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2020.12.02 15:37 LadySekah Good dog breeds for laid back smokers?

My fiances and i's dog recently passed away from old age and his mom was going to surprise us with a trip to the pound to pick out a new furry baby when she gets back from a trip. I wanted to know though what would be a good dog for someone who smokes cause i smoke as well as my fiance. I do baby hits while hes a heavy hitter and we both arent super active so we cant really handle a dog that wants to play all the time. He does want to get a large or medium sized dog but the more mellow and laid back the better. He thought about a pit but i was reading pits are attention heavy dogs so now im thinking its not a good idea. Any suggestions are appreciated
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2020.12.02 15:36 Nerddess Aroace King and Queen

I'll go first with a little story snippet I wrote a while back. This is just an example of the kind of things I envision for this sub, though other story mediums such as comic strips are also welcome.
This was based on a writing prompt about a king and queen who get married, but one is aromantic and the other is asexual.
Queen Isella drummed her fingers against the side of the carriage, frowning as she watched the countryside rolling by. She hadn't spoken a word to King Trisden since the carriage ride had begun almost two hours ago. The wedding had taken place at a neutral location between their two kingdoms, as a way to promote peace now that the war was over, but they had agreed that Trisden's castle would be their seat of power. He had been the one to cut down his father, after all.
He couldn't take the incessant tapping any longer. "Can we just talk, please?" he asked, forcing himself to keep a gentle tone. He knew she didn't like this situation any more than he did. But the nations needed a stable authority over them, and a royal marriage had been the ticket.
She crossed her arms and leaned back, facing him where he sat across from her. "Talk," she shrugged.
Trisden sighed. "Look I... Well, I know it's awkward, but we're husband and wife now, so we may as well be open with each other. I love my kingdom, and I would do anything to maintain peace. Can I assume you are of the same mind, since you suggested the marriage?"
She chewed her bottom lip as she studied him. "Define anything."
He blinked. "Well... We're young royalty, fresh out of a hundred year long war. The people will expect... Well, to ensure stability of rule... I mean..."
She cocked an eyebrow at him.
With an aggravated exhalation, Trisden rushed, "The people will expect us to... procure an heir. Very soon."
She rolled her eyes and groaned heavily, propping her elbow on the window and cupping her chin in her hand. "I know. My family has been nagging me for weeks about it. My sister even wants details about our first night!" Trisden blushed, but Isella didn't notice as she glared out the window. "It's really none of their business, now, is it? But they think they know best. 'It's a queen's duty to please her husband! It's a queen's duty to bear his children!' Blegh! I have studied politics since I could read. I could do far more for the kingdom focusing on that than worrying about taking fertility draughts at the right time of the month."
Trisden marveled at her bluntness. Normally she was quite shrewd in political meetings, a magnificent actor in the courts. To see into this side of her so quickly warmed his heart that she would reveal it to him.
She finally turned her eyes to look at him. "You asked if I'd do anything. There's only one thing that I won't do, and I want you to know why. I have been pushed and prodded and groomed my entire life as a lady of the court. A good portion of my early womanhood was spent educating me on how men and women have these 'natural' urges and they're important for creating heirs, and that it was my job to... to just spit babies out as often as I could manage. Do you know how utterly degrading that is!?"
The king shifted uncomfortably, blushing terribly as he always did when this topic was brought up.
"I am a queen now. I have the most extensive education on tactics of governance, war, economics, treatises.... I.... That is beside the point," Isella muttered, taking a calming breath. "The point is, yes, I do love our people, and I intend to rule fairly and justly. But I intend to rule, not be your nightly entertainments, even for the purposes of obtaining an heir. That is out of the question."
She sounded so resolute, and she stared at him hard as if expecting him to protest. But Trisden just sighed in relief.
"Oh, thank God," he breathed, sinking into the seat cushions. Isella's eyes widened in surprise. "I feel the same way, Isella. My friends would needle me about my... in your words, 'nightly entertainments,' and... I mean, it was usually nice, I guess, but... Like you said. We are both so much more than that."
She leaned forward in earnestness. "Speak plainly. Are you fine going your whole life without ever sleeping together?"
"I... well, I like... I mean, being in the same... Holding each other close, that's nice and all... But no, I would be just fine if I never again had... had.... i-intercourse."
Her face broke into a satisfied grin, and she sat back. "I could manage that."
"But... Isella..." Trisden spoke up a little uncertainly. She met his gaze. "We still need an heir. In order to keep the support of the nobility..."
She tilted her head thoughtfully. "Then let us adopt. We would need to be careful in selecting a child.... but we do have some time. It might work. I'd even be willing to stuff a pillow in my bodice to play the part. It would be delightfully fun, actually."
Trisden couldn't help but laugh.
Smiling at him, she went on, "And truthfully, if all else fails, we could spend the meantime looking for the Dragon Roost of old. Enough evidence suggests they exist. If we get an army of dragons on our side, I could be fine with annoying some of the nobility with my disinterest in sex. As asinine as such annoyance would be."
"I would love spending our marriage searching for dragons with you," Trisden intoned. They exchanged grins of genuine friendship, both heartily looking forward to this royal union.
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2020.12.02 15:36 throwway290 My throat is swollen 1+ year and I need some insight 29F

