Prize winners. It was not a cryptocurrency conference, it was filled with Nobel Prize winners. I was asked to speak alongside Nobel Prize winners on the future of money. I speak at conferences historically, two to three times a week. I was like, “Nobel Prize winners? Sounds great. I’ll happily talk about the future of money with them.” I had no idea who Jeffrey Epstein was. His name was not listed anywhere on the website. Had I known what I know now? I clearly would have never spoken there. But I spoke at a conference that he cosponsored.
What’s your connection to the Clinton Global Initiative? Did you hear about it through Jeffrey Epstein?
I joined the Clinton Global Initiative as a philanthropist in 2006 and was a member for one year. My involvement with the Initiative had no connection to Jeffrey Epstein whatsoever.
You’ve launched your campaign in Minnesota, where George Floyd was killed by a police officer. How do you feel about the civil uprising against police brutality?
I’m from Minnesota. Born and raised. We just had a press conference there, announcing that we’re on the ballot. Former U.S. Senator Dean Barkley was there. So that tells you, when former U.S. Senators are endorsing the candidate, right?
[Ed. note: Barkley was never elected to the United States Senate. In November of 2002, he was appointed by then Minnesota Governor Jesse Venture to fill the seat after Sen. Paul Wellstone died in a plane crash. Barkley’s term ended on Jan. 3, 2003—two months later.]
Yes, George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis. My vice-presidential running mate Karla Ballard and I, on our last trip to Minnesota together, went to visit the George Floyd Memorial. I believe in law and order. I believe that law and order is foundational to any functioning society. But there is no doubt in my mind that we need reform. These types of events—this is not an isolated incident. This has happened many times before. It’s time for change. We have a lot of detail around policy on this issue that we will be publishing next week. Not just high-level what we think, not just a summary, but detailed policy.
You said that you support “law and order.” What does that mean?
“Law and order” means creating a fair and just legal system where our number one priority is protecting the inalienable rights of “Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness” for all people. This means reforming how our police intervene in emergency situations, abolishing private prisons that incentivize mass incarceration, and creating new educational and economic opportunities for our most vulnerable communities. I am dedicated to preventing crime by eliminating the socioeconomic conditions that encourage it.
I support accountability and transparency in government and law enforcement. Some of the key policies I support are requiring body-cams on all law enforcement officers who engage with the public, curtailing the 1033 program that provides local law enforcement agencies with access to military equipment, and abolishing private prisons. Rather than simply defund the police, my administration will take a holistic approach to heal and unite America by ending mass incarceration, police brutality, and racial injustice.
Did you attend any Black Lives Matter protests?
I support all movements aimed at ending racial injustice and inequality. I​ have not attended any Black Lives Matter protests.​ My running-mate, Karla Ballard, attended the March on Washington in support of racial justice and equality.
Your platform doesn’t mention the words “climate change.” Is there a reason for that?
I’m not sure what you mean. Our policy platform specifically references human-caused climate change and we have a plan to restabilize the climate, address environmental degradation, and ensure environmental sustainability.
[Ed. Note: As of writing the Pierce campaign’s policy platform does not specifically reference human-caused climate change.]
You’ve recently brought on Akon as a campaign surrogate. How did that happen? Tell me about that.
Akon and I have been friends for quite some time. I was one of the guys that taught him about Bitcoin. I helped make some videogames for him, I think in 2012. We were talking about Bitcoin, teaching him the ropes, back in 2013. And in 2014, we were both speaking at the Milken Global Conference, and I encouraged him to talk about how Bitcoin, Africa, changed the world. He became the biggest celebrity in the world, talking about Bitcoin at the time. I’m an adviser to his Akoin project, very interested in the work that he’s doing to build a city in Africa.
I think we need a government that’s of, for, and by the people. Akon has huge political aspirations. He obviously was a hugely successful artist. But he also discovered artists like Lady Gaga. So not only is he, himself, a great artist, but he’s also a great identifier and builder of other artists. And he’s been a great businessman, philanthropist. He’s pushing the limits of what can be done. We’re like-minded individuals in that regard. I think he’ll be running for political office one day, because he sees what I see: that we need real change, and we need a government that is of, for, and by the people.
You mentioned that you’re an adviser on Akoin. Do you have any financial investments in Akoin or Akon City?
I don’t believe so. I’d have to check. I have so much stuff. But I don’t believe that I have any economic interests in his stuff. I’d have to verify that. We’ll get back to you. I don’t believe that I have any economic interests. My interest is in helping him. He’s a visionary with big ideas that wants to help things in the world. If I can be of assistance in helping him make the world a better place, I’m all for it. I’m not motivated by money. I’m not running for office because I’m motivated by power. I’m running for office because I’m deeply, deeply concerned about our collective future.
You’ve said you’re running on a pro-technology platform. One week into your campaign last month, a New York appeals court approved the state Attorney General’s attempt to investigate the stablecoin Tether for potentially fraudulent activity. Do you think this will impact your ability to sell people on your tech entrepreneurship?
No, I think my role in Tether is as awesome as it gets. It was my idea. I put it together. But I’ve had no involvement in the company since 2015. I gave all of my equity to the other shareholders. I’ve had zero involvement in the company for almost six years. It was just my idea. I put the initial team together. But I think Tether is one of the most important innovations in the world, certainly. The idea is, I digitized the U.S. dollar. I used technology to digitize currency—existing currency. The U.S. dollar in particular. It’s doing $10 trillion a year. Ten trillion dollars a year of transactional volume. It’s probably the most important innovation in currency since the advent of fiat money. The people that took on the business and ran the business in years to come, they’ve done things I’m not proud of. I’m not sure they’ve done anything criminal. But they certainly did things differently than I would do. But it’s like, you have kids, they turn 18, they go out into the world, and sometimes you’re proud of the things they do, and sometimes you shake your head and go, “Ugh, why did you do that?” I have zero concerns as it relates to me personally. I wish they made better decisions.
What do you think the investigation will find?
I have no idea. The problem that was raised is that there was a $5 million loan between two entities and whether or not they had the right to do that, did they disclose it correctly. There’s been no accusations of, like, embezzlement or anything that bad.
[Ed. Note: The Attorney General’s press release on the investigation reads: “Our investigation has determined that the operators of the ‘Bitfinex’ trading platform, who also control the ‘tether’ virtual currency, have engaged in a cover-up to hide the apparent loss of $850 million dollars of co-mingled client and corporate funds.”]
But there’s been some disclosure things, that is the issue. No one is making any outrageous claims that these are people that have done a bunch of bad—well, on the internet, the media has said that the people behind the business may have been manipulating the price of Bitcoin, but I don’t think that has anything to do with the New York investigation. Again, I’m so not involved, and so not at risk, that I’m not even up to speed on the details.
[Ed note: A representative of the New York State Attorney General told Forbes that he “cannot confirm or deny that the investigation” includes Pierce.]
We’ve recently witnessed the rise of QAnon, the conspiracy theory that Hollywood is an evil cabal of Satanic pedophiles and Trump is the person waging war on them. You mentioned human trafficking, which has become a cause for them. What are your thoughts on that?
I’ve watched some of the content. I think it’s an interesting phenomenon. I’m an internet person, so Anonymous is obviously an organization that has been doing interesting stuff. It’s interesting. I don’t have a big—conspiracy theory stuff is—I guess I have a question for you: What do you think of all of it, since you’re the expert?
You know, I think it’s not true, but I’m not running for president. I do wonder what this politician [Georgia congressional candidate Marjorie Taylor Greene], who’s just won her primary, is going to do on day one, once she finds out there’s no satanic cabal room.
Wait, someone was running for office and won on a QAnon platform, saying that Hollywood did—say what? You’re the expert here.
She won a primary. But I want to push on if we only have a few minutes. In 2006, your gaming company IGE brought on Steve Bannon as an investor. Goldman later bought out most of your stock. Bannon eventually replaced you as CEO of Affinity. You’ve described him as your “right-hand man for, like, seven years.” How well did you know Bannon during that time?
Yes, so this is in my mid-twenties. He wasn’t an investor. He worked for me. He was my banker. He worked for me for three years as my yield guide. And then he was my CEO running the company for another four years. So I haven’t worked with Steve for a decade or so. We worked in videogame stuff and banking. He was at Goldman Sachs. He was not in the political area at the time. But he was a pretty successful banker. He set up Goldman Sachs Los Angeles. So for me, I’d say he did a pretty good job.
During your business relationship, Steve Bannon founded Breitbart News, which has pretty consistently published racist material. How do you feel about Breitbart?
I had no involvement with Breitbart News. As for how I feel about such material, I’m not pleased by any form of hate-mongering. I strongly support the equality of all Americans.
Did you have qualms about Bannon’s role in the 2016 election?
Bannon’s role in the Trump campaign got me to pay closer attention to what he was doing but that’s about it. Whenever you find out that one of your former employees has taken on a role like that, you pay attention.
Bannon served on the board of Cambridge Analytica. A staffer on your campaign, Brittany Kaiser, also served as a business director for them. What are your thoughts on their use of illicitly-obtained Facebook data for campaign promotional material?
Yes, so this will be the last question I can answer because I’ve got to be off for this 5:00 pm. But Brittany Kaiser is a friend of mine. She was the whistleblower of Cambridge Analytica. She came to me and said, “What do I do?” And I said, “Tell the truth. The truth will set you free.”
[Ed. Note: Investigations in Cambridge Analytica took place as early as Nov. 2017, when a U.K. reporter at Channel 4 News recorded their CEO boasting about using “beautiful Ukranian girls” and offers of bribes to discredit political officials. The first whistleblower was Christopher Wylie, who disclosed a cache of documents to The Guardian, published on Mar. 17, 2018. Kaiser’s confession ran five days later, after the scandal made national news. Her association with Cambridge Analytica is not mentioned anywhere on Pierce’s campaign website.]
So I’m glad that people—I’m a supporter of whistleblowers, people that see injustice in the world and something not right happening, and who put themselves in harm’s way to stand up for what they believe in. So I stand up for Brittany Kaiser.
Who do you think [anonymous inventor of Bitcoin] Satoshi Nakamoto is?
We all are Satoshi Nakamoto.
You got married at Burning Man. Have you been attending virtual Burning Man?
I’m running a presidential campaign. So, while I was there in spirit, unfortunately my schedule did not permit me to attend.
OP note: please refer to the original article for reference links within text (as I've not added them here!)
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2020.08.26 20:55 TheUknownSkull718 CMV: If most men just took care of themselves/lookmaxxed, they would by physically attractibe to a decent set of women

There are lots of men on reddit or the overally internet that believe their literal walking goblins if they arent an 8/10 or more. They compare themselves to celebrities like Chris hemsworth, ryan gosling, brad pitt, idres elba etc. Pretty much any good looking celebrity and conclude that since they find them attractive, more than 80% of women worldwide finds them attractive.
Guys who compare themselves to celebrities are literally no better than girls who comare themselves to women like taylor swift, lady gaga, rihanna, beyonce, emma watson etc. And sure these women are attractive but that doesnt make the women that dont looke like them any more unattractive. There are guys out there that dont these female celebrities attractive, just like how not every women is chasing after Sean O'Pry.
But guys (at least in my view) seem to stretch this waaay too far and make it seem like if you dont look objectively like this then no women will find your attractive, or maybe she'll find you alittle attractive but if your arent ryan gosling, she's gonna cheat on you for any chance she can get to fuck the best looking dude, even if she find you attractive already.
Im a firm believer that if most guys just took really good care of themselves, they'd be somewhat attractive to a decent number of women. Of course your not going to be attractive to every women but you can atleast have a small percentage of women low-key checking out out.
If guys just:
Got their haircuts every 2 weeks to every month (ik its not that easy with covid)
work out just alittle (even just to lose weight and not gain muscle, but gaining muscle can increase your attractiveness maybe by 1-3 points)
wore better fitted, clean clothes
took care of hygiene (teeth, face, skin, wrinkles hair etc)
dated girls shorter than them (and even if you cant, there are girls out there that actually like short guys)
and just add alittle bit or personality (basic social skills like talking, being polite and just alittle more confidence in yourself etc.)
Im a firm believer that if most men just took care of themselves really well, they'd be a "chad" to some girls.
sure im not gonna deny the fact that more than half of our physical attractivness is more genetics based then enviromental based but 2 things on that:
1) just because you were born good looking doesnt mean you can eat all the fast food you want and not brush your teeth for 10 days and still think you can wake up hot. Even male models have to take care of themselves to represent a certain image. some male models dont even look like what they look like in the picture when they wake up, except Henry Cavill, he's the really REALLY rare exception tho but 99% of dudes dont look like him. but even some women on reddit dont even find him that attractive, so thats already out the window.
2) most men (or should i say people) have pretty decent to average ( and maybe even good) genetics. Go outside and whenever you feel like it, do me a favor and rate 10 random strangers from 1-10 (not counting fat people since thats mostly a choice than biological and not counting old peole since they've already past their experation date), i bet atleast out of 10 ppl, maybe 5+ of them are atleast a 5/10 in physically attractiveness. Maybe 1 unlucky 3/10 byt thats the minority.
Looks at girls who wear make up, girls with fake hair, fake asses, hair extensions etc. Even some of these on a day to day basis are no more than a 6/10 whey they wake up in the morning but there are still men out there that still find them somewhat attractive. same shit applies to guys.
Not every chick wants a tall, strong, chisled jawline white guy. some girls want an averaged height asian with short black hair, some want a tall bearded black guy, some want blone giar white guys, some want bald guys, some want overall bearded guys, some want pretty boys, lumberjacks, white collor, gamers etc. you dont see, 1,000,000,000 women just thirsting after 1 guy, you just dont see that, because, JUST LIKE MEN, women have DIFFERENT things they find attractive in a guy. Just like not every guy wants a blue eyed blonde girl. some want tall girls, some chubby, some skinny, some blue hair etc. Human tastes in mates are so dam complex, its really REALLY hard to put in 1 box and make it seem like 500,000,000 ppl want that 1 person.
you might think your the most ugly mofo when you wake up in the morning but i bet there's atleast a few girls that wont find you that bad to look at in the morning (if you atleast wash your face with some water im assuming)
like a quote once said: we judge ourselves more harshly than anyone judges us (or something along the lines)
(This is kind of seperate to the post but id like to add anyway)
i also want to add in this post, what add to this post, what about the women that didnt find their man attractive when they first met but after getting to know them overtime, they started to get more physically attracted to them and overall fell in love with their whole being?
i thought women only truly loved men that were 8/10 or more?
and you might say "yea your right in some points but you see women stay with good looking jerks all the time despite getting beat by them in a abusive realationship"
and yea you have a point in that argument but women like that are thinking more with their pussies than with their heads (like how guys think more with their dicks than with their brain). They're thinking too much with lust which in some cases backfires (like getting a kid). its good that you find him physically attravtive, its different when your willing to get yourself hurt to suck his dick.
plus how do you know every relationship the abusive man was a hot guy? how do you know if he was a "normie" or just your average looking dude but women stayed with him because she genuinely loved that man not from his looks but for his being?
ive just wanted to say (and i did like 3 times already lol) that if guys just took care of themselves, they can be hot to atleast some women cause beauty in some cases is actually subjective.
Chads are a combination of personal preference and basic looks.
prime example is ladyboners . some of the guys that women drool over on that sub, even if i was a women, i wouldnt see the appeal of some of those guys.
CMV (Change MY View)
Edit: i also messed up on some of the words when typing because i was typing too fast on the keyboard and forgot to re edit, so if you see any mispeals, please forgive me. im 100% english
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2020.08.16 02:02 Udontknowbo1 Where can I get some Love Ducks?

My mother always told my siblings and me, "I love you all equally", and while we all had different talents, I believed her. Sure my brother and sister had been the inspiration for the movies Baby Geniuses and The Boss Baby. And yea maybe they were so beautiful that they took over the Gerber baby's logo as their physical offerings officially classified the original Gerber baby as an ugo. AND FINE they unquestionably made my parent's relationship stronger and secured an impressive bloodline for generations to come, BUT I could rip one better than Olivia on a first date, so we all had our thing.
And then I was educated in the true nature of favoritism.
It was a night like any other. My sister sat playing Partita D minor BWV 1004 on her violin while my brother finished cooking a sublime twist on the Consomme Devillish dish. Meanwhile, I sat playing with goo. After we all were done doing our cool things, mom plopped us in bed. Yet as I slept wondering why the others talked about the joys of breastfeeding while I only knew the detached efficiency of a rubber nip I started to smell smoke. Don't panic I told myself. You're a baby, surely a concerned and competent adult would rush in at any moment ready to sacrifice everything to assure your future. And then the room got hotter, and hotter, and.... I needed to get out of here.
As our house burned I struggled to find my way through the smoke infested hallway. I tried to call out and assure everyone way okay, but I was still on that gogo gaga game, so my cries for communication went unanswered.
And then I saw her, my mother. I reached out my little baby hands in jubilation, I knew she would save me. Yet her eyes went cold as she mouthed "sorry bitch" and turned to exit with my two siblings safely tucked underneath her arms.
It was in that moment that I understood the morale of Highlander: The Series in that, "there can only be one."
I won't bore you with the details of my escape, baby grifting life, or the thing I turned into.
Yet I will tell you that you need to choose favorites in everything, even this cast. Maybe you're into bones and or boners, well clearly Mark's your man. Maybe you like a lad with a hot mom, well now you just hit the daily double because both Maddi and Andrew have what you're NSFW mindset want. But for me, I like a sharp dresser that knows what he wants and prefers to stay away from goths. I choose you, Michael.
To christen my newfound loyalty, I would like a bedside keepsake. Assuming Michael isn't making a heart-shaped clock for any ol internet fool I'll settle for a pair of love ducks.
Any leads? (serious SERIOUS replies only)
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2020.08.05 16:21 BurnerAcc2020 Article from WIRED about the spread of the Qult's new favorite theory, adrenochrome: "The Dark Virality of a Hollywood Blood-Harvesting Conspiracy"