In the summer of 2019 I brought one of my clients to the hospital to visit the ICU where her fiance was in his last days.
3 days later I developed a sinus infection (diagnosed at urgent care) that 7 days later, caused laryngitis.
Since then my neck appears wider in the throat/thyroid area. I'm choking every morning on phlegm and that lasts for a couple hours and fades throughout the day. When I swallow food it hurts my throat and sometimes takes extra time to actually swallow the food all the way.
My thyroid levels are in "normal" range but a full percentage lower than 2016 - 2.16 to 1.06. I had an ultrasound. Nothing. I had a CT scan.. revealed a lipoma in my shoulder that is being biopsied today. The ENT put a camera in my throat and did not see anything concerning. The medical professionals are saying my throat looks normal but I know it has changed significantly in appearance. I started having a wrinkly dry skin look in the center of my throat and since then I've also developed nodules all along my lymph nodes in my neck area. I'm currently being treated for a superficial staph infection on my skin. Doc said to put muciproprion in my nose and on affected areas for 1 or 2 weeks. The nodules are shrinking. Since I started this I do get waves of warmth like I'm drinking hot coffee or soup.
The docs don't seem concerned when i mention how all this started and I still don't know what's going on or how to resolve it I'm just accepting attention as they give it to me, i.e. biopsy.
Also, I'm worried that the lipoma is a lymph node is that possible to confuse the two?
Current meds: Spironolactone 100 mg June 2020 Muciproprion 3 days Gianvi (bc) 3 years Adderall 20mg April 2019
Dermatologist wants to double my spironolactone and start me on an antibiotic called... cef is the abbreviation. The GP said to try muciproprion first before I go on it as I've been on minocycline from June to September, he thought it would be a simple baby step and he really wanted me to treat the sore in my nose. The sore was there for 4 to 5 weeks with a runny nose since July this year.
Are there any additional tests I can ask for to get them to focus on what I'm experiencing?
Additional symptoms:
Cold most of the time Joint pain and very crackly Nausea Dizziness Fainting Swelling in lower back (rubbery) Malaise White tongue (ent said geographic tongue) with fissures but my whole tongue will be white if I don't brush it) Headaches
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2020.12.02 15:33 popsinet Intro post tw: discussion of MMC and cytotec