The Dark Ages were rife with plague, fanaticism, and accusations that Jews secretly fed off the blood of children. In 2020, we too are beset with plague, rampant medical misinformation, and a persistent rumor that “global elites” torture children to harvest the chemical adrenochrome from their blood, which they then inject in order to stay healthy and young.
A favorite topic of interconnected QAnon and Pizzagate conspiracy communities, so-called “adrenochrome harvesting” long predates these groups. It has, however, resurrected during the Covid-19 pandemic. Google Trends shows significant spikes in searches for adrenochrome in March and June of 2020. It’s prevalent on TikTok, Youtube, and Instagram. Reddit removed a dedicated adrenochrome subreddit on July 30. On Friday, July 31, conspiracy theorists plan to hold the first “Child Lives Matter” protest in Hollywood to “expose” child trafficking, advertising the event with references to #adrenochrome.
The adrenochrome harvesting conspiracy theory is a potent example of “hidden virality” and the ways in which unpopular culture animate social media platforms outside of the mainstream view. Named by researchers Britt Parris and Joan Donovan, hidden virality describes dominant content in specific pockets of the internet that are largely unseen by journalists and mass audiences, making them difficult for social media companies to identify and act upon. The impact of hidden virality can’t be stopped by retroactively banning a few thousand Twitter accounts; it is an iterative, memetic phenomenon that outpaces terms of service. Even with early intervention by Reddit and recent movements by Twitter, Facebook and TikTok to crack down on QAnon, adrenochrome harvesting remains a mainstream conversation for some online communities.
Toxic social attitudes spread virally alongside hoaxes and disinformation. Adrenochrome harvesting isn’t outwardly blamed on Jews, but on “satanic” and “globalist” elites—dog whistle terms for the far right. The modern adrenochrome obsession is a permutation of blood libel, an anti-Semitic myth that pervaded Europe throughout the middle ages, and a mutated strain of medical misinformation.
The Lineage of a New Blood Libel
The most effective conspiracy theories are built around kernels of truth. Adrenochrome is a compound that occurs in the body, but about which little scientific research has been done beyond a few studies in the mid-20th century on whether it could play a role in schizophrenia. The question transfixed the writers Aldous Huxley and Hunter S. Thompson, who were obsessed with mind-altering substances. To them, adrenochrome became a psychotropic, akin to mescaline. In his famous Doors of Perception, written just after the first adrenochrome studies, Huxley described adrenochrome as a clue that was “being systematically followed.” “The sleuths—biochemists, psychiatrists, psychologists—are on the trail,” he wrote. Biologists didn’t find much of interest.
Nearly 20 years later, Thompson cast adrenochrome as a psychedelic that must be violently extracted from human glands in his novel Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. The scene was immortalized in Terry Gilliam’s 1998 film; a YouTube clip of Johnny Depp’s character taking adrenochrome, which to date has more than 1.7 million views, has drawn thousands of comments referencing the conspiracy.
Thompson is explicitly invoked in what seems to be the earliest recorded posts about adrenochrome harvesting on 4Chan’s /x/ and /pol/ boards, in 2013 and 2014 respectively. In an anti-Semitic 4chan /pol/ thread an anonymous poster linked a restricted, unsearchable video named “Jew Ritual BLOOD LIBEL Sacrifice is #ADRENOCHROME Harvesting.” Within these same online communities, Pizzagate formalized and grew in 2015–2016 before spreading to more mainstream social media.
In 2016 this same video was shared in a Pizzagate thread about the artist Marina Abromovich and her “spirit cooking” ceremonies. The next several months saw increasingly outlandish claims online, particularly that the Pixar film Monsters Inc. was a cryptic reference to adrenochrome harvesting. As some Pizzagate adherents entered the burgeoning QAnon community in 2017, they brought the adrenochrome conspiracy with them.
These factions expanded their audiences in 2018, citing new “investigations” and circulating the rumor that a (hoax) website sold adrenochrome in exchange for cryptocurrency. Conspiracy filmmaker Jay Myers released a video, “Adrenochrome The Elite's Secret Super Drug!” While the original video was taken down, it remains live on his backup channel and has been uploaded elsewhere online.
In February 2019, Infowars featured a segment on adrenochrome, linking it to the Clinton Foundation via epipen manufacturers, and to the highly controversial “young blood” transfusion startup Ambrosia. A month later, adrenochrome “documentaries” began to emerge on YouTube, followed by many smaller copycat productions, helping form a searchable foundation for the current day conspiracy.
The recent surge in interest can be traced to March 2020 and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Celebrities posting photos of themselves stuck at home and looking less than camera ready were besieged on social media with accusations that they were suffering from adrenochrome withdrawal. (In their logic, shutdowns had stalled the adrenochrome child-trafficking supply chain.) By commenting on these posts, believers spread the adrenochrome hashtag to new eyes while harassing their targets.
Despite this increased visibility, conspiracy outlets accused major social media platforms and media of plotting to suppress the truth about adrenochrome. Adrenochrome conversation continued and intensified on social media, from claims Lady Gaga was participating in blood rituals for an adrenochrome fix, to the Covid-19 “spiked adrenochrome’ theory popularized by Pizzagate booster Liz Crokin. Despite claims of censorship, Google trend results showed that spamming celebrities' pages with mentions of adrenochrome was working, leading to a spike in search traffic and social media conversation.
How Hidden Virality Happens
Unpopular ideas and small disinformation campaigns often go unreported, either unseen or ignored by platforms and mainstream press. The longer an infectiously bad idea goes undetected and undebunked, the more likely it is to spread and develop social importance. This phenomenon has enabled the rapid growth of antivax communities, Covid-19 disinformation, and the prevalence of the adrenochrome harvesting theory.
This is all possible because of how social media and search engines work. As a result of the relative unimportance of adrenochrome, it doesn’t get written about much by scientists, journalists, or academics. This creates a data void, a vacuum of trustworthy information unpopulated by authoritative sources. Within a data void, search algorithms surface what's available rather than well-curated local, timely, and relevant content. This is the perfect condition for a viral infection of misinformation and conspiracism.
A Google search for “adrenochrome” prompts a knowledge panel, an automatically generated information box sourced from Wikipedia, with a description of the compound and some scholarly research. However, the edit history of that Wikipedia article reveals that in the last few months editors have constantly been removing attempts to add disinformation. On Google Images, viewers are faced with an onslaught of infographics about missing children, doctored images of celebrities and politicians, and instructions for how to find further troves of “evidence.” DuckDuckGo and other search engines return even more outrageous findings in initial search results.
Pizzagate, QAnon, and other online conspiracy communities encourage newcomers to “Google” an obscure phrase designed to lead down a rabbit hole. This takes them to obscure, debunked publications or reports, as well as carefully curated collections of PDFs. Elements of real science are merged into factually incoherent frames, resulting in troves of documentation, hard to find in the mainstream search engines. These are foundations of sustaining the hidden virality of otherwise baseless ideas. Whittled down to memes and viral slogans, the new conspiracies spread effortlessly across platforms via hashtags and comments.
Why Is Adrenochrome Having a Moment and What Can Be Done?
The pandemic has created an unprecedented level of mistrust and anxiety about inequality, which opens society to all kinds of conspiratorial thinking, and especially to medical misinformation. As interest in adrenochrome was first spiking in March, people were upset that celebrities and athletes seemed to have access to testing that others did not. Attitudes to proposed Covid-19 treatments quickly became politically polarized, as did a rise in mainstream conservative acknowledgement of QAnon and a slew of Republican candidates signaling their attachment to the movement. Articles in conservative publications, like this Spectator takedown by Ben Sixsmith, are a critical intervention to halt the progress of conspiracists operating largely unchecked in ideological echo chambers.
The best way for platforms to fight back is to take early action when something begins to go viral in hidden spaces. Early detection requires knowledge of where conspiracy theories originate online and reliable measurements of how they scale, and it needs to be followed by active promotion of authoritative content that can inoculate against the disinformation. Tech companies must also get better at indexing images and memes. Platforms need to identify disinformation within obscure medical topics that don't have much information, and seek collaborations with experts who could get ahead of these trends with timely relevant information.
The adrenochrome obsession shows just how hard it is to combat data voids. Would a peer-reviewed study on andrenochrome’s inability to reanimate aging global elites even impact the communities that spread these complex falsehoods? Probably not. To date, Pinterest has taken the most aggressive action against the adrenochrome hashtag, directing users to a page about medical misinformation when they search for the word in an effort to curb hidden virality.
And as tech companies commit to eradicating hate speech and medical misinformation on their platforms, they must recognize the bigotry laundered through modern conspiracy. During Thursday’s House Antitrust Subcommittee hearing with big tech CEOs, thousands of commenters left QAnon slogans, and even some references to adrenochrome, in the chat of Fox News’ livestream. The popularity of adrenochrome harvesting theories shows how motivated actors remain two steps ahead of intervention, and how our information systems, if uncorrected, may accelerate the arrival of a new dark age.
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2020.08.01 06:34 removalbot 08-01 04:34 - 'This might seem like it goes on a lot of tangents. It does not because it all wraps up to a grander point about cannabis and our entire society being driven in a weird direction. This HAS to be talked about. It is a miracle pl...' by /u/dogzday removed from /r/politics within 12-22min

This might seem like it goes on a lot of tangents. It does not because it all wraps up to a grander point about cannabis and our entire society being driven in a weird direction. This HAS to be talked about. It is a miracle plant and I will try to discuss why, and discuss why it's allowed to remain controversial. I don't care if I get downvotes any more or if people call me a "conspiracy" theorist. I am a theorist in the realms of all forms of philosophy, especially the sciences, including political science. Let's begin.
We have been fed lies. This plant has existed for thousands of years. Humans have evolved to consume it. It was deleted from our history by those who control our society so we are weakened. It was taught it's a drug. But THC is among the worlds most potent antibacterial. Our endocannabinoid system uses the compounds found in cannabis to override our neurons and allow them to fire more rapidly, allowing us to perform better in every situation as it increases our alertness in the moment. I'm not talking about the psychoactive effects of the compound. I'm talking about the other effects of the molecules involved in cannabis. In fact, consuming leaves of cannabis doesn't get you high. Smoking it, combustion, activates the psychoactive component, and thus it has been marketed as a dangerous schedule 1 drug by the CSA...
[We have a specific system built for the sole consumption of weed]1 . We also have a specific system in our body (a system I define here is any collection of mechanics that promote functions in the body) for the sole consumption of different vitamins that MOST Americans are not getting enough of. They're taught to us as "supplements" but in reality, they're necessities that should be peaked for EVERYONE for optimal health, and that solves nearly all of our health problems. But we been lied to that these specific diseases in the world created by nature don't have a response to cure it from nature. That makes zero sense. Nature ALWAYS finds a way, always has, and always will. There's a reason why historically, it's been mentioned in every religious text and why millions of people worship the plant for it but they ARE NOT talked about and they keep demonizing it because "wait but you might become psychotic..." Yeah no shit. Too much of ANYTHING can kill you. Life is about moderation and balance. That INCLUDES what the government decides what is a "drug" and what isn't a drug. Fuck the Controlled Substance Act. The main purpose they passed that shit was to keep black people incarcerated in prisons because Nixon associated it with that to pass the CSA under the secrecy of selective coverage by the media.
Another example. My ancestors are Indian. They are mostly Hindu and in Hinduism, [Lord Shiva describes cannabis as a plant we should all worship and consume moderately because it has numerous effects]2 . Occasionally Indians will drink [bhang]3 . Look up what it is. It's not taboo at all there and they use it for all medicinal purposes. Our bodies need to have a certain level of cannabinoids in them in order to function and be more aware of our realities. Because we keep trapping ourselves in these pathetic illusions of money, fame, social media likes, sensationalist news, that we don't shut up and see the bigger picture of everything going on.
As a mental health patient, I have worked with psychiatrists who all have tried to steer me away from cannabis despite arguing with them several times about the numerous health benefits it has and the amount of negative media coverage it gains because of association with crime and incarceration ([looking at you, Kamala Harris...]4 ).
I've been knowing this crap for fucking YEARS but because the internet is full of emotionally-driven gen z kids who don't think before they speak (and YES you kids don't think any more, they are RAISING you to be soft and I HATE THAT THEY ARE MAKING YOU WEAK MINDED). Reddit, Facebook, Google, all has been plagued by a certain hive mind culture that is "comfortable" to fall into just because it agrees with your confirmation biases on the surface level. There's a REASON why all these giant shows like Supernatural changed their entire methodology in S11. There's a reason why Justin Roiland, who has been to Epstein's private island, has changed Rick and Morty's method of storytelling halfway through S4. THEY KNOW the government has been lying to us about a LOT of things from the very beginning and they have been fucking with us ever since.
Not a single person I found on the internet on social media knows that Trump argued DELIBERATELY against the currently seated democrats to cut their "stimulus" bill by 1/3. They are too fixated on "wow Trump is spending billions building a new federal agency." But not a single damn person looked at the fact that Trump argued tooth and nail for 30 million Americans to HAVE unemployment benefits. That's because people who control the media, aka the REAL fascists, are only shining lights on the things they want to shine a light on, and because not a single person looks up HOW that entire political scene developed, everyone quickly assumes from a news article "wow this news article says this, so it must be true!" Yeah fucking right. Go to the government websites. Watch the damn conversations. Yes Trump says stupid shit but that's because HE'S FORCED TO read off the teleprompter. If he doesn't they're not even going to AIR it. The ENTIRE media is involved in this asinine crap because they aren't telling us anything. Trump fought for at least 30 million officially unemployed Americans to have unemployment money. But the democrats wanted to pass a bill that was 3x the funding, and they wanted to fund their "FBI" building up to 2 billion dollars. What's really happening is that these STIMULUS funds FOR US are being forcibly funneled into federal agencies because the democrats want to improve on [Kennedy's sex tunnels]5 , and yes, they're using children as stated in the[ Podesta emails that also involve Obama and Hillary]6 . ALL OF THESE POLITICIANS ARE INVOLVED. Why was Trump adamant on forcing Obama to release his official birth certificate? He knows something. Just pay deep close attention to how these politicians talk, look at their extremely subtle facial interactions when they speak. You can really tell what's on their mind.
Those last couple sentences. That's why you need to consume cannabis in moderate amounts. Cannabis does the soul a favor by helping it strip apart subjective biases. There's a reason why rappers like Lil Baby (who isn't really into faces because he judges by the mind and heart only, and he said this in the song The Bigger Picture), XXXTentacion (listen to songs like RIP Roach, ignore the 30 seconds of moaning, and listen to it carefully), Snoop Dogg, have been trying their ASS off let us know about the good usage of weed. I'm willing to bet Juice Wrld is still alive. His funeral was PRIVATE.
Because weed helps us wake up. But nah, these bastards control these people like they control Lady Gaga or Taylor Swift. They tested Lady Gaga's character by making her do extreme exercises to see if she was willing to listen and obey instructions given by powerful people in order for her to have what she wants. She is a person who values her own fame, money, and life over us, and they use her to create content for us so we are appeased thinking the messages from her songs are all fine, but as a kid growing up, looking back at the songs about "I wanna take a ride on your disco stick," sickens me. Not because it's a woman telling us what she wants. But because they normalized this and as a kid growing up, and as a kid growing up, it twisted my mind because I started to pay attention to things and what she meant. And when RapGenius came along, well, it answered 90% of my curiosity's insatiable hunger.
Black Mirror did a damn good job with Miley Cyrus of showing us their reality in S5E3. There a reason why Kanye West is trying so so hard to tell us but he's scared to speak up and if he does, he gets cancelled as "mental health problems."
There's a reason why Steve Carrel starred in Space Force show on Netflix and his family in the show literally depicts Trump. They even talk about how Trump's daughter is someone who has been searching for love her whole life and gave a small intro to her dating life just like Ivanka Trump's. There's a reason why Steve Carrel, someone ALL liberals love from the show The Office, is acting in the position of Trump in Space Force. SF is a branch created by Trump because he wants to work with Elon Musk to go to the moon to farm Helium 3 so we can ACTUALLY FINALLY begin NUCLEAR FUSION and have near limitless energy! We would solve ALL of our energy problems, allowing machines and computers to run forever and find solutions for us to all of humanity's problems and leave the humans to think about philosophy and enjoy life. Don't you want that? Or do you wanna stay on this path of fighting each other, fighting democrats vs. conservatives, fighting against the government's tyranny through their abuse of us like what the CIA has been doing all across the world. Do you think any of this is fair? This was in history. What makes it so that none of this isn't happening today? Do you think we live in a perfect society? Do you even question your own society?
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2020.07.19 23:40 metasciences1234 My Reviews 4
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2020.07.16 05:19 BoogerSugarSovereign Did Michael Jordan Suppress a 2003 Story About Him Stealing a Sportswriter's Date?

Way back in 2003, when I still a PYT, I came across a story by Greg Seigle of the Washington City Paper. It wasn't super scandalous, but it was pretty damn funny to me. A sportswriter out on a date just so happened to bump in Michael Jeffrey Jordan and his entourage. Jordan had taken interest in his date before the writer arrived. He stood no chance. Over the years I returned to this story a few times for a cheap laugh. A few days ago, I attempted to track the story down and read it again but it was nowhere to be found. Thankfully, a SpursTalk forum post preserved this gem in its entirety, which I will present here:
Michael Jordan Tried to Steal My Date by Greg Seigle It's just before 10 p.m. Tuesday Jan. 8, 2002, and my cell phone rings—it's Christine, an out-of-town heartthrob, calling from the Four Seasons Hotel. She's just arrived in D.C. for a brief business trip and wants to meet for a late-night bite.
I'm busy writing a story for a news service, but it's hard to resist. She's famished, so we agree she'll go ahead to Cafe Milano and I'll meet her there in a half-hour.
About the same time we're on the phone, Michael Jordan is facing a larger-than-usual swarm of reporters at the MCI Center after playing in a 96-88 win over the Los Angeles Clippers. The morning papers have just revealed that his wife of 13 years, Juanita Jordan, has filed for divorce in Waukegan, Ill. A Chicago Sun-Times reporter asks if his divorce is inevitable. "None of your business," Jordan snarls, according to a subsequent account in the Washington Post.
As I'm striding toward the wood-framed glass doors of Milano, sucking on a breath mint, it occurs to me that Christine probably won't be sitting alone. She's a svelte, attractive woman; the vultures of Milano will surely have latched on to her. I walk faster.
Standing at the entrance, scanning tables, I quickly spot Christine—eating at a round table ringed with six big men. That's really all I notice—that these guys are big. She's talking, laughing, oblivious to my arrival.
"Great," I mutter, wanting to spin around and split. Still, I'm anxious to catch up. So I suck in a deep breath and beeline for her, hoping she'll jump up, throw her arms around me, and, after a quick adieu to the big boys, sashay off to another table with me.
"Hey, Christine," I murmur.
Christine's caught off guard. Her wide-eyed expression seems to say, Oh shit! I forgot about you! She doesn't stand.
"This is my friend Greg," she announces timidly, flipping her hand at me. Silence.
"Hey there," I mutter, smiling meekly and nodding toward the men. No response.
One guy—a burly bald man who reminds me of Russian-mafia thugs I encountered during a reporting stint in the former Soviet Union—shoots me a sustained "get the **** out of here" stare. Another man, curly-haired, scurries away to summon the manager.
Christine is flustered. "Grab a seat," she says, even though there are no chairs available.
Suddenly, I realize that one of the men sneering at me, the one seated to the left of Christine, is Michael Jordan.
My boyish instinct is to burst into a big smile, stick out my right hand and exclaim: "Oh my God! Michael Jordan! How the hell are you?"
But the macho man inside me wants to growl: "Dude, are you hitting on my date?"
The restaurant's manager sidles up and whispers: "Sir, if you could, please move away. The gentlemen want to conduct some business."
I look to Christine for a clue. Her eyes dart towards Jordan's, then back at mine. She grins sheepishly.
Just then, two people stand up to leave, causing a timely distraction. "Look," I tell Christine, as soon as I can speak without anyone hearing. "I'm going to leave, OK? It's Michael Jordan, for crying out loud. Go for it. Have a good time."
But just as I'm turning away, Christine surprises me—and everyone else—by grabbing my forearm. "No!" she blurts out. "Don't go! Hold on."
She abruptly stands up and bids the group farewell, hoisting her half-finished bowl of shrimp ravioli and glass of champagne as she leaves.
The waiter scrambles to react, and Christine and I head for a table of our own. The move happens so fast I don't think to ask for a table far, far away. Big mistake.
We settle into the table right next to Jordan's—Christine snares the seat facing him as I sit to the side—and it seems all eyes are upon us. Including his.
I figure MJ and his pals will soon grow tired of ogling Christine, who's wearing a strapless minidress and knee-high black boots. After a half-hour, however, it becomes clear they're not going to stop.
"Jeez, I'm not that good-looking," Christine says.
Despite the distractions, we're mostly engrossed in conversation. At one point, she's voluntarily saying she's attracted to me. "It's the champagne," I laugh nervously. She knows I'm gaga for her.
Still, it's impossible to ignore the table of men next to us, especially that guy with the poster-boy smirk. Christine isn't blameless, either. I notice her occasionally smiling Jordan's way. The second or third time, I call her on it.
"Is there a problem?" I ask.
"I'm sorry. It's just that he keeps staring at me," she says.
I swing my head toward Jordan; he tips his head back and puffs on a cigar, pretending not to notice.
I can't believe this is happening—I'm getting dissed by one of the most popular icons in Washington...the, the entire world! Isn't he supposed to be a role model?
While Christine is off in the ladies' room, I catch Jordan's eye for a millisecond. His upper lip curls, as though I were some rookie trying to challenge him on the court.
When Christine gets back, she's clearly basking in the attention from the other table. I figured she made her choice when she left Jordan's table. My instincts now, though, tell me she may be reconsidering. I suggest we leave, but she says she wants to stay.
Now it's my turn to go to the bathroom. When I re-emerge, the curly-haired man is sitting next to her in one of our unused chairs. I sit down and engage in some polite banter. He's Tim Grover, Jordan's personal trainer. Grover seems unimpressed by the news that my cousin Leslie is married to Wizards backup guard Hubert Davis.
So I stand up, extend my right hand, and announce, "Well, it was nice to meet you, Tim. Have a good night." He glides back to Jordan's table.
I sit there stewing. I've admired Jordan from afar for many years. Now that I've encountered him face to face he's...uh, he's hitting on my date?
Before I can call for the check, the men at Jordan's table rise to leave, hovering over us and fluffing their expensive outerwear.
A tall bald man in a full-length white cashmere coat remains behind, mumbling, "See you soon" to Jordan and the others as they shuffle out. He takes a seat at the bar, orders a drink, and swivels around in his stool so he faces my side.
Minutes later, Christine and I get up to go. As I take a few steps ahead of her to grab the door, the man in the cashmere coat slips behind me. When I turn around, he's whispering in her ear, handing her a note of some sort. Christine quickly grabs it and stuffs it in her pocket. The man scurries away.
"Hey, what was that he handed you?" I ask Christine, acting amused.
"Oh, you mean this?" she says, playfully handing me a card adorned with the Wizards logo. It's the card of Fred Whitfield, identified as a "legal counsel" for the team.
"What did he say to you?" I ask, bravely handing the card back.
"Ummm...he said, ‘When that guy drops you off, call this phone number and we'll send the limo to pick you up,'" Christine responds.
"Really? Wow. Are you going to call?"
"I don't know yet," she replies.
Christine and I walk outside into the freezing night, where a black, chrome-trimmed limo is idling out front, warm and cozy. We climb into my nearby car, a dented Ford Taurus with frost bits dotting the windshield.
"Brrrr!" Christine chirps, rubbing her upper arms and exhaling thin clouds of steam.
I drive her to her hotel. There, Christine surprisingly lays one on me, a long, slow kiss that, after it ends a minute or three later, stirs me to inquire whether I should see her upstairs.
"No, it's late, and I have to get up early," she says. My car clock reads 1:24 a.m.
She jumps out and I watch her walk down the long corridor of the Four Seasons before driving away, fighting off the urge to park nearby and see if the limo cruises up.
The next afternoon, unable to contain my curiosity, I call Christine and ask point blank: "What happened after I dropped you off?"
"Now, Greg, what kind of a woman do you think I am?" she says, laughing.
There's a brief, awkward pause before she pipes up again.
"What, do you think I'd actually go hook up with him?"
I want to believe Christine, but it's difficult, especially after she tells me that she's suddenly decided to extend her stay in D.C. a few days for reasons other than work—and will be busy until Friday.
Now I'm scrambling to check my Wizards schedule. Yep, the team is in town—until Friday, when it departs for Milwaukee.
Later, Christine informs me she spent part of her "mini-vacation" gallivanting about Washington with the Jordan gang. She swears it was just tea, dinner, and the like.
"He's a very nice man," Christine alleges.
"Do you think he was nice to me?" I snap back.
"I guess not," she concedes.
I haven't gone out with Christine again, although we still keep in minimal touch.
In my jilted eyes, Jordan's a role model all right—a role model for spoiled athletes who think they and their hangers-on can run roughshod over anyone. He has to dominate, even in casual social situations. And he's remarkably thorough about it. At Cafe Milano, when I received the bill, I couldn't help noticing that the ravioli and champagne Christine had picked up at Jordan's table had been transferred to my tab.
Ever since I read it, this has always been my favorite Michael Jordan story. Maybe Christine was prettier than she alleges, but for me it brings to mind the story of Jodan trying to bet former MTV "VJ" Kennedy her virginity over a card game. I'm sure Jordan had prettier women at his beck and call, but the chance to go somewhere where no one else had, or to deny someone - in this case Seigle - something they wanted seemed to be almost pathological in Jordan. But if it weren't for SpursTalk the story would be gone. Outside of a contemporaneous Wall Street Journal piece, I couldn't find any mention of this Seigle story anywhere. And now the paper that ran it as a cover story has taken it down. I checked the Internet Archive, and I had to go all the way back to June, 01, 2003 to find when the piece was last available on the Washington City Paper.
Occam's razor presents a clear, likely scenario: uhhhh... Jordan was still married to Juanita in 2003(they didn't divorce until 2006) and the story probably threatened his then-happy home. The mythologizing side of me likes to think that this was a follow-up to that evening. That Jordan heard about a story his vanquished rival was running and saw that it had gained some traction and sicced a squad of lawyers on him to have what was probably the most popular thing he's ever written scrubbed off of the internet. That he wanted to dominate anonymous ass Greg Seigle one more time. That he took it personally. I'm probably imagining it, but I find it hard to imagine the Washington City Paper removing a piece that was referenced in the Wall Street Journal entirely of their own accord.
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2020.07.07 03:41 freiza- Experience of a Ricecel

(Disclaimer: this is not mine, I found it on .me)
"Ricecel living in Southwest Indiana. Chinese father. Filipina mother. Father died when I was 10. White stepfather came into the picture 2 years later, along with his alcohol and abuse problems. Only Ricecel living in my town. Currently still living with my parents as long as I give half of my income to them as rent.
Physical Stats: Age: 36. Height: 5'4 (last annual doctor's appointment 4 months ago). Weight: 129 lbs. with 15% Body Fat as of writing (via FitBit Scale). Was 127 at my annual checkup. Wrist Circumference: 6 in. measured with measuring tape. Dick (Length x Girth): 3 in. x 3 in. measured with measuring tape. Job: Wal-Mart Cashier.
Can't grow any facial hair. Have the Asian bucktooth overbite. If you don't know what that is, google any Chinese Exclusion Act cartoon back then in the 1880-90s. My family never had the money to get me braces. Voicecel bc my voice sounds gay and with a heavy lisp due to the way my lower face is developed (also recorded my own voice to verify). Eyelid height approx. 1/8 of an inch measured with a measuring tape. Flat nose. Receding hairline AND bald spot. Crow's feet and dark circles. Developing wrinkles on forehead.
Sex stats: KHHV. Never went to high school parties (never invited because who would lol) or dances (forget prom; not that anyone would accept my prom request or anyone would dance with me at HS dances). Went to community college. Never attended any college party. I never had a girl grind her ass on me, so I don't even know what another foid's ass feels like (forget tits). In fact, my parents never kissed me on the cheek as far as I remember, not even as a young boy (maybe as a baby but even that is debatable. Can't ask my mother now because she doesn't talk to me anymore). My only "real" sexual experience? My white stepfather was fucking my mother with the bedroom door open, as my mother screamed how big his cock was. That's the only sexual experience I have. Currently doing self-therapy right now as I have been getting off to too much WMAF porn in the past.
Dating stats: None. Zero. Zip. Used Tinder for 5 years. Bumble for 3. No Tinder or Bumble matches within 100 (Tinder) or 250 (Bumble) miles of my home. No Tinder matches even with Passport, or Bumble matches with Travel, even in "Asian enclaves" like San Francisco, Los Angeles, and NYC. My mother is Filipina, and tried putting my Tinder Passport in Manila, Davao, and Cebu (no luck because duh), and tried other Asian countries like Bangkok, Shanghai, and Seoul. No matches. I even have a pic with a dog on it because every single fucking dating article says having that pic increases your chances of matching, but I'm pretty sure all the women around me think I'm just prepping it for a meal or some shit.
My former delusional cope: I tried to find self-esteem going on cam sites. Some told me I'm handsome, but when I ask honestly what they think of me, they go "average" 5/10, which translates to 0/10 because cam models prop your self-esteem up to keep you coming back and visiting and spending money on you. This is the only thing going for me right now, but shit is expensive. Yes. It had gotten to THAT point. I'm off of that cope now and just sticking to gardening and nature shit, but I'm sharing this because so I can encourage others to forgive themselves and move on from their cringey experiences too.
I cope and try to be positive and say positive things to myself. Try to engage politically, socially, etc. I try to help others out if they have questions. However, how can you be confident and positive when LITERALLY EVERYONE IN THE WORLD THINKS YOU'RE UGLY AND MASK IT AND SAY YOU'RE "CUTE" IN ORDER TO MAKE NOT ME, but THEM FEEL BETTER??
I'm angry. I'm hurt. This world is so cruel. I wish Asian men were sex symbols in Hollywood and entertainment, but that means another race would be left out, and as someone who tries to have a pure heart, I don't want other races to suffer the hurt I'm going through. Is this the burden put on me? To carry this enormous weight so others can be sexually free?
"But riceronicel, there's always someone out there for you!"
Every day I go on Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, or any other social media platform, all I see are Stacys dating white, black, or Hispanic Chads or Normies. You NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, see ANY, I repeat, ANY Stacy even be IMPLIED, let alone SEEN, in a PLATONIC pic together with a RICE, let alone these social media platforms EVER PROMOTE IT. FORGET RELATIONSHIPS. FORGET MARRIAGES. FORGET FAMILIES.
I'm convinced of something that sounds outrageous to the conventional mind, but I can't help but think this is extremely true. There must be a reason why Hollywood celebrities, entertainers, and supermodels/IG models never have relationships with ANY Asian man (let alone interracial relationships involving Asian men), even the Changs. It's definitely not that they're unavailable, which makes ZERO sense because Los Angeles, the Chad/Stacy entertainment capital of the world and No. 1 destination for all IG Chads/Stacys, has one of the highest concentrations of Rice men in the USA, AND they earn on average a higher income than any other race in the ENTIRE country. My theory? It's because being seen with a Rice is a MARKETING/SPONSORSHIP KILLER. You're seen holding hands with a Rice and that shit gets posted on TMZ? Get ready to lose sponsorships, fans, and revenue. You think I'm crazy? Look what the fuck happened to Lorde. She dated a 2/10 Rice with no jaw or chin and everyone mocked her for it. Even Tyler the Creator thought the entire thing was fucking hilarious. Her music career withered out. They broke up, but by that point it was too late for her. Her career was shot and she has been thrown back into obscurity and irrelevancy. We haven't seen her around since.
It makes me SO ANGRY that these so many of these foids LOVE Rice culture, the "peacefulness," "harmony," "food," of which they only like Japanese hibachi and sushi, Chinese take-out, and maybe one or two select dishes from Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam, and other boo hoo shit like dragons and coconut trees, but hate the men that live there, provide for the culture, and keep it alive until their dying breath. Every Stacy loves a man who can cook because she has no ability to do anything herself...unless it's a hibachi chef, then these Stacy's love the skills and food but not the chef. Same with a sushi chef. I mean let's be honest. When's the last time you heard any foid say they want to have loving intercourse with a HIBACHI/SUSHI CHEF? NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. Everyone likes a badass samurai, but the only samurai the west knows? WHEN TOM FUCKING CRUISE WAS ON IT. What? You think foids want to go gaga for Ken Watanabe? Donnie Yen? Yeah, fuck off. Everyone thinks a karate master is cool. Ever heard anyone want to have sex with one? FUCK NO.
LMAO what, you think that K-Pop gay shit group BTS is changing the scene for ricecels like me? First off, no offense, but have you seen their fans? They are the same stereotypical foids who get bullied for being ugly and fat, and so find refuge in anime and K-Pop. Not even Beckys like K-Pop. They are usually smelly fucking land whales that are into that shit. If, god forbid, a Stacy is into BTS/K-Pop, then she hides it from her friends so she doesn't lose popularity. Stacy's in their high school years like One Direction, Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, or some white country singer like Kenny Chesney, Jason Aldean, or Florida Georgia Line (where I'm from anyway). If it's a celebrity/high-profile Stacy showing love to them, like Camila Cabello, then it's not because they're genuinely attracted to Rice, but because the BTS fanbase is one of the most active on the Internet, so it's solely for cross fandom and revenue. Nothing more. Even the "most popular" Rice group out here getting BETABUXXED. WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT?! LOLOL you think Camila Cabello fawning over BTS when a Chad like Shawn Mendes is at her beck and call? Fuck no. That's why she chose the white Chad over a gay rice e-boy group.
Oh, you think that shitty rom-com Asian movie Crazy Rich Asians will help me? First off, Hollywood has indirectly told me that full Rice are never good enough for the big screen. That's why they cast a fucking hapa Chang as the fucking lead. The hapa with numerous white features. You don't believe me? Open 2 tabs on your browser. The first one, google "Asian man." The second, google "Henry Golding," and then tell me if he looks like a Rice.
Even then, tell me the last time some non-Asian bitch fell head over heels for Henry Golding. I'll wait. He was named People's Sexiest Man Alive so the magazines could fill a racial quota, not because he's actually good-looking lololol fuck no. And then you sit and think any foid will fall for a fucking full 100% RICE?! NOPE.
And the worst part? These Stacys don't even hate us openly. They act indifferent on the outside but despise us with the burning desire of a thousand suns in their hearts. That's the worst part. I wish they would just be unfiltered and say Asian men are butt fuck ugly and would never want to even be in the same hemisphere as them, that we're sexless and never deserve to reproduce with them. But this world of political correctness prevents everyone from telling their deepest, darkest feelings. This is the media's way to keep us down. Because if the true thoughts came out, then there would probably be some similar movement to a Black Lives Matter and by that point media cannot afford to ignore us. Hence, to keep us down in the well of sexless hell, they're quiet about it. Never talk about it. Thus, we don't exist in the mind of the foid, and our issues will never be talked about.
Sometimes I wish the West went to war with the East. At least our population and future generations would be saved from the embarrassment everyone else gives us. China has a surplus of men as a result of the disastrous one-child policy implemented by the Chinese government many decades ago. At least many will die with the idea of fighting for their country instead of dying alone having never touched the hand of a foid. Japan has 50 and 60 year old virgins everywhere now, decreasing their population, all because of what? The unrealistic expectation the foids over there have of their own men. Korea, unless you go under the knife to looksmax, you will be forever sexless. Filipinas only love white men, and so do all SEA countries. There's a reason why that dumb show 90 Day Fiance has a fat whitey named Ed with a no neck syndrome getting a filipina girl and you never see any Rice in ANY reality TV show in the west.
It's over for me. It's BEEN over for me. It never began. My father died when I was 10. My Filipina white cock whore mother married the most abusive white man I have ever met in my life. He would whip me for not doing something right (yes you read that right. He WHIPPED me) and beat me with a metal wrench, which I carry the scars to this day (and the numerous bald spots on my head from the beatings).
Hopefully my story and the wisdom I have picked up from my shitty life can help some of you in here to succeed and become the best version of yourselves. I just joined this forum so forgive me as I'm still tinkering around here a little. I have given some looksmax advice, and currently doing a jawzrsize trial which I just crossed half a month.
If you got this far thanks for reading"
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2020.07.06 01:38 WorkingGrocery3203 (Almost) Every Video Made Private by Jenna Marbles

Hey there! I'm new around here, so I don't know if anyone has posted this yet or if this is the right place to put this information. When Jenna made her last video I was devastated, so I took some time going through her main account and I tried to compile a list of every video that went private. I sat on it for awhile, not knowing what to do, but I figure y'all would appreciate it. There are probably some errors and omissions, but here goes:
  1. Testing A Viral Dog Car Harness
  2. An Adventure In Paraffin Wax
  3. Prank Calling People But We Can’t Hear Them
  4. Reacting to People Who Have Smashed or Passed Me
  5. How Many Balloons Will It Take To Make My Dog Fly
  6. Quadruple Dog Sweater
  7. I Rant For You
  8. How To Care For Your Cermet 2
  9. Open Letters
  10. Bad Habits
  11. Childhood Stories
  12. My Dog Chasing A Drone
  13. Unpopular Opinions
  14. Girls Day
  15. Things I’m Bad At As An Adult
  16. Why This Is Like That
  17. Donald Trump Sucks
  18. Extras 2015 Part 2
  19. Drunk Christmas Pinterests
  20. People I Hate
  21. I Rate Your Pets
  22. Things I Thought As A Kid Part 2
  23. Learning Japanese
  24. How To Mildly Annoy Your Dogs Part 3
  25. True Life: I’m Addicted To Elder Scrolls
  26. Challenge Mashup 2
  27. Some Thoughts On Avocados
  28. Prank Calling In Sick From Jobs I Don’t Have
  29. Jenna’s Ratchet Dog Salon
  30. Moq Does My Makeup
  31. My Dogs Draw Their Lives
  32. Things That Are Ruining My Life
  33. Drunk Magic
  34. What Your Eyelashes Mean
  35. Eating Dog Treats With My Dogs
  36. Why Low Expectations Are Good
  37. Blind Date Adventures
  38. Speech Jammer Challenge With Shane Dawson
  39. Current Favorites and DIY’s
  40. What A Guys Facial Hair Means
  41. Touch My Body Challenge
  42. Drunk Review: As Seen on TV Products
  43. Things I Thought As A Kid
  44. What A Girls Jewelry Means
  45. How To Do Your Makeup In the Car ft. Your Annoying…
  46. Pet Peeves
  47. What Hip Hop Taught Me Part 3
  48. Kylie Jenner Lip Tutorial
  49. Extras 2014 Part 2
  50. Extras 2014 Part 1
  51. The 12 Days of Your Annoying Girlfriend
  52. Buttspiration
  53. What A Girls Underwear Means
  54. Jenna’s Drunk Art School: Sculpting
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Edit 2: Added My Dogs Try Fruits and Vegetables.
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2020.07.02 16:23 Lylyluvda916 Showmance Recap S2S1 Audition

On Thursdays, we will be listening and discussing the Showmance Recap by Jenna and Kevin.
Yesterday, we rewatched and discussed the episode. The recap can be found here. Watch parties are on Wednesday at 3:00 PM PST. If you want to join, but the time isn't right, let me know via PM.
Links to the podcast:
Showmance podcast link for Apple podcast
Showmance link to Spotify podcast
Showmance link on PodcastOne.
Next week is Britney/Brittany. They will have a special guest. It is not Brittany. The watch party is on Wednesday at 3:00 PM PST.
Have questions for KJ, submit them to [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) or leave a message on the SHOWMANCE HOTLINE at 424.248.8065.
If you've got questions but are too shy to ask. Let me know. I will send them out for you:)
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2020.06.30 18:15 remeard 2021 Bonnaroo Rumor and Confirmation Thread

A rumor and confirmation thread? In June? That's right, with Bonnaroo 2020 being cancelled work is already under way for Bonnaroo 2021 and we're already seeing official confirmations popping up on artists' websites. Before we begin, here's a quick look at 2019, 2018, and 2020 Rumor and Confirmation threads. A reminder that next year the dates for Bonnaroo are June 17-20!
Please include links to the rumor or confirmation if possible.
Typically speaking, Bonnaroo doesn't have artists come back to back each year. That being said, this has been everything except typical. I expect to see a lot of artists that were on the 2020 lineup show back up in the 2021 lineup and a bit more variety.
Any help you guys can get is appreciated. The majority of the finds are done by you all, with that being said let's go over a couple ground rules, same as last year. I may not include every artist that gets mentioned - if I don't add your pick don't be offended. Also, I'm only one person, I'll try to update this post as much as possible - just be patient. The bigger the name, the more likely it's going to be added, especially the "OUT" section. Also keep in mind that while Bonnaroo has a fairly diverse line up, we probably don't need to focus on rock/metal in the out section - I don't expect Kasvot Växt to make it.
Also, HUGE shout out to SimeonsDilemma, I'm using this format from last year, and of course the mods for keeping this place one of the best music festival communities on the internet.
Here is a quick guide to the different categories in this thread:
Confirmed: (Roo clues with indisputable answers, Artist confirmations, Bonnaroo confirmations)
Semi-Confirmed: (Roo clues with unclear answers, Leaks, Info from reliable sources)
Facebook Event: Artist has Bonnaroo 2021 listed as an event on their Facebook page. Some seem to be automated listings from Songkick, others have conflicting dates. Take this with a grain of salt. I'm listing this separately this year.
Rumored/Speculative: (Speculations with no hard evidence, talking with an artist at a show)
Unlikely: (Tour dates that make appearance seem unlikely, TN dates, overseas before/after Roo)
Out: (No Bonnaroo dates open, at other festivals/overseas during Roo)
Please note: Take everything in this thread with a grain of salt! Roo clues are sometimes incorrect, artists are sometimes incorrect, etc. In 2019, all of the artists listed under "Confirmed", "Semi-Confirmed", & "Out" were correct. However in the "Possible" section, only 20 artists listed were on the lineup. In the "Rumored" section, only 4/11 artists listed were booked and in "Unlikely", 4 artists listed ended up on the lineup.
King Gizzard and The Wizard Lizard Now saying no tours until fall Facebook update
Elderbrook Official Website Link
Facebook Event Listed
Rezz Artist Facebook Page (Thanks Danielrh9) link
Flume Artist Facebook Page (Thanks Danielrh9) link
Turkuaz Artist Facebook page link
Brittany Howard Artist Facebook Page link
Big Wild Artist Facebook Page Link
Ekali Artist Facebook Page Link
Still Woozy Artist Facebook Page Link
Atliens Artist Facebook Page Link
Pls&ty Artist Facebook page Link
Mdou Moctar Artist Facebook Page Link
DynoHunter Artist Facebook Page Link
Big Something Artist Facebook Page Link
Dabin Artist Facebook Page Link
Devon Gilfillian Artist Facebook Page Link
Ezra Collective Artist Facebook Page Link
Larkin Poe Artist Facebook Page Link
Liz Cooper and the Stampede Artist Facebook Page link
Seven Lions Artist Facebook Page Link
Troyboi Artist Facebook Page Link
Primus Ticketmaster and Facebook (thanks Roobus!) Link
Glass Animals Artist Facebook Page (but may be automated through Song Kick) Link
Tones and I Artist Facebook Page (Note: Listed as in Germany June 19) link
Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats Artist Facebook (May be automated through Song Kick) Link
Dermot Kennedy Artist Facebook Page Link
Subtronics Artist Facebook Page Link
Billy Strings Artist Facebook Page Link
EOB Artist Facebook Page Link
Nilüfer Yanya Artist Facebook Page Link
William Black Artist Facebook Page Link
Lick Artist Facebook Page Link
The Struts Artist Facebook Page Link
Cuco Artist Facebook Page Link
Oysterhead Speculative as Oysterhead is performing other fests and Primus is confirmed Link
Marc Rebillet Conversation with artist (Thanks Silivin!) Link
Lady Gaga The What Podcast Link
A date in TN from March-August makes someone a bit less likely to attend Roo due to potential Radius Clauses. These matter the most for bigger artists. Some of the artists with a TN date listed as the source could still play Roo. Because 2021 will be such an oddball year, this may be irrelevant
Run the Jewels Tour Dates on West Coast June 17 and 19th Link
Rage Against the Machine Tour Dates on West Coast June 17 and 19th Link
Deftones Overseas during Roo Link
King Gizzard and the Wizard Lizard Had the date up, but now saying no touring until fall Facebook update
Tool Vocalist is playing festival overseas same weekend Link
Bassnectar Suspending all live performances Link
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2020.06.25 00:50 Faithinthebigguy How the Devil ACTUALLY works