TL;DR: 33yo, 1st pregnancy. Positive test 10/19, MMC AT 9w5d measuring 5w5d, used cytotec on 11/30 to induce miscarriage. WTT until first period post-MC.
Hi everyone! I guess I will go ahead and introduce myself. I’m happy this sub exists, even though I’m pissed that any of us need it. And I’m sad that I’m now a part of this club. I am turning 33 tomorrow, and I got pregnant for the first time October 19! I was so happy, but also couldn’t fully trust it and get excited, because I’ve seen so many stories of loss, both on the internet, and in my personal life. I know how common this is. While I didn’t expect to be a part of this club, I did know how real of a possibility it was.
Ok, so got my BFP on 10/19 but it was very faint. Kept testing like a mad-woman, and they were darkening, but not like people’s on tfablineporn, so that added to my caution. I got betas drawn and they were within normal limits, but on the lower end. I had my first scan set up for when I was 7w6d. In the meantime, I did everything right. Avoided alcohol and drugs, sushi, lunch meat, and only had one (probably 12 oz) cup of coffee per day. Took my prenatal, DHA, confirmed any additional supplements with my doctor, etc. My boobs and nipples were SO SENSITIVE that first week. I was tired and craving healthy food. After that first week, my nipples were less sensitive and my boobs were only normal luteal phase sensitive. I still had food aversions, but now to pretty much everything. I was still very tired. I took another HPT at 5w6d, just to calm my nerves and got a dye stealer, finally. I relaxed (somewhat). I told myself “just make it to your almost 8w scan and you will see a heartbeat and will relax for a bit before more worries come to mind.” I had no signs of MC: no spotting, minimal cramping, my BBT remained high.
Cut to my first scan: my husband was allowed to come with me, thank goodness. TV ultrasound was performed and when looking at that screen, I knew. I saw one sac, but it didn’t look the way it should have. It was just an empty circle. The us tech then found a second sac! But again, just an empty circle. She informed us “it’s possible twins, and probably just early.” They were measuring 5w5d. My husband got excited. I was holding back tears. The ultrasound tech told us “you probably got your dates wrong. Looks like you conceived 10/23.” I got my positive on 10/19 and I chart, so I knew she was wrong. We waited 2 more weeks for a follow up scan. But I’m those first few days, my husband just couldn’t understand and he was mad at me for “being negative, and not listening to the science.” I understood the science better than him, and I also understood where he was coming from. Instead of getting mad back, I explained to him everything I knew. I told him I wasn’t being negative, just sad. So very sad. He heard me and stopped blaming me. Looking back, he was in the angeblame/bargaining stage of grief while I was in overwhelming sadness. That whole first week, I cried everyday. The second week, I had some shred of hope after reading “miracle” stories of people’s babies catching up at the second scan. But still, mostly I knew and was resolved to the fact that I was having a MMC. My husband and I discussed what we would do (cytotec or d&c) before the first scan and we decided to try cytotec, as it’s the cheaper option.
Second scan: I was 9w5d and my babies had not grown at all. They looked exactly as they had 2 weeks prior. My husband was allowed at this scan too, and I am so grateful he was. We both got to see the sacs and I think that provided some finality to the bargaining part of grief. Now, I had already remained pregnant after the babies had stopped growing for 4 weeks. I was ready to just be “done.” My midwife didn’t even offer the cytotec, just wait and see or d&c. I asked for cytotec and she agreed. She placed 4 pills vaginally at the office. I was scared because I had to work the next day, but I was also happy to just get this miscarriage over with so we can try again.
TW: here’s my discussion of cytotec miscarriage: skip if you don’t want details. That first night was HORRIBLE. She placed the pills at 4:00pm, I went to bed with mild cramps. Woke up at 11pm feeling like I had to poop; sat on the toilet and promptly felt faint; laid on the floor; repeat. Finally fell asleep on the floor around midnight; woke up at 1am with hip pain and horrible cramps (contractions). Woke up every hour for an hour or so with cramps, only to sleep for one more hour before waking up again. Woke up at 7 for work (just started a new job 3 weeks prior) and went pee, but felt faint again. Laid back down and called into work. I told my boss about my miscarriage and she was sympathetic. At this point I was still having contractions, but they were not constant for an hour like they were overnight. I took ibuprofen and was able to sleep for 3 hours! When I woke up, I felt SO MUCH BETTER. Overall, I had way less bleeding than I was expecting. I’m still bleeding, but more like a medium flow. I’m going to the doctor Friday for a follow up and I’m curious if I need a second dose. If so, I hope it is not as bad as the first dose.
Anyway, I’m currently WTT while this miscarriage works itself out. I’m doing okay emotionally, and I think all the support I have helps (my husband, my aunt, my MIL, strangers on Reddit). My husband and I are hoping to try again after my first period post-MC. I’m grateful already to this community, and thank you for reading all of this if you did.
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2020.12.02 15:28 Emmarrrrawr Baby bouncer recommendations

Hi soon to be FTM here looking for baby bouncer recommendations that are suitable for newborns?
Thanks 🙂
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2020.12.02 15:28 Rupertfitz All the weasels are wired for sound since the temp dropped, but Stu just wants his blankie and his mudder. ❤️ my favorite cuddly baby.

All the weasels are wired for sound since the temp dropped, but Stu just wants his blankie and his mudder. ❤️ my favorite cuddly baby. submitted by Rupertfitz to ferrets [link] [comments]

2020.12.02 15:27 youwerehigh Putting new baby nursery next to toddler's room?

Posting here because I know there's a good population of people who similarly prioritize their children's sleep.
I am currently due with number two and our house is relatively small. Everyone will have their own bedroom but the three bedrooms are all right next to each other. We are trying to figure out if we should separate the two kids' bedrooms (which would be a bigger pain) or if it would be ok to have the toddler and the newborn next to each other. The toddler was in his own room by 4 mos. I am just worried about the baby waking up the toddler. He is otherwise a great sleeper and sleeps with a noise machine. Any insights or experience would be appreciated!
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2020.12.02 15:25 karebearkilla79 When something seems to good to be true, it usually is..