I feel like this should be in the religion channel because it's really just adding to what already exists in the bible and exorcist documentation. But for some strange reason they don't want people to know how the Devil actually works there. So I had to post it here.
The evil legions
To know thy enemy is to help defeat thy enemy. So let's get to know them a little bit
which is actually something the devil really doesn't want people to know at all. Cause
knowing really is half the battle here. Once you see them they are much easier to
defeat. Once you know they are there trying to influence you to get angry, or to say
mean things they are that much easier to resist. My dad and his wife are already
beginning to realize theirs and they are shocked at just how mean and angry they used
to be all the time.
Movies and games lead us to believe the Devil has a physical form on this planet. They
want us to believe we can simply pull out a gun and kill them. Well unfortunately it is
not that easy. It makes movies and games a lot more fun to think they have physical forms
here but in fact they don't. They can only attach themselves to us and live vicariously
through us. The devil doesn't just pop up in a cloud of smoke with a pitch fork and a
pointy tail. He comes through us without most of us realizing what is going on even
though others around us can see it. They will begin to see people changing and doing or
saying things they normally would not, like while in a severe depression.
What the bible calls 'sin' are negative energy attachments to us. These are the things
that give us the influence to do things we would not otherwise do. On any normal average
day your spirit defenses should be up. But once in a while we go through devastating
emotional or physical loss and these negative energy attachments can latch on to us.
That's why people after a very hard breakup usually start thinking about suicide. People
who come to a mutual conclusion for a breakup probably aren't having those same thoughts.
Think of the human body as a radiating light. When you are born you 'should' be born
free of any negative entites. But that is why there is also a cleansing ritual at birth.
Simply passing water over a child and asking God and Jesus to cleanse the child of any
sins and they will to be sure they have a fair start in life as everyone else. Then it
is up to your parents to be sure you are raised correctly without sin entering your life,
or even worse being the cause of your sin.
As we go through life just walking around our spirit defenses are up. Nothing can
randomly assign and attach to us although you may feel some negativity around. It
shouldn't be able to dig in. Something needs to happen for that. You either need to
accept the wrong things into your life on purpose, or a dramatic event happens like
someone being raped, getting drunk and passing out or being beaten by a spouse or parent.
When things like this happen the spirit defenses go down. This allows the devil and his
army of negative spirits to latch onto us. Typically the thing that caused the damage
is the type that will latch on.
One time I was nearly passed out drunk at a friends house. I was outside in the rain
and I saw a shadow figure standing next to a tree. I got this sense in my head of
"I've got you now" and I saw him leaping towards me. I remember thinking "Oh no you
don't!" but I fear it was too late. I was also at my house once while living in
Redmond, WA and I was just getting into bed. I remember laying down and feeling a
strange feeling on my head like a buzzing sense. Then I felt almost like I was being
pulled out of my body. It was not a good feeling so I fought it and tried to wake
up. Keep in mind this is in the first 10 minutes or so of just having gone to bed
so I wasn't sleepy or doing any drugs or anything. Then I woke up unable to move.
I was laying on my stomach with my head turned slightly up and I felt something
physically on my back. I felt like it had claws and they were digging into my back.
I tried to sceam, shout, move, anything but I just couldn't do it. I eventually
passed out and woke up the next morning freaking out. This is what some people call
sleep paralysis.
Sleep paralysis or seeing shadow people in your room is a good sign that you have had
a very strong negative attachment or demon tied to you. Once they are latched on they
do not simply just go away. Even though you can't see or feel them any more directly
believe me they are still there. That's when they begin to influence your thoughts
and you will start having urges to do things you wouldn't normally do. And the devil
and his legions aren't stupid. They aren't going to enter your body and on the first
day try to get you to kill someone. They are smart. They start out small. Let's do
one little bad thing, drink a little bit, do some light drugs, then move slowly but
surely into harder and harder things and they are hoping to get you to a point where
they actually can get you to be a full blow rapist, murderer, killer and hardcore drug
Many people will be able to physically tell they have these attachments on them. They
will feel a constant aching or burning in one area of their body, and a lot of times it
will be on the back. It will be a super sore muscle or a tingly sensation on the skin.
And it just doesn't ever seem to go away. It's always there. Jenna had her attachment
right about 5 inches below her shoulder dead center on her spine. She was always
rubbing it and would put a ball down on the ground and roll over the ball on her neck
in that area. She knew exactly where the negative energy attachment was she just didn't
know what it actually was. Some people will get migranes with ones attached to their
heads or constant terrible lower back pains to ones attached there. But where do they
come from?
Let's say you get 10 people plastered drunk. One of them for some strange reason
comes out an alcoholic. That one is the one the spirit of loving alcohol attached to.
From now on that person will experience strong negative thoughts constantly from that
spirit to want to drink. And if they don't drink that spirit can actually cause
physical ailments if it is not getting what it wants. They may feel their skin crawling,
headaches, pains, addiction symptoms. But the other 9 people could be perfectly fine.
Many will attest this to just being 'in their blood' or something. Which is exactly what
the devil wants you to think. Because if you don't know he's there, then you don't have
to turn to God to get rid of him. Something small like smoking or alcoholism can be
defeated by yourself with tremendous difficulty. But the greater demons you will all but
need the assistance of God and Jesus to get rid of. When you have something like this it
should be a realization that you need God and Jesus Christ in your life. They are always
there to help.
These evil spirits will sometimes even 'take over' for the first time doing something.
Almost like you are having an out of body experience when doing it. Then they will back
down and let you do it on your own and now you feel like you were the one with the whole
idea in the first place. But if you ever stop, then they will get angry and remind you
to keep doing it. They are lazy they don't want to have to keep making you do it every
time. They just want to keep feeding on the negative energy you get from doing evil
sinful things on your own. I think that's why people who start killing can't stop.
Once they please that demon, they feel the need to keep going on and on to keep it
happy which in turn makes them feel good. Not unlike the need to smoke except a much
harsher sin.
Let me share a personal experience I had with this. When I was about 15 I was at a
friends house who had a ferret. I liked that little thing a lot. One night in my room
he was sleeping with me I felt myself get very angry all of a sudden. Then I started
choking the ferret till it died. I had no idea what was wrong with me. I never hurt
animals before nore did I have a need to! After it died I felt like I 'woke up' and
thought "What did I JUST DO?!". So I started giving it CPR and amazingly it worked.
He came back to life! I was so happy I didn't just kill this poor little guy.
Then I got 'shut down' again, something took me over and started strangling it again!
After it died again I felt like I 'woke up' again and I was back in control. I could
not bring it back to life this time though. Whatever demon was taking control of me
wanted me to find pleasure in killing things. And I absolutely refused. I never hurt
another animal like that again in my life. I didn't realize what had happened until
my awakening when Jesus and God removedall of my sins. That event has bothered me
all of my life until now. I thought there was something seriously wrong with me in
doing that. But now I realize it was the devil trying to get me to follow his lead
and keep doing it in which case I refused.
Now I can reflect back on my life and see I made the right decisions in not continuing
to follow the devils teachings. This whole time though I thought there was something
very wrong with me. Now I know it was something else evil that had done this to
try to tempt me to become evil. I'm sure many of you have a similar feeling to
something like this. Or even thoughts of things where you reject them and are like
"Why would I ever do that, or even think it?!". These thoughts aren't your own. And
I would say most of us are good and reject these thoughts and feelings afterwards. But
some don't and they continue down the dark path.
It's nearly impossible to identify these things by yourself. Even if you are aware
you need to be looking. That's why it is so important to hold a circle of friends
on a Sunday so everyone can get a chance to speak and let each other know if they see
anything on the others that looks out of place from previously. Keep in mind the ONLY
thing that can defeat these evil things is God and Jesus Christ. If you think you are
going to take medicine for this well it's possible you can end up temporarily removing
the pain but you're more likely to add to that pain now with more of the devil's work.
And this whole bit about the 'universe' helping along with healing stones,
dream catchers, buddahs, or any other bit from a 'strange god' is not going to assist
but actually make it worse.
And let's be clear about this too. If you cut yourself with a knife, you don't need to
call on God to fix it. You need a bandaid. If you fall and break your leg, you don't
need to call on God to fix that either. Nor is he likely to. You need to go to the
hospital and get it fixed. What you don't need are crazy pain medications that cause
addictions. And you don't need to go to the hospital to try to fix a negative energy
attachment. These are two different causes to what looks almost like the same problems.
And I'm not saying every person with a back ache has demons, nor am I saying every
person with demons has back aches. It's just 'very common' to have these things.
One cause is physical, like cutting yourself, one cause is spiritual, like a smoking
entity. You can't just take medication to get rid of a smoking entity. It's possible
to actually even beat some entities on your own if you suffocate them enough to the
point they just leave. Like a smoking entity. Those that have been strong enough to
rid themselves of that sin by themselves are fantastic people. I received my cure
without actually knowing it was even coming. But many of our physical medical issues
today are actually caused spiritually. That's why nobody can seem to find a cure.
All they seem to find is a temporary relief or pain killers. But it's not fixing the
actual cause of the problem. And people who have never had an addiction will never
Some of these spirits are just too strong for us to defeat ourselves. Especially
if anyone ever has the devil himself latched on. This is what was attached to Jenna.
This thing caused her so much pain in her back, asthma, depression, thoughts of suicide,
and it was probably what burst her appendix when we were seeing each other in an attempt
to get me to not show up for a week so he could take her over not realizing because I
loved her I was going to anyways. In that case for sure you are going to need the help
of God and Jesus Christ. God is the one true God of all creation. Demons have no power
to him. He created them who then revolted against God.
So these spirits, negative entities, devils, demons, whatever name you would like to
give them seem to have a heirarchy system. You've got your lesser ones which do little
things like just make people have bursts of anger for no reason. Ever heard someone
get really mad really fast, then apologize right after saying they had no idea why?
Well now you know. And when you know it's there the next time you feel the need to
shout out you can hopefully stop yourself realizing it's not your thought. Then you've
got some medium ones who like to do things like be lazy, smoke, drink, find painful sex
enjoyable, eat too much, be greedy and horde all their wealth, cause pain in others any
way they can and other things along this line. Then you've got your major ones which
can actually take over physical control of their hosts and make them do things like self
mutilation, sleep walking, in rare cases hurt others. The punishment usually fits the
crime though. If you've got a major demon you usually did something majorly wrong. A
major demon isn't going to enter someone who just likes to eat red meat. It's possible
this person might not be prone to the rest of the things he would like to do.
Some of them are subtle early on and are gaining in strength. Ever known someone that
at a young age would sometimes 'get in a mood'? People would be like "Oh she's in one
of her moods". Then an hour or two later she's 'OK' again? That would be her negative
energy attachment taking her over for a short period of time. And it gets worse and
worse as time goes on. 1 hour mood swings turn into 2 hours, 4, 8, 24 hours. Over time
that thing gets stronger and stronger to the point where it eventually wants to be able
to control her fully and completely. That is a very good example of one of the lesser
ones gaining strength over time. This of course is probably going to be attempted as
explainable by phsyciatrists. But after 100's of years of psychology, what have they
fixed? Nothing. They are very good at finding the issues at hand and the signs of
attachments and possessions, but they don't have a solution for the fix. Because it's
a spiritual battle at hand for the most part.
For those of you who like to party you will know exactly what I am talking about. You
put just enough alcohol in your system so that you get to that halfway 'shut down'
phase and it feels almost as if something else has taken over for you. But you still
remember everything you just get to enjoy all the feelings without being in control.
Then when that shut down feeling starts wearing off, you drink a bit more. Some people
actually black out while drinking. That's because their entitites actually just took
them over rather than letting you sit in the back seat and watch.
This is really bad and means you probably have something terrible latched onto you that
doesn't even want you feeling any enjoyment at all. Then people will tell this person
"You were saying and doing some crazy stuff!". And that person has no idea what even
happened. This feeling though almost becomes addictive to be out of control and
something else is having all the fun for you and you just remember it all. Of course
this is how the devil works. He wants to keep you in a state where you think you are
happy and in fact you are in pain. It's very hard to get out of on your own. It's also
much more boring to be on the path of God, honestly. But we're not here to enjoy this
one life we are here to show we want to enjoy the entirety of our life after this place.
This is also why you'll see some actors in hollywood won't actually go to their films.
They know they have given their souls up in exchange for a great career. When they
watch themselves on the big screen it's almost as if they aren't even watching
themselves. It's their possession doing their work for them. Then they get to just
enjoy the money, wealth and fame afterwards. And of course in exchange for that once
they die their souls will be going to the underworld for eternal torment, torture and
incporporation into th devil's legions. The good news is that God and Jesus are
always here to accept your apology. No matter how bad we have sinned once we find
them we are welcome back into their house! We just have to allow them into our hearts
and love them, then reject the devil and all his teachings. One thing I'm not so sure
about though is if you PLAN to wait till the last minute to enjoy as much of the sin
as you can, then swap over. I'm not sure how they would react to that. So why risk
it? Is it worth risking your eternal soul trying to find a little loophole?
Hopefully this has shed some light on what the infernal legions are actually like.
They don't show up in a puff of smoke with a pointy tail. They come in through us
through a spiritual attachment on the body somewhere. And they say temptation is
never gone even when you are cleansed. And it's true. Even though I don't feel that
physical need to smoke any more I do get the psychilogical one every once in a while
as a reminder. And I of course pass it up knowing God and Jesus Christ are more
important in my life than poison in my body. I was the one who made the choice to do
this not them. So I will suffer for it until I move onto heaven. I also still have
a negative energy attachment on my back. He's there as a constant reminder that they
do exist. He also gets tingly and excited if I ever start seeing or experiencing
negative emotions or influences. So in a way he is my alert system. But he no longer
has any power over me.
We should never turn people away just because of their attachments or sins. We should
be there to help them. Beause almost all of us have had to go through at least one
of these things in our lifetimes. One of the hardest commandments to follow for most
men will probably be the one that explains no premarital sex and no self pleasuring.
I think people will soon find just how far we have really come from the path of God.
When people realize it I believe they will want to do the right thing even if it
means following the harder path. I know I am. I mean it's right around the corner
for robotic partners to be a real thing in your house. There will be nothing further
from the path of God than having an android as a husband or wife.
You should also be knowledgable to noticing if you or those around you are affected
by these negative entities. The other night I felt as if my room went completely
black. My guides were no longer there, Jesus was no longer there and even God had
left me. I thought I had done something wrong. I asked if I had and I got no
answer. I knew to trust in God and his will so I just went with the situation,
not as though I could do much anyways.
I felt things starting to crawl up my leg. I felt something touching my head and my
head started buzzing with energy. Then I felt if I was being taken over, like Jenah.
It felt like something was pushing me down in my own body. Like I was in the back seat
now and it had taken me over. But I could still see what was going on. Almost like I
was hanging on by my fingertips looking over the ledge. This is what some people call
an 'out of body' experience. Cause you almost feel like you're out of your body, but
you're not. If you ever get this feeling it's probably because you are possessed by
sometehing and it's not always a bad entity. I know some people get this feeling but
in a good way like when they play music or do sports. They get this almost out of body
notion that something else is helping them. So some good exists in this way as well.
God had me go through this so I could relate to others and explain what is going on.
Because I can feel energy differently than others I can give a good description as to
what the feeling is like. This may help others be able to identify and analyze
themselves what is going on. And if you do have issues like this you need to seek
help, and start to accept God and Jesus Christ into your life. This more than likely
means something terrible has entered your spirit and is now tormenting you and those
around you. In fact when you are tormented by something like this, like say a sexual
demon who likes to inflict pain you usually end up finding someone else who also enjoys
feeling that pain. Then you think you are 'sexually compatible', when in fact all
that has matched is the demons inside of both of you. I can guarantee you a man with
this kind of demon in him could never get along with a pure christian woman with no
sin in her. She doesn't have that negative energy attachment on her to turn that
pain into pleasure. Of course over time she could eventually get it, but definitely
not at first. That's why it's better to just not start to begin with.
I used to also have extreme problems sleeping. My body was always tingling when
trying to go to bed. I would be twitching and making lots of weird arm and leg
movements. Sometimes I'd even feel something drag a finger down my belly which
would make me jump out of bed. Some people may experience aches and pains while just
laying there, or tingly sensations. Then even when you do get to sleep you wake
easily and can have a hard time getting back to sleep. I used to take sleeping pills
for this just so I could actually rest. The day after my awakening I no longer had
to do this. I now sleep like a baby every night. And for the first time ever I no
longer even feel the need for 8+ hours of sleep every night. I seem to be
functioning perfectly with only 4-6 hours. This is a very strange feeling for me
indeed. This is another one of those physical representations that what I went
through was very real proving to me that this wasn't just all made up.
You will also find people who have serious negative entities in them are also easy
to influence. They are so used to having something else influencing them they also
get influenced by others fairly easily. It's almost as if they feel they have no
more will of their own. Perhaps not always to advertising but at least to people
around them. If someone starts doing a fad they're almost sure to be the next one
to follow.
Something you will notice about this list is that it's going to incorporate a lot
of people. And that's kind of my point. This has been going on for so long and
the devil has been amassing so much that the world is now in a state of darkness like
it has never been before. Especially with the Covid-19 pandemic and the availability
of the Internet. People are falling into darkness left and right. The problem is
they don't even know it. The word needs to start getting out of what is causing
so much of their pain and problems. Once they realize what's going on they may
be more willing to allow God and Jesus into their hearts and love them.
All it takes is for someone to start watching some videos of people failing, and
laughing at their failures. Then it slowly ramps up from there to watching car
crash videos and people getting hurt, then people dying, then people shooting
themselves then who knows from there. It gets worse and worse and worse. And they
don't even realize what is going on. We have to help get the word out of what is
going on. So that if people feel like these are the choices they want to continue
making, they at least will know the consequences of their actions. As of right now
nobody really feels like there is an alternative. We have to let them know they are
either on the path to God, or they are on the path to the devil. There is no in between.
There is no grey area. You're either going up, or going down. And making no choice
is making no choice to go with God.
Because Christians know about these 'sins' they tend to usually try to date others
inside of their same Christian realm. It's not that they think they are better
than the others who aren't Christians. They just know the the other person is more
likely to have less problems than your average sinner. And if you've ever lived
near a Christian you should realize they are almost always more happy and friendly
than the rest of those around them. That's why they try to stay inside their realm
of Christianity when finding a mate, knowingly or unknowingly.
I found some outside material to help prove some of these points and you can see other even very popular people talking about these issues.
Lady Gaga has multiple times explained she has felt like she is possessed and/or followed
around by a demon or the devil.
Here is an article of her explaining dreams it forces her to have:
Here is a video of Lady Gaga explaining how the Devil works, sounds familiar yes? She
explains 'evil' doesn't have a color. It's an invisible snake that comes through people.
Here is a very popular Youtuber, Colleen Ballinger, explaining how she was taken over
by a demon. It's funny people even try to tell her "Oh that's just sleep paralysis" and
she is like "No people. It was a DEMON!". And she is right:
Here is a 2 part series on Youtube from Perry Stone who talks about the five signs of
demonic possession. Let's list out his signs here which he states in the video. I even
like the way he explains possessions as he mentions not everyone would need an exorcism.
Some spirits just aren't that strong as I mentioned. In fact most aren't. Only in these
extreme cases like Jenna would we need to perform an actual exorcism. When the host has
had their motor functions taken over.
1)Awake day and night, getting little sleep
2)Running from those who care about you
3)Living in a tomb (solitary)
4)Violent (To yourself or others)
5)Cutting yourself, self mutilation
You see the ultimate sin in the book is to kill yourself. If you don't know what is goin
on and you can't sleep, push everyone you love away, live in solitary, are violent to
others around you and are constantly in pain from the attachment and from hurting
yourself you are very very likely to end your own life because you will probably think
anything would be better than having to go through all of that.
Here's the video:
Here's a video of a woman who had an exorcism explaining what it was like having this
thing stuck onto you and how greatful she was to have God and Jesus in her life now to
not have to deal with it any more. This was on ABC news and is very truthful:
Here's a couple other inspirational videos I thought went along well with this too.
One man died in a plane crash, saw pure evil, came back and lived to tell his story:
One athiest man nearly died, saw pure evil, called for Jesus and was saved. Then he
proceeds to tell his story to everyone:
We could probably keep on listing on and on but you should be getting the point here.
This is not a joke like most people think. The devil isn't just some fairybook story
that someone made up just to get you to go to church. These things really exist. And
the more doctors can give everything a name for spiritual attachments the harder it is
going to be for people to want to get rid of them. Now I'm not saying every single
medical problem is a spiritual attachment.
All my love and thanks to everyone!
With peace and love I hope you have been enlightened to be able to see the different
paths and find the path you see best fits you.
God loves you
Jesus loves you
They will always be there when you feel you're finally ready. We just have to give
ourselves to them and allow them into our hearts.
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2020.06.01 14:30 notdallin The History and Future of the Song of the Summer

Hey team,
With the dawn of summer upon us and the mods finally getting rid of song of the summer from the stale topic list I felt it appropriate to bring up a topic that I’m very passionate about. I feel somewhat unqualified to talk about this since I’m not a chart watchepredicter but in the times that I’ve tried to spark conversations about SOTS, not many people seemed to show interest or speak with any sort of authority, and so this is the race I must run. But I have tried my best to put in the necessary research to bump my ethos a little bit, so for the past couple of weeks I’ve been pouring over old Billboard articles (curse you paywall!) and dated prediction posts and I may have some answers now (or maybe just more informed questions).

The History

The Song of the Summer (yes, singular) is an American title awarded to a song each September as a victory lap for the pop song that we couldn’t get away from that season. It is pumped from open windows of passing cars, floats under chatter at family barbecues, and eeks from the PA speakers at public swimming pools, known somehow by the hardcore poptimist and his grandma alike. The title is awarded by listicle juggernaut Billboard from an unknown formula that includes but is not limited to weeks spent at number 1, longevity in the upper echelons of the chart, cultural pervasiveness, streams, purchases, bundle deals, and the subjective quantity of “summeriness.”
The concept of the Song of the Summer is much older than I originally thought. With the peculiar choices for the kings and queens that espouse the title in the 50s (Paul Anka’s “Lonely Boy”), 60s (Zager & Evans’ “In The Year 2525”), 70s (John Denver’s “Annie’s Song”), and even 80s (Madonna’s “Papa Don’t Preach”—like obvs Madonna is bae but how was a song this messy the song of bbqs and pool parties??) I had my doubts about whether the concept was a thing before the 90s. I thought to myself that perhaps the SOTS subconsciously grew with the rise of the internet and that monoculture began to birth sunny tunes in between Memorial Day and Labor Day. But it’s older than that. It even pre-dates Billboard and radio itself. A newspaper article from June 5, 1910 poses this jab:
The roof gardens are opening and the summer shows begin. In the words of the almanac, “About this time look out for the summer song.” What will it be this season? Will it be humorous? Will it be sentimental? Will it be unmitigated trash? Will it be at least bearable in text or music, or both?
I could imagine a pretentious music site publishing these questions this year let alone more than a century ago. But before music was regularly recorded, “summer songs” were written on sheet music and distributed on New York tastemaker Tin Pan Alley. These songs were popularized and infiltrated the public subconscious in a similar way that we ingest the Song of the Summer now. And so the SOTS was definitely a well-established concept before Billboard came into the picture, but Billboard standardized the procedure and at least popularized it enough that its crowning was and is generally considered correct. It’s not clear when Billboard named its first SOTS but two years ago, it went back and named the top 10 summer songs of each year since 1958 with the top spot belonging to the Song of each year’s respective summers; these 60 songs were used in popheads Song of the Summer rate last year. However, the winner of each year’s title is not always agreed upon in some circles on the Internet—years as recent as 2015 being disputed upon, that one being a particularly contentious year, journalists arguing for “Trap Queen,” “See You Again,” or “Bad Blood” 4 years after the fact.
This bleeds into the realm of the popheads threads that pop up at least twice every year of “what’s your song of the summer?” which invites people to post basically whatever they’ve been personally listening to, rather than what the gp is humming. Sure everyone has their own parameters of what they think is the song of the summer, but for the most part, there is only one song—it will be memed to death by Doug the Pug and viral children sensations, sung across karaoke bars and danced to at summer wedding receptions, and it will transport you back to that particular summer years later. It may not be your favorite song that comes out this summer—you may never want to hear it again after September! But you will know it when you hear it.

The Future

So now let’s talk 2020. The race has started already and I think that more than ever, artists are vying for the title. It’s not clear to me when artists started to game the system for maximum summer impact (release date and peak date are essential factors to account for releasing a summer anthem) but it has been in full force for at least the last decade. An interesting attempt at trying to mathematically predict the SOTS was posted in 2017 where they showed that nearly 50% of the last 20 Songs of the Summer were released in April or May with an average peak date of June 25, just in time for the Fourth of July. In that article, they correctly predicted “Despacito” as the early favorite.
But honestly the two summers since have been sort of outliers. In late June of 2018, Drake dropped Scorpion and inadvertently replaced himself at number one (actually for the second time that year). “Nice for What” was looking to continue its reign until an organic push from a dance craze by Shiggy propelled “In My Feelings” to number 1 in mid-July. And y’all remember what happened last year. Who could’ve predicted that Lil Nas X had the staying power to have “Old Town Road” peak on April 13 and become not only the Song of the Summer but the longest running number one in U.S. Hot 100 history?
And that’s what makes this race still a thrilling endeavor for me, the musical landscape is ever-changing and more factors slide in to break the system. For example, TikTok seems to be playing a bigger part in summer taste-making (at least for Billboard’s predictions for the SOTS) and after what happened last year, I understand why. Plus, it’s a very exciting time to be a spectator this year as COVID-19 has made us redefine what will be a summer hit with social distancing precautions factored in; this has probably made songs like “Stuck With U,” “Yo Perreo Sola,” or “Supalonely” resonate more. Or do we still seek the sunny, social hits as if vicariously living a life “dedicated to touching” through “Say So,” “In Your Eyes,” or “Watermelon Sugar?” (which everyone appears to be very high on according to Billboard’s recent poll. A staggering 55% as of 5/31 for a song that peaked in the 50s in December dropped off the charts a month later and to resurge only at #64 this past week.) This year is also interesting because we haven’t had a single number one reign for more than a week in all of May. The charts are very fluid right now and so the title is very much so in contention, unlike last year.
But at least from my research, I don’t think it’s exactly public knowledge how the Song of the Summer is calculated from the charts. Sure, usually the song holding the number one spot on the Hot 100 for the longest time between Memorial Day and Labor Day takes the cake, but apparently time spent at number one is actually not enough to determine the Song of the Summer. Case and point, the aforementioned contentious summer of 2015. Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” actually held number one for one more week than OMI’s “Cheerleader” remix, which would go on to win the title. Billboard barely mentions how close this is, only saying “with the tally complete” “Cheerleader” went on to top the songs of the summer chart. This list differs from the Hot 100 in that it represents a “cumulative score” presumably aggregated from the positions held during those 15 summer weeks; whatever song tops this chart by Labor Day is crowned the Song of the Summer. The points system is, again, not clear but this article seems to be oddly confident that the way that Billboard at least calculated its past SOTS winners by awarding 100 points to the song that charted at #1 on the Hot 100 that week, 1 point to the song that charted at #100 that week, and the respective places in between. This is the only way I’ve found I can track the statistics myself, so I’ve created a spreadsheet that will hopefully track the Hot 100 songs this summer to see how close or far each song is every week to winning the coveted crown (I’m not sure if Billboard adds in the chart from Memorial Day or not, but I’ve included it here as an example anyways—I imagine it won’t change the outcome too much either way). I invite you to check back and see how your horse in the race is doing and discuss it in the General Discussions. If it differs from Billboard’s summer songs chart, then I’ll know they’re adding something else into the formula I’m not accounting for… which at that point ¯_(ツ)_/¯
I’m hoping the discussion here will be similar to those for the Hot 100 if the interest is there. And so just to kick off some discussion and to get some skin in the game, I’m going to post the exact same poll Billboard posted to see how our demographic differs in their predictions of what will the song of the summer (read: despite your opinions, what is most likely to be the SOTS). In addition, another question will be posted along with it asking what song would you like to be the song of the summer. A write-in option will be available but try and be realistic so we can get an accurate litmus test of the current waters of pop music in 2020. And if you do write in, check your spelling/punctuation and format it in Artist – Song Name order.

You can vote for your prediction and your hopeless desired SOTS here.

Some potential discussion questions:
  1. Are you surprised at the past SOTS’s? Are there any songs you feel like were not representative of the summers they ruled?
  2. What examples can you think of where artists were transparently vying for the SOTS title in the past (successful or unsuccessful)?
  3. How do you think COVID-19 will affect the Song of the Summer? Will the gp cling to one song with radio declining and public areas deserted?
  4. Chart watchers, what forecast insight can you give us for the coming weeks?
  5. With Gaga’s “Rain on Me” predicted to debut at number one tomorrow, do you think that it has a better chance at reigning than the previously predicted “Stupid Love?” Or any of the predicted songs?
  6. Billboard’s predictions have a wide array of song genres, nationalities, release dates, and popularities (some songs having already peaked at number one). What predictions of theirs are way off base and why?
  7. OK for real, do you think “Watermelon Sugar” has a chance?
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2020.05.27 04:06 yaboyanu SYTYCD Where Are They Now: Season 5

I’m back with my- quite possibly in my mind only- long awaited fifth installment! It has taken me a truly obscene amount of time to get around to writing this post and half of the previous ones probably need an update by now. The past year has been insane in terms of my schedule and I have spent what little energy I had shitposting on /popheads and /fundiesnark. Now that people are stepping on my terrority PS if ur reading I’m available, I decided to kick my hiney into gear. In fact, I literally took a day off of work Friday to do research for this post and because I’m so tired of my job, but I once again put it off and ended up playing Sims for three solid days. HOWEVER on the fourth day I rose, put on my little detective hat, and scurried over to my burner Instagram account to stalk some ex-contestants.
Alright, on to Season 5! I consider this to be the tail end of SYTYCD’s Golden Age. I really do think the success of the show was in part tied to that iconic Sydney Opera House-eque stage. After coming short in Season 4, the Ashley quota was once again filled, Debbie Allen made her way back to her rightful place on the judging panel, and who could forget “IV Real’s” less successful younger sibling, “5 Alive”? (Actually probably most of us could forget; I’m still not sure it wasn’t a fever dream.) Despite all of this glitz and glam, the season was not without a truly horrendous edit that Wikipedia will remind us of for years to come.
Top 20
Paris Torres It’s rather unfortunate because this couple, along with most of the other Top 20 eliminees, really never had a chance. I don’t recall them getting any air time whatsoever prior to the Top 20 show. Like were they even in the Green Mile? And that said we have the top Google result. According to LinkedIn she is a director at Turning Pointe Dance Center in Seattle and prior to that she toured with Pulse dance convention. Apparently she was also a pageant girl, which is interesting, but I think happened before SYTYCD. Her Instagram hasn’t been updated since 2018 and most of the posts are about teaching/choreographing.
Tony Bellissimo Okay I really thought he had no air time, but I’m wrong and now I kind of wish we got to see more of his personality. According to IMBD Tony has appeared on film in Rock of Ages, La La Land, the Step Up franchise, and numerous episodes of Glee. He also performed at the Super Bowl and The Oscars with Justin Timberlake and when on tour with Rihanna. He is also on the faculty of Tremain Dance Competition with fellow SYTYCD alum Tiffany Maher. On a personal note, it looks like he is about to have a son with his fiance (or wife now?) and owns TheHubNoho, a recording and rehearsal space, with SYTYCD alum Ivan Koumaev and Matt Aylward.
Top 18
Ashley Valerio Wow I really should have popped in the bootleg set of DVDs from the sketchy knock-off Ebay site I forced my mom to buy me for Christmas one year because I do not remember the majority of this season. Ashley is listed on the staff at Downtown Dance Factory in NYC and according to her bio, she has been working commercially and “has been featured in national and international commercials, music videos and has served as a principal dancer in the hit television shows Glee & Monk. Ashley started her own production company two years ago and is now directing and choreographing music videos for artists seen on The Voice and American Idol.” The company is @affinitydancecompany on Instagram. It seems cool, but I’ll honestly never know because the website crashed my computer twice.
Maksim "Max" Kapitannikov Ah yes, nothing screams "SYTYCD" like an early ballroom elimination! (Ahem, Stanislav & Faina Savich, Jamie Bayard, Susie Garcia, Max, Christina Santana, Iveta Lukosiute, Nick Bloxsom-Carter, Brittany Cherry, Nick Garcia, Malene Ostergaard, Daniela Avanzini, Sydney Tormey.) The stage and the format may change, but it's nice to see some consistency through the seasons. It seems like Max is still competing as of last year. Not much on his social media or on the internet in general. Sorry Max- this update is short and sweet, just like your time on the show.
Top 16
Asuka Kondoh It looks like Asuka continued to dance professionally following SYTYCD up until at least 2017 and also taught for a classical (ballet/contemporary) dance company in California for a while, although she is not currently listed as faculty. I believe she also toured with Ballroom with a Twist based on a 2015 article. Not sure if I’m losing my touch, but there does not seem to be a ton of information on her in recent years.
Jonathan Platero One night, two more ballroom eliminations. I really wished I remember this season better because I remember some mild drama about Nigel thinking he was cocky? Or am I confusing him with that shirtless guy with the white pants that did a bunch of flares in his audition? Anyway he has been seen on television on Happily Divorced, Glee, the Apprentice (???), ¡Mira quién baila!, and on SYTYCD as a choreographer. He was also on To the Pointe, so if you want actual info it’s probably better to watch that as opposed to these crumbs I’m leaving you here. He is also married to Oksana Dmytrenko (DWTS/Strictly Come Dancing) who has choreographed with him on SYTYCD. Apparently their wedding was featured on WE’s David Tutera's CELEBrations.
Top 14
Karla Garcia Karla is currently listed as faculty at Broadway Dance Center in NYC and her bio there is quite extensive. She has done a lot of Broadway including productions such as Hot Feet, West Side Story, Gigi, and most recently Hamilton, and toured with Wicked, The Addam’s Family and Bad Boys of Dance. She was also a principal dancer in the show SMASH and works on a lot of her own choreography including a short film and a musical. According to Instagram she teaches a BDC Zoom class Mondays at 4 and an Instagram Live class Fridays at 4.
Vitolio Jeune Vitolio is listed as a principal dancer at Garth Fagan Dance in Rocheter, NY. He has been there since at least 2011 and his bio there says he was “recently” on SYTYCD so I’m not sure how up to date that website is. The bio also mentions he has toured nationally and internationally, was formerly a principal dancer with the Ayikodans Dance Company, and was a guest artist Trilogie in LA. His Instagram is private, but it looks like he is married and has a son.
Top 12
Caitlin Kinney According to Caitlin’s talent profile, following SYTYCD she moved to LA working as a commercial dancer, teacher, and choreographer, and apparently has even done stunt work. Her resume includes several televised awards shows and commercials. She also performed/toured with Paula Abdul, Kanye West, and David Archuletta and is currently listed as faculty with Hollywood Vibe Dance Convention. Her Instagram shows that she is now married and had a baby girl in late 2019. In irrelevant news, she looks a little bit like Krystal from The Bachelor in some pics.
Phillip Chbeeb Phillip has a very cool Instagram and a ton of choreography videos on YouTube that everyone should check out. There are also several movement focused short films that he has directed and he collabs with Season 3’s Hok often. I saw someone post about him on /dance a few weeks ago and I was really blown away. He also has numerous IMBD credits, notably as a dancer in the ABDC Season 6 championship winning I.aM.mE dance crew and as choreographer for the shows Making Moves, and of course, SYTYCD. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but earlier this year he was a guest on The Hollywood Dance podcast.
Top 10
Randi Evans (now Strong) Was Randi eliminated in part due to the wig they made her wear for her Paso Doble with Kupono? I think it’s possible. According to her Instagram bio, she is now a Public Figure. In addition to being a Public Figure, she is on the faculty at Revel Dance Convention and has a production company called now Strong Productions which lists DWTS, ABC, Fox, Radio City Music Hall, and none other than our very own SYTYCD as clients. At some point she also toured with Ballroom With a Twist. Evidently she got into ballroom a little more after the show and has taught and choreographed in several styles. Randi has gotten divorced since her time on the show and now goes by her maiden name. Her hair is even shorter now, and I say rightly so, because despite having no basis for it, I take it to be an indication that she was equally traumatized by the long wig as I was.
Kūpono Aweau Kupono is based in LA and has toured with Ricky Martin and Madonna for several years. He’s weirdly not coming up as being listed as faculty on any companies or conventions like most of the SYTYCD alums do, so it does seem like his main focus might be touring. He’s pretty active on Instagram, but his recent posts seem to mostly be family-centric rather than about his dance gigs.
Top 8
Janette Manrara Ok, Phillip and Janette are really leading the Instagram follower count so far! She has appeared on seven seasons of Strictly Come Ballroom (2013-2019), Glee, Burn the Floor, and returned to SYTYCD as an All-Star briefly in Season 8. She also has a huge social media presence, so it is easy to keep up to date if you head over to her Instagram. She married SCB’s Aljaž Škorjanec in 2017 and they created and toured a Fred Astaire inspired show together beginning in 2019, though now it seems to be on hiatus until 2021.
Jason Glover IMBD credits include video shorts for P!nk, Florence + the Machine, and Christina Aguilera. Other television credits include Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Little Mermaid Live with fellow Alum Alex Wong, and, most recently, Penny Dreadful. He might have been on tour with Ariana Grande? My only clue to this is deluded Ariana Grande fans in the comments of his pictures. Okay, I scrolled more and yes he has been on tour with her as well as P!nk. On a more somber note, it looks like he danced in Ariana’s Manchester show.
Top 6
Melissa Sandvig According to a dancer bio for Helios Dance Theater, an LA based contemporary dance company, Melissa has worked for numerous companies and television shows (Sacramento Ballet, Los Angeles Contemporary Ballet, Los Angeles Opera, Glee, Bunheads, DWTS, AGT, Mobbed, Grey’s Anatomy, LXD, The Young and the Restless). She has also done motion capture work for animated films such as Shrek, Puss in Boots, and Madagascar 3, which I thought was really cool. It seems like she has done a lot in terms of production as well and has worked with Cirque du Soleil and Disney. Currently she is teaching pilates via Instagram Live and is on the faculty of Velocity Dance Convention. She is still married to her husband and they now have two sons.
Ade Obayami Ade is also contending for a top Instagram follower count, although his is more impressive to me considering he hasn't posted anything in over a year. Like Melissa, he has recently worked with Velocity Dance Convention. In the past, he has appeared at The Grammy’s with Beyonce, in music videos for Rihanna, and on tour with Alicia Keys, as well as worked on various projects with Lady Gaga, Nicki Minaj, Jennifer Lopez, and Kelly Rowland. On the reality TV circuit, he has performed on AGT, X Factor, and of course on later seasons of SYTYCD as an All Star. IMBD credits include Travis Wall, Nick Lazzarini, and Teddy Forance’s All the Right Moves, and the made-for-television classic, A Diva's Christmas Carol starring Vanessa Williams. Despite the fact the latter was almost a decade prior to his appearance on SYTYCD, it is certainly worth mentioning.
Top 4
Kayla Radomski Based on IMBD, it seems she has done some acting in recent years and was in a few short films. Earlier she was in Chasing 8’s with other SYTYCD alums including Kathryn McCormick, Chelsie Hightower, Chris Jarosz, and Ade. TV-wise she has appeared on Glee, DWTS, the Oscars, as an All Star on SYTYCD, and was also reunited with Jason for The Little Mermaid Live. She has also worked with musical artists including Britney Spears, Jennifer Lopez, Cher, Meghan Trainor, and Justin Bieber. There is a To the Pointe, interview from 2017 so check that out for more info.
Evan Kasprzak In the least surprising update ever, since SYTYCD Evan has done a lot of musical theatre! Broadway roles include Newsies (Elmer) and Cats (Pouncival) and was also on screen in Hail, Caesar! and episodes of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and Fosse/Verdon. He is listed on the faculty at Steps NYC and Manhattan Dance Project (along with Ade), although the latter suggests that “currently” was in 2012. Outside of dance, he and his wife were married in 2015.
Brandon Bryant It may be confusing to some, particularly the AI behind Google's result algorithm, but this update is not about the American football player or the whistleblower. This is the Brandon who tried to sneak onto the show at the age of 15 in Season One. I think we all need to take a moment to remember this, because it deserves to be preserved in whatever the SYTYCD equivalent of /MuseumOfReddit is. He then went on to have one of the best runs on the show to date. Aside from appearing as a SYTYCD All Star, like many others, he was in Glee. Unlike many others, he also has a line of T-shirts street dancewear. Interesting gigs include DWTS and dancing for Britney Spears in her Las Vegas residency. According to an old convention bio (seriously do any of these sites ever update anything?) he "choreographed and danced with Sweden’s hit artist Agnes in Cologne, Germany for the opening ceremonies of the Olympics." I’m a little confused by this as the last time Germany hosted the Olympics was 1972. I know these sites are out of date, but I don’t think they are that out of date. He’s pretty active on Instagram and is currently offering some virtual dance classes.
Jeanine Mason Jeanine has maybe done the most mainstream acting of any SYTYCD alum to date. Her break-out role was probably Sam Bello in Grey’s Anatomy and she then went on to star as Liz Ortecho in The CW's Roswell, New Mexico, which is currently on its third season. Previously she had roles in The Bling Ring, Bunheads, Criminal Minds, You’re the Worst, Secret Life, and Awkward to name a few. She was also recently on Whose Line is it Anyway. Dance-wise there is not as much listed, but she did perform with Mark Ballas on DWTS shortly after SYTYCD. I think she is also one of the few contestants to earn a college degree after the show. She graduated with a degree in dance and a minor in film from UCLA in 2014 and said in an interview she might want to get into film production one day.
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2020.05.08 20:26 Spring_Hystirya Anyone Else Ignoring Leaks?

When Stupid Love leaked back in whatever it was, January or something like that, I listened to it and I really didn't know how I it's one of my favourite Gaga songs out there and I'm expecting songs like Sour Candy to join my top three of all time.
I believe two or three more songs have leaked from the album now and I've ignored them completely, I've grown annoyed with leaks these days because they've ruined many things I like when before I really didn't care, I'm fine with leaks on release dates and what not but the actual content leaks sort of makes me scared to touch the internet.
Do you guys listen to the leaks, do you ignore the leaks, what are your thoughts on them. It's fine if you listen of course, that's not evil or anything. 😊💖
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2020.05.06 22:26 Ghost-Quartet 30 Albums You May Have Missed In 2017

Hi, for the month of April I did a series of writeups in the Daily Discussion threads about albums from 2017 (the year I became a pop fan) that I think were overlooked or underrated. They have been compiled here for your viewing pleasure, edited for brevity.

Across The Multiverse by Dent May

Genre/Length: Pop + Rock / 42 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: The Beach Boys, Electric Light Orchestra, staring at the night sky while walking through the city alone
Description: Across The Multiverse is an album about someone lost in space, always searching for something that they’re never quite sure if they already found. It’s a romantic sort of longing though, that special sort of sincerity that can only come from the most sardonic among us. Dent May’s voice wails as the big orchestrations clatter around him, his earnest vocals sounding somewhat detached and melancholy against the sea of instruments. This is counterbalanced by the straightforward lyrics, which lack in poeticism but make up for it with a sort of blunt charm. The album definitely has an old-school vibe to it with its classic lounge friendly rock style, but something about mixing the retro aesthetic with the spacey content really works. He’s just jamming out as he drifts through the universe, and he sounds great doing it.
Sample Track: “Across The Multiverse” is a really cute duet with Frankie Cosmos

Alive in Screen by nelward

Genre/Length: Bedroom Pop + Chiptunes / 21 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Kero Kero Bonito, Dorian Electra, being a #epicgamer
Description: nelward has experience with both scoring video games and making straightforward pop, so he’s able to balance the two worlds better than most, but it helps that his musical style is so off-the-wall that nothing would really feel out of place in one of his songs. The sheer audacity of it all and the nods to classic pop remind me a bit of the hyper pop movement, but his references draw from video game music and it gives his music a unique feeling. His has a distinctive vocal style that sees him striking strange pitches at times and jumping into falsetto, but this unusual form of crooning makes perfect sense within the internal logic of his music. Everything is almost chaotic, but in a very artificial kind of way. This aesthetic reflects the themes of the album well: it’s about (in my interpretation) filtering the real world through the artificial to help cope and understand. The rambling lyrics careen around random imagery like technology and food, but these minutiae are just sonic pleasures swirling around the core messages of the songs.
Sample Track: “seafoam breeze” is a quirky little song about colors, among other things.

American Neon by Protextor & Brother Bear

Genre/Length: Rap + Alt-Pop + Hip-Hop / 38 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: The Weeknd, Big Freedia, party rap
Description: The best way I can sum this album up is “a lot of fun;” sunny, dancing in the living room style pop anthems. Brother Bear (aka Matt Puckett of Mother Falcon, if that means anything to you) does a great job with the arrangements, leaning in to ’70s/‘80s sounds as well as more contemporary hip-hop to give the songs a vintage feel with a bit of an edge. Protextor’s rap skills are impressive but he also has surprising singing chops that make the choruses of the songs really soar. These two can’t seem to be contained to any one genre, constantly shifting styles between tracks from disco to funk to r&b; in spite of this shotgun approach the album feels very cohesive and maintains quality throughout. There’s even a feature from Cupcakke! This is such a well put together pop record I’m shocked it went so under the radar.
Sample Track: “Not Tonight” is a disco-pop song that feels like it was lifted right from the ’80s.