Hello all, I have posted in here a few times about the issue my fiancé and I are dealing with when it comes to custody of my SS (4mos) t’s a long story so I won’t get into all the backstory but our son is an infant and he is not the product of an affair. During the pregnancy period, his mom was EXTREMELY angry, threatening, vindictive and all around mean. I tried to establish a bond or at least good communication but she wanted no part of it. My fiancé and I decided to let the communication go and pursue establishment of paternity and timesharing plan.
When he was born she wouldn’t let us see him, just my fiancé alone, in her room. My fiancé said that wasn’t appropriate etc and we would do it in a mutual location etc. After several canceled or denied visits, we filed pro se for all the things I mentioned. Ever since his birth, even before DNA test, we have given her money weekly as well as supplies. We only have been allowed 1 visit a week for three hours. Even that was a pain because one hour of that was travel time. We had to send pictures or video chat while we had him but just to make her happy and to keep us being allowed the time, we did it with no problem. We didn’t discuss the case personally at all. In the initial meetings I was there and while my fiancé was holding and talking to baby etc I spent the time getting to know the BM, establishing a good connection etc,
Things really started to be looking up as she was being a little friendlier. We are seeking 50/50 with all of the standard timeshare provisions. I am retired and home all day and offered to keep him so she could work etc. One day she approached us and asked if we would be open to keeping him while she worked which of course I was over the moon about. We arranged it to be where I picked him up from her before she started work and brought him back there to her. This is about a 40 minute drive one way for me but I was just happy to have him. At the first exchange we had without my fiancé present, she approached me and asked me about the court case. She aid she really didn’t object to anything but a few little details and she’d much rather settle things out of court etc. (she is the one that lawyered up after the motions were filed. She also said from the day he found out that she was pregnant that he’d have to fight her in court to see the baby) She said she didn’t have the money to fight it out and her attorney was the one that pushed the case. She said she’d even like to move closer to us so it would be easier to rotate, for him to be in a better school etc. She even asked me what he would call me and said she’d like it to be momma k, and her just momma. I’m telling you I was in tears over this conversation. I even hugged her. I have always bought her things for nursing support like teas, cookies etc. I got her some special amber teething bead necklaces that matched the baby’s. I bought two sets so she’d have them at her house too. She never did say thank you or anything but I didn’t care too much.
My fiancé and I discussed her request and of course both agreed and were excited to be moving forward in such a great way. We notified our attorney of the “peaceful resolution” and said we no longer need his help. We only hired him after we got the service from her attorney because she wants the venue changed and all of her legal fees paid for. He literally only filed his motion of appearance 90 days ago, :-/ anyway, we did as promised and she was to have done the same. We agreed for her to come to our home and sit for dinner while going over the timeshare plan and settling together before filing. Well she stacked a few times and I had gotten Covid so I quarantined of course. We talked about me being able to watch him again and set up the times. I asked about the parenting plan thing and she said she was busy all week and good maybe do it Sunday after work, she also casually mentioned that we’d discuss the things her LAWYER told her to do with overnights and visits. At this point my radar popped up. Lawyer? What? So I decided to look and see if he ever filed a withdrawal or anything for the case and BOOM.. we have a hearing in 3 days. She was telling me she was busy in the day if the hearing at a time when neither my fiancé or myself even knew it was happening, I was LIVID!
Here I am set to pick up the baby Friday and Sunday for her to go to work and she already planned on going to court and letting us default. Thank god I trusted my senses. Wr didn’t call her out directly as we wanted to test and find out whether it was intentional or not. (Still didn’t want to believe it was) It is a zoom hearing so there was no way to go and see if she just showed up. We looked at the case file and her attorney was notified of the court date so she definitely knew. I decided to casually slide it in to see how she reacted. I messaged her and said “Hey there, I just wanted to check back in and see if you can find some time in your schedule to work on the parenting plan so we can submit it in the hearing on Thursday”? Then I mentioned that the hearing could be the final resolution and judgement if we went prepared as we discussed which would save the money on the mediation and filing fees etc. (we also discovered that our attorney never filed his motion to stop representing etc) she didn’t answer me for a bit and then she said “I think it’s best if we go to court, keep our legal counsel and let the lm set up mediation there. We can let them work it out and then draft the legal paperwork”., “Wr just want what’s best for the baby”.. If you could hear me! Lol This BITCH!! I told her no worries and that I got it. I was hoping we could work it out but things change and we can take the route she chooses: she said, “Sorry I couldn’t make it to the discussion table to suit your time frame...” “If you aren’t going to keep the baby this weekend let me know. I politely reminded her,, “Ohh, actually, we were trying to meet your request to keep things out of court. We were trying to work with you as you asked because you said you didn’t have the funds etc.” she said something irrelevant and I never responded.
I’m LIVID! I can’t believe she pulled this. What a snake! My heart is broken. We can’t trust her clearly and I know what that means for our road ahead. At this point, I don’t feel I should pick him up to be at her convenience. The only time she lets us see him is when she wants to make money. Of course we love it but it’s not fair and I’m making her life cake by saving her from even having to drop him off. I don’t care to help her make money to take us to court with. She lives with her parents, nurses and is on welfare assistance so we know the baby’s needs are met safely. My fiancé and I are getting a bee and better lawyer today. I doubt they’ll be able to help in time for tomorrow lol but we intend to go full steam with everything now. No turning back. I sound like a bitch I’m sure. That I’m being vindictive but this woman takes every inch you will give her and I was really hoping I was wrong and that she was just hormonal:-( We’ve resigned ourselves to not seeing the baby again until we have legal rights established, however long that takes. We can’t let her steer and manipulate the ship anymore. It clearly doesn’t matter how nice we play. I say we because this is and has been our path together and he is no doubt a son to me. This will effect our household and lives and so I am just as much a parent.
I don’t know what else to do. I’m sad and disappointed, sorry for the novel,
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2020.12.02 15:25 wrongcabbage Why is my newborn crying?? Decision making tree from a brand new mom