Awesome by Beverly

Genre/Length: Pop / 53 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Ariana Grande, BoA, the Radio Disney era
Description: If you’ve ever wondered what Ariana Grande might have sounded like if she’d debuted as a teen pop star in the ‘90s, it might’ve been something like Beverly. A powerhouse vocalist with an old-school sensibility, Beverly feels like she fell through time and into modern Japan clutching this LP to her chest. Her throwback sound is very versatile, scanning the annals of pop history for doo-wop cuts, ‘90s bubblegum/r&b tracks, soulful ‘00s contemporary pop jams, and all sorts of other pleasantly nostalgic treats. It’s her voice that really elevates the tracks though, she’s an incredibly powerful singer who sells the hell out of all the songs. While maybe not the most groundbreaking project it’s still an expertly assembled pop album handled by a strong vocalist, and those are always welcome. If you’ve been missing pop that’s huge and loud, this could be it.
Sample Track: “Empty” could easily be an old school Christina Aguilera cut.

The Band’s Visit by David Yazbeck

Genre/Length: Broadway / 42 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: anything tbh
Description: This is one of the most powerful musicals to have come out in a long time and it produced an absolutely gorgeous cast album. The musical tells the story of an Egyptian orchestra who, due to a miscommunication, end up stranded in a remote town in the Israeli desert and must spend the night with the townspeople. Not much really happens in the show, but it’s a tender exploration of the human condition and the loneliness and longing for connection that we all share, and the songs really reflect this. The music is very intimate, something not usually associated with a big budget Broadway musical, but the simmering music combined with the all star performances from the cast illustrate the story beautifully. The composer pulls from Middle Eastern styles, and there are beautiful instrumental interludes peppered throughout the album that showcase this even more, and the lyrics are breathtaking as well. It’s a modern classic of both music and theatre that everyone should listen to.
Sample Track: “Omar Sharif” is so smoky and heavy and sexy.

Color Crush by ELRIS

Genre/Length: Pop / 20 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: LOONA 1/3, early MIKA, secretly streaming “ME!” by Taylor Swift
Description: Color Crush is like spending all day at a carnival, it’s a journey packed with excitement that gradually winds down into a gentle parade of lights. This album is so genuinely joyful, with every part being calibrated for maximum fun. True to its name it’s full of colorful compositions packed with little flourishes that give everything a playful, imaginative feel. The writing is sharp, and the compositions are smartly rooted in heavy 808s that cut through the noise and give the album some kick beneath the cute. The members of ELRIS are very talented and their ebullient voices have surprisingly diverse tones that carry the album through its weaker moments. On the whole this is a short album, but one where every track is worth while.
Sample Track: “Wonderland Girl” is my favorite track, it has a really bouncy chorus

Creature! by Nitty Scott

Genre/Length: Rap / 32 Minutes
For Fans Of: Princess Nokia, Jamila Woods, alt-r&b albums with a concept
Description: Creature! is an appropriate name for this album because Nitty Scott is an absolute beast. I love her voice, she oozes confidence and her flow is so clear and natural. You get every word she says, which is good because she has some things to say here. The album tells the loose narrative of a woman named Negrita who falls “down the rabbit hole” into pre-colonial Puerto Rico and reconnects with her roots, and through this character Scott is able to express her own experiences as an Afro-Latina woman. She appropriates “exoticism” for herself here and allows the sounds of the Caribbean to haunt this album, and they blend perfectly into the poppin’ beats to give the album a unique sound. Magical realism is often a part of her aesthetic, but it works particularly well here. She finds time for both ferocity and fun on this album, managing to address the struggles of her ancestors while still celebrating being a badass rap chick.
Sample Track: “Creature” is a bruja bop.


Genre/Length: J-Idol Metal + Synthpop / 35 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Poppy, Dreamcatcher, anime music from hell
Description: Branding themselves as “ultra-dark” and writing songs about witches and Lovecraft, NECRONOMIDOL are a gem from Japan’s colorful “alt-idol” scene. Their concept is that they fuse metal with traditional idol sounds, lacing their shredding guitars with synths and electronic elements. It’s an interesting blend that gives them a broad appeal to fans of both metal and pop and this album is a great showcase of that. They offer headbanger metal tracks and foot stomping synth pop tracks in equal measure, all with that wickedly dark flair that gives the group its name. “Creepy children singing” is a horror movie staple but NECRONOMIDOL weaponize it, juxtaposing the members’ youthful voices against the creepy production to haunting effect. This album has such a goth aesthetic while still having a lot to offer musically, and it’s a great introduction to an interesting music scene.
Sample Track: “4.7L” is a DDR-esque darkwave banger

FEELS by Snoh Aalegra

Genre/Length: Soul + R&B / 41 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Summer Walker, Amy Winehouse, romantic movies
Description: Though this album has a somewhat silly title it’s actually a very elegant exploration of love by one of the finest voices new voices in r&b. The chilly (almost lo-fi) r&b arrangements are sparse but detailed, and supplemented by touches of old school hip-hop, Motown, lounge music, and more. This vintage sensibility is draped around Aalegra like a cloak as she glides through the album, capturing every different kind of melodrama there is to romance with a knowing sigh. Her rich, raspy voice is like water that flows through her songs, and she plays well with the featured artists too. The sheer style of this album is impeccable, no matter what Snoh Aalegra is expressing she makes it sound effortlessly cool. That’s the word for the whole album really: effortless.
Sample Track: “Fool For You” showcases Snoh Aalegra’s ability to be absolutely mesmerizing.

Freedom Highway by Rhiannon Giddens

Genre/Length: Country/Americana / 49 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Dolly Parton, Elle King, Janet Jackson’s experiments with non-dance genres
Description: Freedom Highway is an exploration of the struggles of black people in America. The stories she tells are harsh but presented simply and matter-of-factly, making them feel intensely human rather than melodramatic or preachy. Some of these songs are covers of classics, most of them are original compositions, and you can’t even tell which are which because of how timeless her writing is. These songs are brought to life by rich compositions of thumping percussion and twanging strings that make the perfect backdrop for her haunting voice. While her music is accessible it’s way more on the “country” side of “pop-country,” leaning in to the blues, jug band music, spirituals, gospel, folk ballads, dixieland jazz, and probably more styles that I can’t even name, but there’s also the odd hip-hop/rap track sprinkled in there, blending seamlessly in with the rest of the songs (which, I think, is the point).
Sample Track: “We Could Fly” got rave reviews for how ageless it sounds

From The Outside by Hey Violet

Genre/Length: Pop-Rock + Synthpop / 41 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Avril Lavigne, P!nk, the band Lindsay Lohan is in in Freaky Friday (2003)
Description: Hey Violet feel like that girl you knew in high school who was kind of a mess and always had some insane story to tell about doing something that should have lander her in jail, but her eyeliner was always perfect and she was the coolest chick you knew. Between the DGAF vocals, the robust pop production, and “fuck you” topics this album has spunk in spades. There’s an unexpected diversity of tracks, touching on disco, rock, straightforward pop, emo, even a few cheerleader-esque tracks that call to mind “Hollaback Girl;” it feels old-school in a way with how it mines the history of pop, but it’s more retro-chic than anything else because Hey Violet are far too cool to seem behind the times. This album just slaps in a way that many albums coming out today don’t, and they should have become a bigger force in the pop scene after this.
Sample Track: “Hoodie” has such a titanic chorus.

Half-Light by Rostam

Genre/Length: Indie / 52 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Rufus Wainwright, Shy Girls, digging through music for feelings like a pop archeologist
Description: Rostam had already cut his teeth in the music business for a decade as a member of Vampire Weekend and a writeproducer for other artists by the time, which is why it’s interesting that this album sounds so… innocent. It feels like a dreamcatcher that’s caught bits of dreams and memories as they’ve flown past and now they hang flickering like Christmas lights. These moments are tender, melancholy, inconsequential, earth shattering, but all presented in a fashion that makes them feel familiar and approachable. Rostam’s voice melts over the tracks like butter, his warm and throaty tone making him blend into the fabric of the music in a way that makes him sound all encompassing rather than shapeless. The album sounds like everything and nothing at once, it’s easy to listen to and a little difficult to get the most out of, but the rewards are enough to keep you coming back for more.
Sample Track: “Bike Dream” is a sexual yet sweet little song.

Hypocrites by Imani Coppola

Genre/Length: Rap + Electropop / 37 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Charli XCX, Kesha, alt-pop girls on the fringes of the mainstream
Description: Imani Coppola is the kind of artist who does whatever she wants, a rebellious spirit whose chosen field is pop music. Her music always feels trendy and relevant but ever so slightly… off, somehow. Hypocrites is a great example of that, a pseudo-concept album devoted to exploring modern life wherein Imani gives her sardonic takes on everything from online dating to how awesome she thinks she is to a diss track directed at her cat. There’s clearly some level of parody to the over the top persona she’s projecting, but exactly how much is left up to the listener. Whatever her true intention, her characteristic witty lyricism makes the songs really fun to listen to, even if you roll your eyes every now and then. Musically it’s an eclectic mix of autotune drenched electro pop and more organic tracks which pull from all sorts of random styles, not her best work but her lyricism and strong ear for melodies keep it a solid listen.
Sample Track: “Just Feels Good” was originally written for Rachel Platten

Last Cinderella: Original Soundtrack by Takeshi Hanzawa

Genre/Length: Dance / 77 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Brasstracks, Meghan Trainor, Disco
Description: This is the soundtrack to a J-Drama I’ve never seen, I just stumbled across it while searching for something else, but I’m glad that I did because it’s a really cute album. Takeshi Hanzawa (who also records under the name FreeTempo) is a fantastic electronic producer and his compositions on this album are fantastic. It’s mainly based in warm synth-heavy house and a funky big band sound (with some non-obtrusive vocals to spice things up), but he finds a lot of wiggle room within these styles. The songs capture a great selection of moods like peppy, hopeful, melancholy, anxious, and everything else you could need. It’s a surprisingly seductive album, you start off grooving along to some cheery dance music and then a few minutes later you’re sitting there reflecting on your choices to gentle piano music. It may be an out of context soundtrack, but good music always connects.
Sample Track: “23:59” is such a thrilling piece of house music

The Lure: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (songs by Ballady i Romanse)

Genre/Length: Synthpop + Rock / 50 Minutes
For Fans Of: Poppy, Spellling, twisted indie horror films
Description: The Lure is a film loosely inspired by The Little Mermaid if the little mermaid were actually two man-eating mermaid sisters who get a job singing at a cabaret in ‘80s Poland. As if that wasn’t wild enough, it’s also a musical with a kickass soundtrack! While I would recommend watching it, the soundtrack works perfectly well independently and still captures the surreal, goth aesthetic of the film through a strong collection of pop songs. The cabaret that the mermaids work at in the film is pretty seedy, and that grimy cheapness is reflected in the crunchy, almost karaoke sounding retro-synth music. The album also veers into metal at times, and haunting “siren songs” are peppered throughout the album as well, adding mystery and danger to the mix. The songs on the album are trying to sound pretty but they just can’t shake the darkness that lurks beneath them. It’s a wholly unique project and a very seductive listen.
Sample Track: Though not on the official soundtrack, the version of “I Came To The City” by the original band shows off their music well.

Never Let Your Heart Get Hard by For You The Moon

Genre/Length: Indie Pop + Electropop / 29 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Panic! At The Disco, Paramore, basement shows from unknown bands
Description: For You The Moon is a collaboration project between two indie artists (Neil Reynolds and Cathryn Wake) and while I don’t know anything about either of them, they make a great impression here. They’re strong producers with big voices and despite the low budget they serve up huge melodies and ambitious production that’s constantly introducing new ideas to keep things fresh and moving. The album has a sharp electropop sound but it also has touches of vaudeville (owing to Cathryn’s theatre background) and emo rock (Neil is also the frontman of a band). I love how bold this album is, It’s a little bit crunchy at times, but I think that just adds to the appeal. They’re a nice shot of energy if you’ve been looking for some electric indie pop.
Sample Track: “Head In The Clouds” feels like something that would have gotten overplayed on the radio.

Now, We by Lovelyz

Genre/Length: Synthpop / 42 Minutes
For Fans Of: LOONA, Meghan Trainor, daydreaming you’re a princess in a fairy tale
Description: Since they debuted Lovelyz have crafted a “signature sound” that revolves around dreamy synths and tight harmonies (plus to a lesser extent chiptunes and theatre influences), and this album is the peak of their formula. Lovelyz are unapologetically frothy, but beneath their innocent aesthetic hides surprisingly complex song craft. While some of the songs on the album are just bubblegum-pop perfected, many of them are somewhat unusual sounding and offer twists via unusual arrangements and song structures. Their composers know what they’re doing and root their music in old school disco/pop/r&b sounds that allow them to be quirky while still maintaining that classic feel. The end result is a tight-yet-diverse album that’s intelligent for how sugary sweet it is.
Sample Track: Despite the world’s most generic title, “The” is an upbeat track with a spunky almost garage-band feel to it.

Pearl & The Oysters by Pearl & The Oysters

Genre/Length: Bubblegum Pop / 36 Minutes
For Fans Of: The Cardigans, Meghan Trainor, retrofuturism
Description: Pearl & The Oysters feel like a band that would be playing during a party scene in a ‘60s beachsploitation film, except that movie is set on the moon. A self-described “raygun pop” act, they filter that classic ’60s bubblegum sound through a layer of synths peppered with flashes of r&b and the result is a throwback that still sounds fresh thanks to the sharp production and slightly left-of-center writing. Their music sits on the right side of twee, remaining fun and carefree without being too obnoxiously sweet. They pay tribute to the Space Age, exotica, Wendy Carlos, everything you could want and more.
Sample Track: “Vitamin D” is the band’s favorite song.

The Pink Formosa by BAER

Genre/Length: Electropop / 17 Minutes
For Fans Of: Selena Gomez, NIKI, local small time pop girls with bops
Description: Though she’s recently made a shift towards being a baddie rap chick (her latest single was imaginatively titled “Ass Fat”) but she began her career as an aspiring pop girl. It’s a shame she didn’t continue in this direction because I absolutely love this EP; it’s a strong collection of trendy pop songs that still feel very fresh today. Some the unusual instrumental choices (the EP is meant to be influenced by her upbringing in China) and her somewhat airy, somewhat raspy voice give the album a sense of personality and she keeps the energy up while maintaining a chill vibe. The songs have themes of anticipation and reflection, an exploration of growing up and finding your place. For a fairly small artist she makes her songs feel very big, with cavernous production making the songs feel expansive and adventurous.
Sample Track: “Tuscany (feat. Roland Greco)” is such a good song, I listen to it every time it comes up on shuffle.

Policies Of Power by Samanta Urbani

Genre/Length: Pop / 22 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Dua Lipa, Charli XCX, ‘80s/‘90s pop classics
Description: A lot of the time people hear a synth and just go “oh it’s ‘80s inspired” but Urbani really draws out the essence of artists like Madonna and Janet Jackson, and she has the chops to pull it off. Her confident and flexible voice pairs well with the huge production of stuttering drums, wailing guitars, and crisp synths. There’s even extended dance breaks! While the songs are perfectly calibrated to pump you up and get those hands in the air, the lyrical content is very well written and keeps the songs from just feeling like pretty noise. She provides nuanced examinations of the power dynamics that underscore her relationships; what drives her away, what pulls her back, and everything in between. She promised power, and she delivered.
Sample Track: “U Know I Know” has an ear worm of a hook and some tricky little lyrics.

Pollinator by Blondie

Genre/Length: Pop + New Wave / 45 Minutes
For Fans Of: Blondie, Sigrid, albums you can both scream along to in the car and listen to quietly while sitting at home
Description: Pollinator is a deceptively strange album, tapping an unconventional menagerie of collaborators including Joan Jett, Blood Orange, Charli XCX, Sia, a pre-breakdown Lucian Piane, film YouTuber Adam Johnston, and a feature from the guy who voices Linda Belcher on Bob’s Burgers. These diverse voices and styles are filtered through that classic Blondie sound and the end result is an eclectic track list crackling with strong hooks and melodies. There’s a loose, almost psychedelic feeling to the album thanks to abstract lyrics and a general sense of “fuzziness” that’s pleasant to listen to. The songs are somewhat subdued because they can trust a legend like Debbie Harry to carry them, and she remains as powerful a performer as ever. Although they’ve perhaps become more unassuming, Blondie’s music remains as captivating as ever.
Sample Track: “Fun” is an edgy little track, also check out the disco remix

Pop Food by Jack Stauber

Genre/Length: Indie-Pop / 36 Minutes
For Fans Of: Surfjan Stevens, Igor by Tyler, The Creator, internet weirdness that feels authentic
Description: Pop Food is definitely Jack’s most accessible record thanks to the strong pop focused writing that features robust instrumentals, prominent melodies, and catchy hooks. It’s an unusual sounding album, but unusual in a comfortingly familiar way. Jack has a very distinctive voice which is incredibly flexible and emotive despite him sounding like he’s singing through a mouth full of marbles, a technique that lends his music a unique feeling. It’s a bit difficult to parse out what he’s saying but the lyrics are good too, abstract but honest and relatable. A big part of what makes Jack Stauber so successful as an artist is the solid, very human core that his work draws from; there’s an almost vulnerability to the weirdness as if the layers of filters and #aesthetic allow him to be truly free.
Sample Track: “Candy Eyes” melts me every time I hear it, such a touching love song.

Remember Me: Essential, Vol. 1 by RuPaul

Genre/Length: Dance / 41 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Lady Gaga, Robyn, remixes that sound like new songs
Description: One of three albums (💀) released in 2017, Remember Me takes songs from RuPaul’s under appreciated earlier albums and gives them the old school remix treatment. The rich r&b/house sounds that made up the original tracks are deconstructed and pieced back together as electric dance floor mixes, a wonderful new context for these classic hits. He worked with several different producers on this project who give this project shades, most notably the ear candy electro pop of the KUMMERSPECK tracks and the almost sultry huskiness of the ylxr tracks. RuPaul’s music has become something of a side project in recent years, but projects like this show his legacy is definitely something to remember.
Sample Track: “Remember Me / Back To My Roots Medley” is heavy and hypnotic, a fresh take on one of Ru’s best songs.

Safe Haven by Ruth B

Genre/Length: Pop + Adult Contemporary / 47 Minutes
Description: Before Tik Tok was pumping out hits we had Vine, which spawned the massively successful “Lost Boy” which gave way to Ruth B’s debut album Safe Haven. Though not as commercially successful as “Peter Pan,” Safe Haven maintained the same dreamy qualities while adding an even poppier twist. The songs on this album are crafted around simple hooks and melodies, which are then bulked up by romantic pop production. Ruth B has a knack for storytelling and each song has a unique angle and a satisfying journey. It’s wise but in that youthful sort of way that tries so hard to be poetic and reach for something greater even when it doesn’t succeed it’s charming. It has a bit of the spark that the flash-in-the pan adult contemporary stars of the early ’00s had, updated with a more modern sensibility. Like many one-hit wonders, Ruth B. deserved better.
Sample Track: “Dandelions” is catchy, wistful, and romantic.

Shaneera by Fatima Al Qadiri

Genre/Length: Electronic + Dance / 21 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Grimes, M.I.A., video game soundtracks
Description: I’m going to link this interview with Fatima Al Qadiri where she talks about the meaning, background, and composition of this album because it’s very fascinating, but the abbreviated version is this: The EP takes its title from an Arabic slang term for a gender defying “evil queen,” though “evil” is a bit pejorative in this case. Al Qadiri notes that there’s no direct English translation of the term, but from my understanding it’s similar to Western conceptions of “fierceness” or being a “bad bitch.” A Shaneera terrorizes the gender binary, too loud to be contained, too sexual to be stopped, and that’s the spirit that Al Qadiri captures through energetic electronic music. An intoxicating blend of Arabic and Western electronic styles (with a dash of video game music thrown in), these are hot and heavy dance floor anthems that capture the wicked, mischievous spirit she’s going for perfectly. Voices shout at you from within the haze of music like they’re a final boss taunting you (or perhaps seducing you) as the bass hammers and synth melodies curl around your ankles. It’s a campy, chaotic, cinematic experience.
Sample Track: “Spiral” got a (mildly NSFW) music video

smile, and wave by SAINTE

Genre/Length: Pop-Rock / 23 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: P!nk, Paramore, female fronted rock acts from the Warped Tour era
Description: SAINTE is a side project by Taylor Jardine of the rock band We Are The In Crowd, and for her solo work she took things in a much poppier direction. And we all love a poppier direction. smile, and wave is a tight EP packed with electric hooks and vocals, with most of the songs being centered around self-discovery and cutting toxicity out of your life. The slammin’ guitars and drum licks of WATIC are still present but that spunky garage band energy has been polished to a colorful sheen, the rough edges smoothed out into something a little more plastic but no less compelling. It’s very cohesive but each song has a distinct enough idea and strong enough lyrics that they all really pop individually. I got a LOT of mileage out of this EP in 2017, and it’s something I always return to fondly.
Sample Track: “With Or Without Me” is a joyride right from the first two lines

Summer FM by Cyndi Seui

Genre/Length: Electrofunk / 44 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Aviators, city pop, YouTube videos of old songs playing over footage of ‘80s anime
Description: Cyndi Seui is confusingly named because he’s a man from Thailand, but fortunately the album is very straightforward. Inspired by the ideas of the vaporwave movement (less so the sound), with Summer FM he attempts to capture the feeling of listening to an imaginary radio station from another era. And he succeeds! The album is a steady stream of #mood music that feels gloriously kitschy and retro while still sounding relevant. Its shiny future funk stylings are spiced up by flashes of r&b/hip-hop, with distant vocals fading in and out just because they sound cool. Like vaporwave, what this album lacks in substance it makes up for in pure style. It really does feel like something to blast while riding down the coastline on a summer day, full of positive vibes and slick grooves.
Sample Track: “Summer Frequency Modulation”

The Valley by Betty Who

Genre/Length: Pop / 44 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Carly Rae Jepsen, Katy Perry, underrated pop girls
Description: The Valley refines the sprawling excellence of Betty’s debut album into a collection of tight pop songs that reach for hit potential, and the end result It’s a veritable smorgasbord for the discerning pop fan. She offers up pitch perfect pop perfection of every type she can think of: empowerment anthems, love songs, breakup jams, covers, collaborations, all of which come pack with monster choruses and delectable synth work. She can make you feel like you’re flying and tug at your heart strings and make you dance, and sometimes all three at once. By all accounts this should have been a star making album, and despite its underperformance it stands as one of the best pure pop albums of 2017.
Sample Track: “Beautiful (feat. Superfruit)” is a "love yourself" anthem done right

Video Game Hero by Barbie

Genre/Length: Electropop / 14 Minutes
  • For Fans Of: Sucker by Charli XCX, soundtracks to children’s movies
Description: This was actually the last direct to video Barbie movie and while that makes me sad, I’m at least glad the series could go out on such a high note. Video Game Hero was a great film with a great soundtrack, fittingly tapping into an electropop/dance sound that goes surprisingly hard. As you’d expect from the soundtrack to a direct to video Barbie film the songs are a sugar rush designed to hype up young girls, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Though a little faceless, they make up for it in pep, and though formulaic, they make up for it with fun. I can’t pretend that this album is in any way highbrow but I also can’t deny that it’s enjoyable, and we could all use a little bit of unironic positive affirmation every now and then.
Sample Track: “Power Up” has a really fun instrumental.