Before giving birth, I read a lot about how to soothe your baby, figure out what's wrong, etc. I wound up with a list of like 12 things, panickily going through them all at a million miles an hour at 2 in the morning, still in the hospital lolol. Here's what my husband and I learned: it's only ever two things. Our baby has NEVER cried because the ruffles on the diaper were accidentally tucked in instead of out, which is one of the 12 things that got lodged in my brain from reading new parent advice articles. The two things are feeding and diapers.
When my baby starts fussing, my first step is to offer my pinkie finger for him to suck on. Sometimes it takes a few seconds, but if he starts to suck seriously, it means he's hungry. Feed him roughly the recommended amount--do not care about whether it's too frequent or not frequent enough. All those charts are just guidelines. As long as baby isn't feeding nonstop for an hour, or hasn't eaten in forever, it's fine. Step two is to Always Burp. Once baby is done eating, either burp them or at least keep them upright for 10-15 minutes to avoid fussing due to burps.
If pinkie finger sucking is not acceptable, the problem is diaper related. It's easy to miss pee diapers since disposables are so absorbent, but most diapers have a little indicator. Ours has a yellow line that turns blue when the diaper is wet. If there's no pee or poo and baby is still fussing, it's probably that a poo is on the way. Bicycle the legs, gently stretch them out, move baby's legs left to right, etc etc. All this helps ease gas pain which eases fussiness. Secret bonus tip: I learned that our baby doesn't like fast wardrobe changes. He would fuss when we undressed him for a new diaper, and I started basically ripping his clothes off to get through it faster. However, when I tried slowing down he would usually fuss a lot less. It makes sense--his skin is so sensitive and so new, he was probably getting sensory overload.
And that's it! Baby is either hungry or has Diaper Needs, or is on their way to one of those two. Not sure who else needs to hear this, but hope it's helpful to someone! At first, crying made me feel like my baby was actively dying and that if I didn't figure out what was wrong in the first 30 seconds, he would explode or something. Baby's intention in crying is just to talk, it's not in line with the emotion it might illicit in you. Just because you hear their cry as 'I'm dying' doesn't mean that's what they're actually saying ha. Keep your cool, take your time, don't over think it, and you'll be fine.
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2020.12.02 15:18 KhajiitNeedSkooma My husband and his big boy baby.

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2020.12.02 15:16 Genocidal_Stalinist 5 things I like and dislike about Germany

What I like:
  1. Discount markets. The food quality and prices are amazing.
  2. The health care. When my wife was at the hospital to give birth, everything was perfect. The nurses were extremely professional and helpful towards us new parents.
  3. Social programs. We had someone from the family office visit us after our baby was born. She brought us gifts, gave us information about child care classes, a list of kindergartens. She was extremely helpful and it made us feel like we are part in a community.
  4. My neighbor gets his own spot on the list. He always gives us duck eggs. Nicest man I ever met.
  5. Public bathrooms. They're so damn clean.

What I dislike:
  1. Bureaucracy as efficient as a blind deaf 1 legged dog flying a plane.
  2. TV license fee. Costs more than the UK's but without the quality of BBC (unless it's a German dub of a BBC program). It explains why the average age of the viewers.
  3. Trains. It's a miracle if they are ever on time. It's probably just my region.
  4. Ohne Pfand bottles.
  5. And lastly
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2020.12.02 15:04 NotStephenKing5 The Night My Life Changed [RF]

It was fucking freezing.
The wind whipped around the little shack they called tonight's home. Howling all around them, he tried to do anything but fall asleep.
He couldn't let his eyes drop, every moment a second too vulnerable. Jayson felt a stir next to him, just more motivation to stay awake.
They had only grabbed one jumper, -his, so he let Mel use it. She needed the warmth more than he did. How are females so cold, it's like just warm up dawg.
He pulled her closer, hoping it somehow made up for all of this. If he had just sorted everything out, they wouldn't be stuck in a cubby made for children, right on the edge of some park.
It was barely big enough for the two of them, Jayson’s feet touching one wall while he back touched the other. He was starting to get pins and needles in one knee.
"Mmm" the slightest groan came from Mel's lips. He must have been moving too much.
"Sorry Hun" he whispered.
Her tired arm came up, finding its place over his mouth
That was enough to set him off, silent laughs rippling across his belly. He tried to stop, feeling bad till he realised she was giggling more than he was.
Her eyes opened, the only thing the moon light caught. She looked so beautiful, even after tonight. He kissed her forehead, not letting her see how tired he was. How he rested his eyes.
"Can I have another one"
He kissed her head again, confused at the laugh that came out.
"That's sweet, but I meant of dinner"
Their meal, a single pack of cherry flavoured tic-tac’s, all they had till morning came and the shops opened.
The worst part was he could feel his wallet, his back pocket calling to him, useless till the world woke.
"Sure" he let her hand explore his pocket, the tiny capsule deep in their emptiness. He hadn't planned for this.
"You want one?" She asked, popping her own in her mouth. He really did.
"No thanks Hun, save them for later"
He knew she didn't like that; this is the same man who regularly stole half her fries. A true gentleman
"Eat" she commanded, trying to force his mouth open. He bit her finger, letting her slip the tac in.
"Love you too" he replied.
She kissed him, just a small peck but enough. Warmth spread from out his chest, and it wasn't the heartburn.
"What's the plan for tomorrow Jase?"
He paused, not really sure how to put a thousand thoughts into one convincing sentence.
"Tomorrow...I'm gonna take you away"
"Threat or promise?" She moved off him, trying so hard to stretch in their little cell.
"Definitely a promise"
The wind shook the walls some more, threatening to rip them apart. It was almost pike it knew they were in here, and it wanted to eat.
There were no covers for the windows or door frames, why would there be? This was built for kids, not some hungry idiots.
God he hoped they didn't freeze to death out here, discovered by a group of kids, or worse: stoners.
He tried to reach into his mind, restart that fire that made every girl act like he was a heater. World worst super power and he could barely use it.
Almost like his mind was read, he heard " want the jacket?"
You bet your arse he did, but she would freeze in seconds. MK style.
He pulled his shirt sleeves up
"Nah, too hot actually"
"You realise I can see you shaking, right? Like you are here right now"
He pulled her closer again, his ruse almost up.
"You stopped cuddling, I got cold"
Resting his head on hers, not letting her get away, freezing lips kissed his chest, right at his neck line
"Bribery will get you nowhere woman" he whispered.
There sat a silence for five seconds, broken only by her head tilting slightly
A peck on his neck. Then another. And another, slower this time, leaving her lips a second longer.
The next was a lot more loving, her teeth dancing across his throat. She made her offer clear, either let her go, or let her make her mark.
He almost didn't decide.
It was the nibble that made him pull back, only to try and kiss her properly. But she moved back too, lips dangling centimetres from his.
"I win"
She did.
The sun had to rise soon; his phone too dead to check.
"Go back to sleep" he whispered at her.
"You go to sleep"
"Do you have to fight me on everything?"
"...Yes. Yes, I do."
"Any particular reason?"
"Because I love you"
There was something to her tone, something that caught him in his throat every time she said it.
"I love you too, now sleep"
"You really can't make me"
She needed to sleep, why was she fighting him so hard on it. Only one of them should stay up, save her energy for tomorrow. Smarter that way.
"Please. Just for an hour or two, you need it"
"Promise you will wake me up"
""Definitely a promise"
She must have been satisfied with that answer, snuggling closer to him. She was small enough to use him both as a pillow and a giant teddy at the same time.
Her breaths were long and deep, only felt by her rising chest against him. How someone so small could survive this world was beyond him. Fuck being almost 5ftnothing.
He didn't mean to, but her breathing was do rhythmic, so balanced. He closed his eyes for a split second, opening them to a waking world. Birds were stirring, clearing their throats for today's performance.
"Mel". He carefully woke her. "Baby, time to get up"
Her head shook one no, curling further into her shell.
"We have to get going"
No response
"...to get food"
A loud groan came from somewhere within her body. Confirmation he won this one
"Come on baby"
Like a zombie, she started to rise, bones cracking like she slept for a hundred years.
The sky was starting to feel a bit more golden, the bird’s song acting as Apollo's chariot.
With no wind to hunt them, this place was actually a bit beautiful. A shimmering pond on the other side of the grass, lucky they didn't find that head first last night.
Jayson's body felt tight as he stretched.
"Hun" she called to him "go take a walk"
"What? Why?"
"Just go"
Annoyed and confused he did as he was told. The air was crisp, sharp to a point, like he inhaled mint. He made his way around, coming back to a flushed-out Mel.
"Better. Can we please go get some food?"
He took her hand, her fingers tiny compared to his. They made their way towards the rising sun.
"What do my girls want?" He asked, his fingers dancing across her stomach.
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2020.12.02 15:04 Xuemeipk Factory Girl