We’re In Love And The World Is Ending by Tyler Cole

Genre/Length: Alt-Pop + Rock / 32 Minutes
For Fans Of: Kevin Abstract, Ryan Beatty, venting about the world on social media
Description: A kaleidoscope of genres, shifting between sounds as fluidly as it shifts through ideas. It’s an album full of surprises, you never know what the next track is gonna sound like just like you never know what Tyler Cole is going to say or do. As the title implies the album deals with anxiety surrounding both romance and the general shittiness of the world writ large, and while it verges on /im14andthisisdeep at points his delivery and emotions are so raw that it’s still effective. It’s cool to hear an album that’s so unconcerned by sounding strange or ugly; his lyrics might not be the most erudite and his warbling falsetto and throaty screams aren’t perfect but these elements are always compelling. The album in touch with the zeitgeist without being cliche, and although the persona that Cole presents is very Instagram-friendly you can hear the genuine fear underneath it all that’s driving him to write this.
Sample Track: “Bones (Pt. 1 & 2)” are a good display of the genre shifting nature of the album, I love the country-ish second half.
And that's that! What are some other underrated gems from this year?
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2020.04.15 18:04 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Mar. 4, 2002

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-7-2002 1-14-2002 1-21-2002 1-28-2002
2-4-2002 2-11-2002 2-18-2002 2-25-2002
NOTE: I mentioned it in the first post of 2002 but a lot of y'all are aware that a few months ago, SaintRidley picked up the Observer Rewind reins after I stopped and started doing his own recaps from the 1980s. Well, he's been doing great work with it and he just finished posting the year of 1987. I went ahead and added it the Previously" section up there. ↑↑↑ Just wanted to make sure to bring it to everyone's attention.
  • It's been awhile since we've had major PPVs going head-to-head with each other, but it happened this week when WWA aired it's 2nd ever PPV live from Las Vegas, going head-to-head with PRIDE. Dave recaps the history of head-to-head PPV battles, specifically the WWF vs. Crockett war in the late-80s. How Vince McMahon created Survivor Series specifically to run it in direct competition with Crockett's first ever PPV, Starrcade 87. The resulting loss of needed revenue was a huge reason why Crockett eventually had to sell the company to Ted Turner and, in retrospect, set into motion everything that led to WCW's eventual death last year. He goes on to recap how Royal Rumble was created and aired on free TV to go head-to-head with Crockett's next PPV attempt, Bunkhouse Stampede. Then Crockett responded by creating the first Clash of the Champions and airing it against Wrestlemania IV. Not sure PRIDE vs. WWA is up there in the same league as that PPV battle. Which, to be fair, Dave admits it's not the same thing.
  • Anyway, the PRIDE show was among the greatest events of all time, one of the very few times in the history of the Observer that a show got a unanimous 100% thumbs up vote on the reader poll. It aired in Japan live and in the U.S. on a bit of a delay, with the matches edited in a different order. In Japan, the card was headlined by Vanderlei Silva vs. former UWFI wrestler Kiyoshi Tamura, which was an excellent fight that Silva won. In the U.S., the show was built around Ken Shamrock vs. Don Frye in the main event (in Japan, it aired 3rd from last) and the 2 men had an absolute war that should shut up critics who say both are too old. Shamrock lost a split-decision in a fight that Dave thinks should have legitimately been a draw. (This fight is considered to this day one of the all-time wars in MMA history. An utter slobberknocker. Neither fighter was the same again afterward and Frye has said that the damage Shamrock did to his legs in this fight led to him later getting addicted to painkillers). After the fight, Shamrock went over to ringside and hugged his girlfriend Alicia Webb, who you may remember as Ryan Shamrock. The girl that played his sister in WWF.
WATCH: Don Frye vs. Ken Shamrock - PRIDE 19: Bad Blood (2002)
  • And then there was WWA. A low-budget, amateur-ish event, marred by bad production and no-shows. Not that the crowd would even know, because most of the lineup was never even announced ahead of time anyway. The scheduled main event of Jeff Jarrett vs. Randy Savage didn't happen because Savage held promoter Andrew McManus up for more money at the last minute. Savage originally had agreed to work the show in exchange for a 30% ownership stake in the company, which was agreed upon. But three days before the show, Savage upped the ante, saying he wanted the 30%, plus an extra $50,000 in cash. At that point, they started haggling back and forth to try to strike some kind of deal. Ownership got pulled off the table and then Savage asked for a flat $250,000 fee to work the show. WWA turned that down and came back with a flat $150,000 offer instead. Savage turned that down and at that point, everything broke down. For what it's worth, a lot of the lower card wrestlers on the show worked for $300. Last second attempts to bring in Sting to save the show didn't work either. Road Dogg was also supposed to appear on the show but couldn't because of legal issues. Word is he got arrested 2 days before the show in Florida on a probation violation. As a result, the PPV was headlined by Jeff Jarrett defending the WWA championship against Brian Christopher.
  • The whole show was simply an embarrassment. The production was completely minor league and the crowd was totally dead for all these long matches with guys nobody cares about. The in-ring work was fine, but the booking often made no sense, with overbooked three-ways and 6-way undercard matches that ended up being more clusterfuck than match. It was also one of those Russo-type things where the commentary team made endless inside-references that only the hardcore internet fans would get. But then again, this show only drew hardcore internet fans anyway, so why not? They also constantly made reference to WWF, which came across as desperate and sad. In particular, Larry Zbyszko was given the chance to cut a meandering promo, challenging Vince McMahon to a fight over some unspecified grievance from 20 years ago and criticized them for having Chris Jericho as their world champion. Dave thinks Zbyszko was actually angling for a job from WWF by trying to start his own angle and says this promo was basically his job application. And he thinks it was pretty pathetic. Backstage, the disorganization was apparent and most even within the company saw what a mess it was and have already given up on the promotion as a lost cause. Dave said this PPV made it clear that nobody will be challenging WWF anytime soon.
  • Other notes from the WWA Revolution PPV: yes, in case you're wondering, that Japanese man sitting behind the commentary table all night who very briefly (literally blink and miss it) got involved in the Scott SteineDisco Inferno tussle was indeed NJPW star Hiroyoshi Tenzan and yes, they flew him all the way from Japan (and had him bring his ring gear just in case), only to have him do almost nothing and never be acknowledged on camera. Eric Bischoff was backstage, as a guest of Ernest Miller. Bischoff laughed off any questions about going to WWF but said the ol' "never say never" shtick. The crowd was about 2,800, most of them freebies and they were desperately giving away tickets in the casino before the show. During the first match, the building looked practically empty so they quietly began moving everyone closer to ringside to pack the area around the ring to make it look presentable for TV. Opening 6-way match featuring all the hottest indie stars was a sloppy mess, with too people flying everywhere trying to get their shit in and the cameras missing most of it. Bret Hart came out and cut a long, rambling promo before announcing Brian Christopher was replacing Randy Savage in the main event, to zero crowd response. By the 5th match, people in the crowd could be seen leaving, never to return. Jerry Lynn showed up, interrupting an Eddie Guerrero interview, at which point Dave mentions, oh yeah by the way, the WWF released Jerry Lynn 2 days before the PPV. Considering WWF has been talking about reviving the cruiserweight division after Wrestlemania, Dave doesn't know why they'd get rid of a guy who could be one of the best in the division. Anyway, yeah, this show sucked. Here ya go, enjoy.
WATCH: WWA: The Revolution PPV - 2002
  • WWF's latest investor conference call took place and wasn't particularly newsworthy, but there's some stuff to note. The new agreement with DirecTV is until August of 2003 and is under the exact same terms they were operating under last year, which means WWF gained nothing while losing an estimated $4.4 million in revenue over the last few PPVs. Following the brand split, WWF plans to run 16 PPVs per year, and increasing the price by an extra $5. Linda McMahon said Wrestlemania 18 has sold 58,000 tickets as of the time of the call, for a record gate of $3.96 million, breaking the record set by last year's WM. Dave goes through all the numbers and for the most part, in comparison to previous quarters, almost everything is down. Which is no surprise to anyone who has been paying attention because WWF is clearly on the downswing. Linda also said they're currently interviewing new writers and are hoping to double their writing staff, which Dave thinks is a terrible idea (and time has damn sure proven him correct). Finally, Linda was also asked how the purchase of the WCW library has benefited the company, which Dave thinks is an interesting question since revenues have declined since then and the Invasion angle flopped so hard that it killed any brand value the name "WCW" may have had. Linda talked about the value of the tape library but Dave points out that it's been a year and WWF has done practically nothing with that library (of course, in the end, they found ways to monetize that WCW library and it more than paid for itself).
  • In his first match as an official member of the AJPW roster, Keiji Muto lost the Triple Crown championship to Toshiaki Kawada in a match nearly a year in the making, before a sold out crowd at Budokan Hall. He hasn't seen it yet, but the match was reported to Dave as a near-classic (he ends up giving it 4.5 stars). The other 2 NJPW stars who jumped ship, Kendo Kashin and Satoshi Kojima, also worked their first official AJPW matches. Kaz Hayashi, formerly a member of Jung Dragons in WCW and who worked in WWF's developmental until asking for his release a few weeks ago, also debuted on the show and will be part of Muto's faction.
WATCH: Keiji Muto vs. Toshiaki Kawada - AJPW 2-24-2002
  • Obituary time for Swede Hanson, who worked primarily in the Carolinas and had a brief run in the WWF as a cult favorite babyface in the early 80s. Sadly, he passed away in a mental hospital because he had advanced Alzheimer's disease which made it impossible for his family to handle him and they had him put away. Jeez, that's rough. He also had a litany of other health problems. Dave gives an in-depth history of his career in the 60s and 70s as a heel in the Carolinas before talking about the WWF run. Vince Sr. brought him in as a monster heel to challenge Bob Backlund, and Dave thinks someone else must have backed out at the last moment or something. By this time (in 1979), Hanson was well past his prime and hadn't been a major star anywhere in years but he was a big dude and so they brought him in to face Backlund and they actually sold out Madison Square Garden with Backlund vs. Hanson in the main event (though Dave says Bruno Sammartino working the undercard sure didn't hurt). The match sucked and almost immediately after, he became a jobber in the WWF, but Vince Jr, on commentary, just loved to call him "Rawboned Swede Hanson" and the "Rawboned" nickname caught on. Vince said it with such gusto that Hanson briefly became a cult favorite jobber from it and the crowd turned him babyface at damn near 50 years old. It led to a brief career resurgence and him having a small role in the Backlund/Billy Graham feud for the title before he finally faded into oblivion.
  • Mark Henry won the "world's strongest man" competition at the Arnold Classic bodybuilding and fitness event. Henry has been out of WWF for the past 2 months training for this competition and the training paid off, with Henry capturing first place and making a legitimate viable claim to his "strongest man in the world" moniker. During the event, Henry became the first man in 50 years to cleanly press the 366 pound Apollon wheel weight above his head. In another event, he carried an 800 pound block of bolted together railroad ties up a 40-foot ramp faster than the other competitors. For his victory, Henry won a $75,000 Humvee and some other cash prizes. Over the same weekend, he also won another $1,000 in a contest where he was able to lift an inch dumbbell (which weighs 172 pounds) to his shoulder with one arm. There's a bunch of other weightlifting stuff here, but you might be surprised to find out....I dunno shit about any of this. I got winded lifting pizza to my mouth earlier. Mark Henry strong.
WATCH: Mark Henry at the Arnold Classic 2002
  • Another obit for former wrestler, promoter, and father of 80s valet Baby Doll, Nick Roberts who died of pancreatic cancer. Once again, a bunch of details and stories about someone I've never heard of in wrestling history that Dave somehow knows everything about. I know I've said it before, but these obituary pieces are some of the greatest reasons for subscribing to the Observer.
  • Masahiro Chono says he wants to take NJPW in a more serious, realistic direction. No sports entertainment gaga nonsense, they want it to be like a real sports product. So much so that, in his own match with Manabu Nakanishi at the last big NJPW show, Chono wouldn't even bounce off the ropes, saying that it's not credible and no one would do that in a real fight. Ah yes, Inoki's gonna love this.
  • FMW wrestler Kodo Fuyuki has said he plans to try to keep the promotion running after it was announced it was folding last week. FMW still has 8 shows scheduled for this month and Fuyuki said he plans to try to run them himself and keep the company going (no such luck buddy).
  • Japan Today, an American newspaper that covers Japanese news daily, had a story on Antonio Inoki battling diabetes. It says he was first diagnosed in 1982, which Dave says is right around the time Inoki's in-ring work dropped off considerably when he lost his stamina. The story said for the last 20 years, Inoki has eaten a ridiculously healthy diet and is in better health now at 59 than he was then at 39.
  • Dave said he got tons of positive feedback on the debut of RF Video's Ring of Honor promotion in Philadelphia. The show was sold out in advance, was well organized, and had several really good matches. They limited a lot of the mistakes that most indie companies fall victim to, such as too many matches, too many run-ins, too much mic work, too many guys trying to do too much stuff, etc. Steve Corino and CZW announcer Eric Gargiulo did commentary. Eddie Guerrero faced Super Crazy in an excellent match and the main event was a three-way featuring Low-Ki, Christopher Daniels, and American Dragon that Dave has heard rave reviews for. And thus, ROH was born.
WATCH: Highlights from ROH's debut show in 2002
  • Vic Grimes took the most insane bump of all time at an XPW event before 1,500 fans in Los Angeles. Grimes was facing New Jack in a scaffold match said to be at least twice as high up as the fall Mick Foley took off the Hell in a Cell. The ring below had tables stacked 4-high to break his fall, but Grimes ended up missing most of the tables when New Jack overshot him. Perhaps on purpose. Grimes missed all but the corner tables at the edge of the ring before coming down on the corner turnbuckles. After the bump, they tried to rush fans out of the arena since it was almost 1am and gave many the impression Grimes life was in danger. But he was surprisingly okay and was walking around backstage after, although he was definitely banged up. Grimes was really nervous about the bump earlier in the day, as you might expect and Dave says he's pretty damn lucky he didn't miss the ring because he almost certainly would have died if he took that bump straight to the floor. Elsewhere on the show, there was a match where porn star Lizzy Borden (wife of XPW promoter Rob Black) faced another porn star, Veronica Caine, in a match that was supposed to end only when someone was stripped totally naked. But right before it happened, the lights went out and the women were rushed out of the ring and when fans realized they'd been ripped off, they were so pissed the arena feared a riot. (Anyway, here's the bump and yeah....Grimes very easily could have died from this. No mention from Dave on the fact that New Jack also tazed him before this)
WATCH: Air Grimes goes long
  • Shane Douglas is expected to take over as XPW booker when his WCW contract with Time Warner expires next month.
  • Former WCW journeyman wrestler Chip Minton's primary career was bobsledding. He only wrestled in WCW occasionally while doing that, primarily as a jobber on the C-shows. Minton was part of the US bobsledding team in both the 1994 and 1998 Winter Olympics and was planning to compete this year, but failed to make the team. Soon after that, he failed a steroid test and has been suspended from the sport for 2 years.
  • Remember a couple weeks ago, it was mentioned that Roddy Piper was in a car accident but he was playing down how serious it was? Turns out....very serious. Piper suffered 4 broken ribs, one of which punctured his liver and nearly killed him. He also suffered severe back injuries and shattered his ankle. Piper was taken to the hospital and was near death but obviously, he managed to pull through and has still been making all his appearances for XWF in recent days. (Yeah I think in Piper's autobiography, he dedicates the book to the guy who saved his life by rushing him to the hospital and even says he was clinically dead for a few moments. Then again, Piper was like a lot of those old time guys and was prone to exaggeration, so who knows).
  • Eric Bischoff is teaming up with Mark Burnett, the producer of the hit show Survivor, to produce a MMA reality show called Skien. From Dave's understanding, it will basically be a reality show with K-1 kickboxers leading up to a PPV event. (Here's an article about it from Variety at the time, but this ends up going nowhere).
WATCH: Variety article on Eric Bischoff's new reality show
  • Notes from Raw: only one thing really notable, they filmed a segment at referee Tim White's bar The Friendly Tap. The bar really is owned by White and WWF pretty much always films angles there when they're in town (Providence, RI). This time, the skit featured the APA going into the bar to drink and the bar was filled by a bunch of gay men and drag queens (played by a bunch of wrestlers from indie promotion Chaotic Wrestling) while the APA guys acted all grossed out by it all. Then Billy and Chuck attacked them. Dave thinks this played on all the typical homophobic stereotypes and he seems pretty irritated by it. Anyway, among the wrestlers from Chaotic were Todd Sinclair (better known now as ROH's senior official), Rich Palladino (ring announcer for Beyond now) and John Walters (indie wrestler and former ROH Pure champion).
  • Next week's Smackdown hasn't aired yet but it was taped and Dave has details. Notably, this is the episode where Austin chases down the NWO and tries to shoot them with a net gun. Dave says this was a mess, with the gun going off but no net being fired from it and they'll have to fix the whole thing in post-production. It went horribly when they filmed it and it aired for the live crowd and it killed the crowd and basically forced them to improvise on the spot (on one of the Something To Wrestle podcasts, Bruce Prichard tells this story and how frustrated they were with this net gun being a piece of shit). This episode also featured Stephanie yelling at Chris Jericho for getting her the wrong hand lotion and Booker T and Edge feuding over a Japanese shampoo commercial. (Rock/Hogan was great, but man, the build for everything else at Wrestlemania 18 suuuuuucked.)
  • Prototype won the OVW title from Leviathan at the latest OVW tapings. After the match, they did an angle to set up David Flair as the #1 contender for the title. Prototype's only singles loss in OVW came last week, when Flair beat him, so there ya go (this video covers ALL of that. The FlaiCena match, the Leviathan match, the post-match angle, etc).
WATCH: Prototype vs. Leviathan for OVW title - 2002
  • Wall Street Journal did an article talking about the decline in Smackdown's ratings, saying they were down 28% from last year and down 42% from the year before that. The article blamed it on Smackdown changing networks. Here's the thing hasn't. Raw changed networks in 2000. Smackdown has been on UPN since its debut. Also, UPN has grown overall in ratings while Smackdown has declined. It's just because the show sucks now.
  • Charlie Haas, fresh off returning to the ring and winning the HWA title after the death of his brother, tore his ACL this week. He just had surgery and will be out 4-6 months. Rough few months for that dude.
  • A Washington newspaper did a story on James Dudley, who you may know as....WWF Hall of Famer James Dudley and little else. On-screen, he's never really done much. But Dave says Dudley started working for Vince Sr. back in the 1940s, when Sr. was a boxing promoter, and was essentially his Vince Sr.'s driver and assistant. Dudley did a lot of odd jobs for the company during those early years, working ticket booths and stuff like that, but to most people, he was just kinda known as Vince Sr.'s limo driver. So when he was indicted into the WWF Hall of Fame a few years ago, it was a pretty controversial decision among a lot of people, given that someone like Bruno Sammartino isn't in, by the company's limo driver is. Anyway, before his death, Vince Sr. made Vince Jr. promise to take care of Dudley and keep him on the payroll. So for the last 18 years or so, even though he doesn't work for the company, Vince McMahon has continued to pay him a salary. He also bought him a new car as a gift some years back.
  • Billy and Chuck's recent tag team title win makes Billy Gunn the most decorated tag team wrestler in WWF history, as he's now held the tag titles 9 times (3 as part of the Smoking Gunns, 5 as part of New Age Outlaws, and now once with he and Chuck). The previous record was Mick Foley, with 8. (to the best of my research, if we're only talking WWF/WWE tag title reigns, that record is now held by Edge).
  • USA Network CEO Barry Diller took part in a lecture at Syracuse University and talked about losing the WWF to TNN. When asked why it happened, he responded, "Because I'm a dope." He said he didn't fight hard enough to keep the WWF and admitted the loss hurt, but also said it may have been the best thing for them in the long-run because pro wrestling doesn't really fit the direction they're planning to take the network. He said wrestling fans came for wrestling and left immediately after it was over and there was never any cross-over fans who stuck around to watch the next show or anything like that. He said they could never figure out what to connect wrestling to within the rest of their properties.
  • WWF held a try out camp in Cincinnati and reportedly, nobody was particularly impressive, including AJ Styles. The knock on Styles was that he's average looking and too small. Wrestler Sonny Siaki was said to be the most impressive, but he also rubbed people the wrong way with his attitude so probably not gonna make the cut this time. Matt Morgan, who was on the Tough Enough casting special last season got a tryout and since he has no formal training, he was pretty awful but he's big so Dave seems to think he'll get a chance anyway. The other one they were impressed by was a woman named Erin Bray, who was one of the final 25 picked for the original Tough Enough. But then some other contestants spotted her out on a date with one of the show's judges and they threw a fit, which resulted in Bray not making the final 13. Another wrestler, Travis Tomko, is a guy who has worked some indies and is a former bodyguard for Limp Bizkit ("Tomko, gimme a beat." "No.")
  • Rock was a presenter at the NAACP Awards and Dave thinks he looked pretty great for a guy who was almost murdered in an ambulance by the NWO a few days earlier. Cheeky Dave is just the best.
  • Speaking of, Dave throws in a random paragraph to backhandedly shit on Kevin Nash. For years, people in the business joked that Lex Luger made the most money with the least ability or drawing power of anyone ever in wrestling. Dave says it's gotta be Nash. For example, Nash is not wrestling and is only going to be in Hall's corner for the match at Wrestlemania (his knees really are giving him problems), but he has been promised that he's going to get the same type of payoff as if he was the guy in the match working with Austin in the semi-main event. Not to mention all the huge contracts he signed in WCW, or how he got a huge-by-WWF-standards deal here, plus got Vince to cave to almost all his other demands regarding schedule and bringing back Scott Hall, among other things. (I mean, while Dave is being kind of a dick here, I don't think he's really wrong either. When it comes to top draws in the history of the business, Nash isn't anywhere near even the top 10 or 20. And he's never exactly been a great wrestler. But since the 90s, Nash always managed to make sure he gets PAID like he's in that upper echelon. Nash is one of those very few wrestlers who isn't entranced by the fame or the fake accolades. He treats wrestling for what it is: a business. It's the way they pay their mortgages and buy groceries, just like you and me at our jobs. I love it. I laugh my ass off every time I hear "Brock Lesnar signed a huge new contract to only work 6 matches a year." Good for him. I hope he gets even more money for less dates next year. You should always know your worth and never let your employer take you for anything less. Nash has always been one of the guys to do that and he's probably going to die comfortably in a nice house while these other guys from his era are still clinging to fame at 60 years old doing $300 indie shows on crippled knees. Anyway, that's my soapbox). Dave seems to feel the same way and admits, love him or hate him, you gotta give Nash credit for being one of the smartest guys in the biz.
  • Fear Factor featuring the Hardyz, Lita, Test, Molly Holly, and Jacquelyn aired this week. First they had to climb up a rope ladder hanging from a helicopter over the river and they all made it up except Jeff Hardy who slipped near the top and fell (knowing Jeff, he probably purposely let go so he could take the big fall for fun). Lita also got eliminated for being the slowest one up the ladder. Next they had to chug a gross drink that included bile, rooster testicals, spleen, and some animal brains all blended together. Molly Holly almost vomited after one sip and was out. Jackie and Matt succeeded. Test refused to even try. So then it came down to Matt vs. Jackie and they had to walk across the tops of high poles and move flags around. Matt Hardy ended up winning the whole thing and won $50,000 for charity.
WATCH: WWF stars on Fear Factor, Pt. 1
WATCH: WWF stars on Fear Factor, Pt. 2
WATCH: WWF stars on Fear Factor, Pt. 3
  • Sunday Night Heat is being converted into one of the B-shows like Metal and Jakked. Awhile back, they started airing Heat from the WWF New York restaurant but the production costs of that were high. So in a cost-cutting move, they're just gonna tape dark matches and throw them on Heat the same way they do those other shows, featuring all the nobodies that can't ever get TV time on the main shows.
  • As mentioned last week, Scott Hall has been taking a drug called Antabuse, which makes him violently sick when he drinks or even smells alcohol. It caused him to get sick after Raw last week when Austin poured beer all over him in a bit after the cameras were off. Hall has said he is clean and has been clean for awhile, except for the incident a couple weeks ago where he fell off the wagon. Others are skeptical and question if Hall only takes his medication on TV days and needless to say, there's some doubt here.
  • Everywhere he goes, Brian Christopher has been telling people he's coming back to WWF after Wrestlemania, but contrary to what he's saying, Dave says there are zero plans for that (indeed, it does not happen).
FRIDAY: More on WWA's PPV disaster, the landscape for any new promotion attempting to start up, WWF huge show in Japan, WWF loses appeal over "WWF" initials, Bret Hart given offer for Wrestlemania 18, and tons more...
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2020.04.02 22:55 CarlB1961 We're Trapped In Our House. Something Is In Here With Us. I Think We're In Hell. PART I