Very few books has been written about the people working in Chinese factories, and most of them were written by journalists. I thought it might be interesting to share the experience as someone who has been working in factories for 15 years.
My first job in a factory started in the summer of 2003, I was 14 and had just graduated from middle school. My parents had been asking around trying to find me a job for weeks before the graduation. We needed the money. One of my cousins helped me get the job. It was a biscuit factory in our town, about 40 minutes bike away from our house.
I started as a temporary worker making moon cakes. The pay was ¥10 a day, approximately $1.40 dollars. Moon cakes are a special occasion food people eat during mid-Autumn Festival, which lands on the 15th day in August on the lunar calendar.
Given it’s a seasonal food, the production site for it was set up temporarily as well. It’s under a shed that connects 3 buildings. The roof of the shed was about two-stories high, and only about 35 square meters (315 square feet). A long table was placed in the middle of the shed to lay out the majority of the processes for the making of the moon cake. 4 or 5 baking ovens stood by one side of the wall, the other two sides had bags of raw ingredients for the moon cake.
Making a moon cake is quite similar to making dumplings. Get the dough ready, roll out each wrapping, wrap up the filling. The differences are that wrapped moon cakes would be placed in molds to get shaped and brushed with a layer of egg yolk before baking. It’s a very simple process, so we had multiple people sitting side by side doing each step to speed things up.
All of the work was done manually. Despite a few fans that sat the corner of the shed, some workers were still sweating from the heat from the nearby baking oven or just the labor they were doing. A lot of the sweat dropped on the food we were making. And when the fans rotated away, flies lands on the ingredients. The idea of having moon cake has never excited me since then.
Preparation for the stuffing happened on a smaller table next to the big one. We were basically making three kinds of stuffing. Peanuts with rock sugar, red bean paste and fruit flavored stuffing made by white gourds. My job was to carry the semi-ready stuffing from a nearby warehouse onto the table. It was all done manually as well.
It was easy to carry peanuts and fruit flavored white gourds as their packages were smaller and lighter. However carrying the red bean paste was a lot harder. They were packaged in metal cans that weighed about 20kg. I could barely lift it by one hand, so both hands had to be used. It was too heavy to carry and I had to drag it across the floor.
I was not used to carrying stuff that heavy and had to take breaks from time to time.
Once my hands and back got used to the carrying, I was able to earn little breaks for myself. Sometimes I would help Mr. Liu, a man in his middle thirties worked at the smaller table, mixing and kneading the stuffing. Other times I would go over to the next table and learn how to wrap the stuffing while chatting with the people there.
We had about 20 workers working in the shed. Most of them were villagers in town, working in the factory allowed them to be close to home and care for their families. Two other girls were my age, just got out of school as well. There were 4 older girls in their late teens and early twenties. They used to work in other places outside of the province but moved back home because their families were working on matching them up with boys and marrying them off. It was not a wise thing to do to let your daughter work too far away from home when she is old enough to get married. Who knows if she would ran away with a random boy to a place far away from your hometown. In china the boys family is expected to pay a significant dowery. That has changed in more developed areas, but still remains to be the cause in many remote and undeveloped parts of the nation. Raising daughters costs money and almost every family was waiting on her wedding day to cash out on the investment.
Our work started at 8am in the morning and finishes around 8pm in the evening, with short breaks during the day for meals. Working 12hours or longer in a day was not easy, especially most of the time I had to stand and walk around, but I was happy, I was no longer a mouth needing to be fed in my family.
In the early 1980s, we still used the communal farming system. The village owned the land and every family works on the land together and got a share of the harvest at the end of the season. That system was replaced by all the land in the village was divided and allocated to each family based on the number of members in that household. When someone past away, that family loses a share of the land, and that piece of land would be redistributed to the new born. Normally my family should be got distributed an extra plot of land, because I was adopted, people in the village committee did not think my family deserved to be given the land. My family adopted me because of the kindness of their heart, otherwise I’d have ended up like many baby girls at the time, being dropped at the side of the road left to die. I think it was a very unfair thing to do, people’s kindness should not be awarded with cold indifference. I’ll never forget the helplessness and anger in their voice when talking about it.
I actually gained weight shortly after working at the factory. We had a chef who cooked for all the workers and everyone would get a small bowl of dishes and all-you-can-eat rice. Heading to the kitchen was always happy moments for me. I no longer needed to be mindful if we have enough food for everyone and could simply indulging myself in enjoy the food. My family worked hard in the fields to grow whatever crops we could, but land was limited and food production yield was low, as a result food was always tight. The thought that now I have this job that I can earn my keep and even bring home cash made me happy.
Moon cake production would go on for a few weeks and I knew I was hired for that only. I wanted to get hired for biscuit production to have a more stable job. I figured if I work hard, people would notice that I am a hard worker and would consider me when the opportunity came. And it worked. I was asked to join the people I was working with to start another shift for the biscuit production when the moon cake production came to its end.
Working on the biscuit production line was more intense than the previous one. Biscuits were baked through a tunnel heated by coal and the cost of stopping the line and let coal go wasted was unthinkable. So instead of taking time off for meals, we took turns for meals. The number of people working on the line was the same number of stations on the line. In other words, someone had to do two person’s job if someone gone off for meals or bathroom breaks. Most of the time we’re able to manage, but when production was not going well and we really could not afford anyone to leave their station, we had to wait and miss our meals.
Despite the shift ended at 8pm, most of the time we could not get off when the clock hits 8. Mangers of the factory would arrange truck(s) arrives 10 or 15 minutes before the end of the shift. And the rule was people working on that shift needed to load the truck. We’re feeling exhausted after a 12 hour shift and no one liked to work an extra hour or two to load up the truck, but we had to do what we were asked to do. Job opportunities in the town was very limited, it’s not like we had a lot of options.
When we were finally let off, people would either go home or shower and sleep in the factory dorm. I got to watch a bit TV (there was one TV in the whole factory where we used to sat together and chat) or stand on the dorm balcony and let the evening breeze dry my hair before going to sleep. I started to think about my future in those rare moments. Going back to school did not seem very likely, but as start of a new school tern approaches, my craving got stronger, especially seeing kids my age showing up at the high school next door.
I was the top student (out of about a thousand) for the middle school entrance exam. However, my parents did not see the value of me continuing my education and were counting down the days to my middle school final exam so that I could go off and start working. Given most the parents would end their daughter’s education after middle school in our village, I understood the prospective of continue my education was very thin. Girls would move to another household and became someone’s wife and daughter-in-law when she got married, and that would be the new family she needed to care for. So the earlier your daughter starts working, the more time you get to have her making money for your family before that inevitable day comes. That’s the unspoken thought of most villagers at the time. So they’re not encouraged to invest in their daughter’s education.
I made very little effort in answering the questions when sitting through the exams and the grades reflected that.
Mom came to visit me at the factory one morning. I had just finished a night shift and had gone to sleep. She woke me up and wanted me to try on a pair of new high-heels she just bought for me, which I felt weird. But maybe that’s her way of helping me transition from a girl to a woman. I was too sleepy to be bothered, but she was persisting and telling me now that I am older, it’s time for me to dress like other girls. I tried, but it did not fit, despite mom kept squeezing my feet into the shoes. My sleepiness went away in the moments of squeezing and pushing.
I asked mom if I could go back to school and redo the final year of middle school. I promised I would study harder, get good grades. “We just spent our money on building the new house and we don’t have money for that” was the answer she told me. Tears came out my eyes on hearing that. I told her I could collect my wages from the factory and if that’s not enough, maybe we could borrow some from our relatives. She did not like my proposal. “If you go back to middle school but failed to get in high school, you’d waste a year of your life”, that was her response. I promised I would get in high school. Then she told me I would be too old to get marry. I did not quite understand her logic, if I got into high school, I would graduate before turning 18. How that would make me too old to marry? I sensed the conversation was not going to the direction I wanted to go and more tears came out. Mom started crying too. In her tears she told me she could not make that decision for me and left soon.
I went back to sleep in my tears. The thought of living my life like other girls in our village did not excite me at all. Working in the factory for a few years before marry someone in town. Have one or two kids, tending the fields while caring for the younger kids and elderly in-laws, as the husband would migrant to other cities or further places for jobs throughout the year. The more I thought about it, the harder it was to stop myself from crying. I really did not want to live my life that way, but I did not know how to turn it around.
---More to come in a coming post----
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2020.12.02 15:04 kishibarohan To Small Dog Owners in My Neighborhood