A hand shaking my shoulder awakened me. I stirred, groaning, as consciousness returned to me. I opened my eyes, blinking to clear them.
My wife, Kate, was standing over me. I saw her face, the troubled expression on it, the frightened look in her eyes, and my head cleared. Instantly, I was wide awake and alert. I glanced quickly around the bedroom. It was dark outside the windows, still night. I glanced at the alarm clock beside the bed: 10:13. Something about that bothered me, something about it was wrong, but I let it go for the time being, more concerned about my wife's distressed appearance.
"What's is it?" I asked.
She just stared at me for a moment, opened her mouth to speak, then closed it abruptly, as if she didn't even know how to put whatever was wrong into words. I felt alarm surge through me. She wasn't just troubled, she was downright disturbed, and it wasn't just fear in her eyes; it was damn near pure terror.
"What is it?" I asked her again, more urgently this time, thinking it must be a phone call she received -- phone calls in the dead of night are never good news -- or some kind of emergency; a fire maybe, or burglars. Or--
"Something is seriously wrong, Nick," she said in a very quiet voice, almost a whisper.
"What? What's happening?"
"It's still dark outside," she replied.
"Yeah, so, it's the middle of the night! What do you expect?" I was a tad annoyed at her for pointing out such an obvious fact. It's probably one of the few truly dumb things I've ever heard Kate, who is a fairly levelheaded, intelligent woman, say. But something about the alarm clock was still bothering me. A realization was already starting to form in my subconscious.
"Jesus, Nick!" she exclaimed, and now she was the one who sounded annoyed, even though there was a note of panic in her tone as well. "Don't you get it?! It's after ten in the morning and it's still dark outside!"
It hit me right then like a blow from a sledgehammer and I felt like an idiot. It should have been so obvious, but maybe my brain was slowed down a little by the four or five beers I had had last night before going to bed. I had been drinking because it was Friday night, I was off the next day, and hadn't gone to bed until late, long after Kate had gone to sleep. I remembered the time I had seen on the clock over the TV as I had glanced at it on my way to bed, more than a bit drunk, but still fairly lucid.
1:03 a.m.
I had gone to bed well after midnight on Saturday morning -- this morning, and it was 10:13 a.m., not p.m.
"What the fuck?" I muttered, incredulous, and looked again out the window at the blackness beyond. I looked back at Kate. "Are you sure?" I asked her dumbly, not knowing what else to say.
"Yes, I'm sure!" she said with an edge of hysteria. "Look!" She thrust her phone impatiently at me and I looked at the time and date on the screen: 10:14 A.M., Sat., Apr. 4.
I looked at her, starting to become scared myself. I found myself hoping this was some kind of joke, a belated April Fools' Day prank. I looked at her, hoping she was going to crack a smile and breaking down laughing, saying she got me good, but I could see she was not faking her fear and desperation; they were genuine.
I swiftly got out of bed in my boxers and T-shirt and hastily got dressed, pulling on the pants I had worn the previous evening. "Are Chris and the others up?" I asked her.
"Yes, they're downstairs." My older brother Chris and his wife Annie and ten-year-old stepson Adam had been staying with us at our house for the past three weeks, since Chris had been laid off from his truck dispatcher job last month. It wasn't an ideal living situation for any of us, but Chris was family and our parents were dead so there wasn't really anyone else they could turn to, and it's not like we could just say no and turn them and their kid onto the street. Chris and Annie stayed in the downstairs guest room and I had set up a makeshift bedroom in the basement for Adam.
Dressed, I headed out of the bedroom and marched briskly down the hallway and downstairs to the front door, Kate directly behind me. I opened the door...and just stood there, staring out at what lay beyond, bewildered, and scared.
Beyond the doorway lay only blackness. Blackness that was blacker than black, somehow, an inky void that seemed to blot out the world that lay beyond our house. It wasn't just nighttime darkness; if it had been, there still should have been some ambient light from the stars and moon, enough to allow me to see the front lawn and driveway and the street and our neighbors' houses on the other side. This darkness...was wrong, was not natural, was an absolute negative of existence. It scared me in a way I never had been before.
I listened and heard nothing. Dead silence. No crickets. No dogs barking. No car engines. But I did smell something, a faint, unpleasant musty odor that reminded me of the way the crawlspace in our parents' old house had used to smell after it flooded in a heavy rain.
I looked down...and saw something else that sent a chill up my spine. The light from inside the house should have been spilling out beyond the doorway onto the front porch outside...but wasn't. The light stopped in a neat line right at the threshold.
On impulse, I turned and headed for the kitchen, stepping past Kate, who called after me, "Where are you going?!"
I didn't answer her. I opened a drawer in the kitchen and grabbed the big four-battery flashlight where it lay along with some emergency candles and a box of matches.
I returned to the open front door and clicked on the flashlight, aiming it out into the dark.
The powerful beam of light...did not penetrate the blackness, did not reveal what lay hidden within. It seemed to fall short, seemed to somehow be absorbed by the impenetrable thick wall of solid darkness .
I lowered it with a trembling hand. I stepped as close to the doorway as I dared, cupped my hands around my mouth and suddenly shouted at the top of my lungs: "HELLO? IS ANYONE OUT THERE? CAN YOU HEAR ME?" Out of the corner of my eye, I caught Kate flinching slightly at my unexpected shouting.
My voice had sounded...weirdly muffled as it passed beyond the doorway, the way your voice will sound when you try talking with your mouth pressed against a waded-up bunch of clothing. My voice, like the light, was also being absorbed by the heavy, oppressive blackness that surrounded our house.
I briefly considered stepping outside, but just the idea of taking one step over the threshold filled me with an overwhelming wave of existential, soul-crushing terror. I somehow could sense instinctively that if I went out into the darkness I would be lost, would never return inside.
I stood there, staring out into the lightless nothingness for several long moments. "What the fuck is going on here?" I said quietly, more to myself than to my wife.
"Close the door, Nick," Kate begged behind me. "Please."
I did.
I stepped back from the front door, my mind whirling. I couldn't make sense of what was happening, couldn't even postulate on what could be causing it.
A tempting possibility occurred to me: maybe this was just a bad dream. Only one way to be sure. I turned to Kate. "Slap me."
She gave me a confused look. "What?"
"Go on, do it. Slap me. Hard as you can."
She obliged. WHACK!
"Ow!" I cried, rubbing my cheek. That answered that question. This was no dream.
"What are we going to do?" she asked me.
"We have to call someone. Call 911." It was the best I could come up with on short notice.
"I've already tried. The phones don't work. The lines are dead."
I looked at her. I took my own phone out of my pocket and tried it anyway. She was right. My call wouldn't go through.
I grabbed the handset off its stand on the table in the foyer and tried it. There was no dial tone. The landline was out, too. "Shit!" I snapped with frustration and slammed it down.
"Don't even bother trying the Internet," Kate told me just as the thought crossed my mind. She sounded irritated that I hadn't believe her about the phones. "I checked that myself. It's down, too."
"What about the TV?" I asked, certain she was going to say that wasn't working either.
Instead, she did something strange. She lower her head and shuddered slightly.
"What is it?
She looked up at me and I could see something else was bothering her. "There's something I didn't tell you."
"What?" I demanded.
"The TV still works...sort of."
"Well, thank God for that," I replied. "What are they saying?" I was no journalist, but I had a pretty good idea that the sun not rising one day would qualify as pretty fucking huge international news. I imagined it would be all they were talking about on all the channels.
She looked at me, struggling to find the words. I saw a flicker of fear in her eyes. "You don't understand, Nick. There's something...wrong with the TV. All the channels, they..." She trailed off. "I can't even explain it. You need to see for yourself."
Puzzled, I followed her as she motioned me into the living room.
Chris, a big burly guy with a goatee and a shaved head was sitting on the couch with Annie, Adam between them. Adam looked scared and I could see tears in his eyes. Annie had her arm around his shoulders and was speaking quietly to him, reassuring him.
Chris stood up when he saw me enter. "Nick," he said in greeting, "this is some pretty weird fuckin shit going down."
Annie scolded him and told him to watch his language around Adam. She was a thin, pretty blonde woman in her late twenties, a decade Chris' junior. She had a slightly weary, haunted, washed-out quality about her, the result of a pretty rough life. Abused both physically and sexually by both of her drug-addicted parents, she had run away at sixteen without finishing high school and hooked up with a guy who was a pretty lowlife character himself. He had gotten her pregnant before running off, only to get his head blown off with a shotgun some time later by a Korean convenience store owner whose business he had been trying to hold up. She had been struggling as a single mother working as a waitress in a truck stop diner to support Adam where she had met Chris, who had been one of her regulars. They had only been married for about a year and a half.
"Sorry, babe," he replied.
"Do you think you guys can go into the kitchen for a few minutes?" Kate asked the three of them. "I wanted to show Nick... what's on TV."
They looked at her, their faces grim. "Yeah, sure, Kate," Chris said.
Annie whispered something to Adam, who nodded, and they stood and quietly followed Chris out of the living room.
Kate went to the TV, which I had just noticed had been turned off all this time, and flipped it on, pointedly not looking at it.
I stared at the screen. For a moment I didn't understand what I was seeing. It was the Today show, the fourth hour. Hoda Kotb and Jenna Bush Hager were seated in their usual places in the studio, but everything was warped somehow, twisted in the most perverse way. The windows behind them were pedestrians outside normally gather to wave in at the audience in the hope of being seen on national TV were completely outside our house.
Both Hoda and Jenna had twin trails of blood running down their cheeks from their eyes like tears and they were both smiling grotesquely exaggerated grins that bared their teeth like grimaces of agony.
Then I heard what they were saying.
Hoda: "The streets are running delightfully red with the blood of the transgressors who who so gleefully cavorted and fornicated in the excesses of their own shallow, stupid gluttony and sense of righteous piety and want! There are trees that weep and and rocks that whisper the hungry secrets of mankind's most insipid desires that glean to behold the call of virtue in the face of their own hypocritical lust for the higher knowledge of wealth and NASA's top secret missions to hide Starbucks enemas in the school lunches of America's less-privileged elementary school students. Crass commercialism and the brain-washing of the impressionable minds that strive to reach a transcendental state of perfect awareness so that we can all stop fucking our dead grandmothers and stuffing our faces with Fritos and watching reruns of Happy Days long enough to hear the true calling of this Greater Voice that beckons us, that tells us that we too can one day own a Tesla of our very own!"
The audience clapped and laughed uproariously at this gibberish.
I watched, dumbstruck with shock. I couldn't believe what I was seeing and hearing.
Jenna: "That's so very becoming, Hoda! Because I too see the floating dead corpses of aborted fetuses in the shallow streams of pollution from the nuclear power plants that so gloriously stand as idols to humanity's impudent conquest of the natural chaos that dictates the Universe. The cold, crushing vacuum of space in which we, meaningless, trivial insects we are, float on an insignificant speck of dust amidst the cosmos. Eat Big Macs! But seriously, Hoda, seriously, it is a very good day, a very golden day. A day for going down to the beach with that girl you kidnapped from the parking lot of Dunkin Donuts and have been keeping prisoner in the basement of your fucking cum slut of a mother who is too busy snorting meth and having a train run on her by the twenty Klansmen she met while donating blood at Bed, Bath and Beyond and secretly plan to poison the water supply of Peru to realize what a twisted fucking freak her bastard offspring of a son is and have been using as a sex slave and going down to the beach littered with the countless bones of the martyrs who died worthlessly so that we can all gorge ourselves upon the flesh of unborn children ground up and processed into Happy Meals and the ocean red with the blood of the billions who suffer for our wanton need to dance and masturbate while watching snuff films and listening to Lady Gaga, a good day for going down to the beach and committing group suicide! Hell, yeah! Out with the old, in with the blue!"
Another eruption of applause and laughter from the audience.
Hoda: "But seriously, Jenna, seriously, these are great times we are living in, the best of times, the cursed of times, the end of times, time to wash your car and clean your hair and put the barrels of that shotgun in your mouth like you've been looking forward to doing all year since you caught your wife in bed with Charles Manson and they force-fed you the liver of your five-year-old son before sodomizing you with his severed foot and making you lick it clean of your own shit and closing your eyes and pulling the trigger and blasting off, away from this shit planet of pain and suffering and endless Marvel comic book feature film adaptation spin-offs and blasting off, blasting off, blasting off into the Great Unknown! Taste the rainbow! Snap into a Slim Jim! Pop culture and Pop Tarts and popcorn and pop goes the weasel pop pop pop pop!"
Jenna: "And now Al's going to give us the weather!"
The camera cut to Al Roker standing beside his weather map, but instead of a green screen with the U.S. outlined on it and a map of weather patterns across the country with the highs and lows, it showed only black-and-white Holocaust footage: emaciated Jewish concentration camp prisoners and mass graves and piles of dead bodies and Nazis performing executions. Unlike Jenna and Hoda, Al Roker was not smiling. His face was a rictus of horror, his eyes wide and blank and vacant. His eyes were also leaking blood down his cheeks. He gestured to the screen as he spoke in a calm, mellow voice.
"You got it, Jenna! As you can see here today's going to a wonderful day for rape and torture and subjugation, a wonderful day for castration and mutilation and flagellation, asphyxiation, celebration, self-immolation, accusation, a wonderful day for drinking a bottle of drain cleaner while listening to the Beatles singing "All You Need Is Love" while the kids drill your brains out with the cordless Black and Decker they got you for Christmas after setting a homeless man on fire, a wonderful day for an exorcism or two, a wonderful day for a witch burning, a wonderful--"
I couldn't stand to listen to any more. I grabbed the remote and pushed the Mute button. I felt dizzy, numb, unreal. I tried to comprehend the insanity I had just witnessed on the TV.
"Nick," Kate asked me, her voice low and scared. "What's happening here?"
I looked at her. I shook my head helplessly. "I don't know," I told her.
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2020.03.17 05:44 Rockified Lady Gaga on paper magazine: ARTPOP was ahead of its time

The topic of ARTPOP comes up, specifically Gaga's contentious 2019 tweet, "I don't remember ARTPOP," which sent fans into an absolute frenzy in defense of her underrated, critically slammed 2013 effort. As it turns out, Gaga does, in fact, recall her sometimes controversial third album. "I think it's funny that I'm not allowed to have a sense of humor," she says. "The internet is essentially a big joke, but if I tell one everyone freaks out. I don't regret my art, and I wouldn't suggest anyone do." Though ARTPOP couldn't possibly compare to the colossal success of Gaga's first two albums, it's certainly her most experimental to date. (Justice for "Sexxx Dreams," the hit single that never was.) "I look back at ARTPOP and look at music today, and I see a lot of things that were very..." Gaga pauses to find the right word. "Futuristic. Or they were ahead of their time, and I'm okay with saying that."
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3 Creepy True Online Dating Horror Stories - YouTube 30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life  Versus 1 - YouTube Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (From A Star Is Born ... WALKING, TALKING VAGINA? - Online Dating, Lady Gaga spoof/Parody and more! Gaga app for online dating  chat and video call from this ... Online Dating & Messaging Women - YouTube THE ONE BENEFIT OF ONLINE DATING - Liz Miele - YouTube The Internet's Cringiest Dating Show - YouTube Dangers of Internet Dating.wmv

Lady Gaga's Dating History - Lady Gaga's Love Life

  1. 3 Creepy True Online Dating Horror Stories - YouTube
  2. 30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life Versus 1 - YouTube
  3. Lady Gaga, Bradley Cooper - Shallow (From A Star Is Born ...
  4. WALKING, TALKING VAGINA? - Online Dating, Lady Gaga spoof/Parody and more!
  5. Gaga app for online dating chat and video call from this ...
  6. Online Dating & Messaging Women - YouTube
  8. The Internet's Cringiest Dating Show - YouTube
  9. Dangers of Internet Dating.wmv

Headlining this weekend at City Steam in Hartford, CT! Come out! * This joke is on my first album “Emotionally Exhausting” check it out wherever you buy or s... “chromatica” the sixth album by lady gaga out now “rain on me” the new single & video from lady gaga with ariana grande out now... SUBSCRIBE for more! 👉 👈 Watch more Versus 1: For brands wanting to partner with us, email: [email protected] best video ever made on the dangers of internet dating. hilarious. WALKING, TALKING VAGINA? - Online Dating, Lady Gaga spoof/Parody and more! ... american accent actor actors actress acting vlog video blog hot series comedy commentary drama queen hd high ... Finding love is tough, so thank god we have things like YouTube dating shows. More specifically, thank god we have 'Bestie Picks Bae' made by Seventeen magaz... Published on Sep 01. 2020 AoA! This is me Game Wars Welcome to Game Wars Hey Friends, How Are you?Fine. Subscribe channel press bill icon for more latest vid... Online dating; it's become sort of a go-to for not just single millennials, but folks of all ages to meet new people... But when you're meeting someone for t... Coach Corey Wayne discusses how to handle messaging on internet dating sites and when you should ask to set up a date. If you have not read my book, “How To ...