this is mostly a (long) vent, partially a progress brag, and overall just sharing in case anyone with small dogs and not treating their reactivity happens to see this.
my almost (12 days away from first birthday!) year old GSD is fear reactive to strangers, a frustrated greeter, and territorial. through CARE and medication, we've gotten to the point where he doesn't even look back at me for treats when a person walks by at touching distance but instead ignores them in favor of an activity of his choosing, like a normal, well socialized dog would. he's not stress sniffing, he's literally just minding his own business. for example, we live by a fishmonger's (our neighbor in the building owns it) and he used to react awfully at the ppl working there but now he gives a careless sniff to their boots and keeps walking. he's to the point where people can walk right past us (touching distance), blow kisses at him, talk to him/us, and he'll either sit and wait or keep sniffing/walking. this seemed impossible when we started CARE, and even a couple months ago we still got reactions to certain people/in certain contexts but since we started some pain relief medication he's gotten to this point.
we had gotten to a point where his frustrated greeting was under control & a couple of huge setbacks & some under-management of his over-arousal (thank u adolescence!) later & we're back to square two (at least not one, or zero.)
on to my vent. we live in an area that's mostly old, retired people, so small lap dogs abound. i love small lap dogs, they're the cutest, & i always disagree with large dog owners who shift the blame onto small dogs for "attacking" their large dogs (the blame lies squarely with the owners) bc the poor dogs are just anxious.
but, & now i'm addressing small dog owners in particular, if your dog is a tiny little snowball of fluff (so cute!) & you see me & my spouse struggling to get our 93lbs giant gsd off the floor, where he's gotten into a semi play bow, semi down position to tell your tiny dog "im no threat! let's play!" to move it away AND you get scared for your dog's safety (understandable! my dog is huge! and a gsd!) then, consider idk, maybe, turning around? stopping on your tracks and just watching us, or asking "do you really have a hold on him?" or "why aren't you moving away from us? my dog's scared!" isn't that useful. yes, i have a hold on him, yes, i know your dog is scared, & mine's wearing a muzzle so you'll know from afar to keep away from us to avoid this freakout, but no, i can't pick him up and walk away because i weigh just slightly more than him & we're still working on this particular thing.
if this has already happened & i managed to u-turn & walk away then, again, maybe consider not following right behind us? we all have places to get to and routes we like taking but either you advocate for your dog's safety (i see him struggling with fear reactivity at the end of his leash while u choke the hell out of him) and you wait for me to trot away as fast as possible, or you don't and you follow two steps behind so my dog can try turning his head every few seconds & have his arousal & frustration levels just rise & rise until he erupts into a gsd barking frenzy. it's yer choice! if you choose the latter then you don't get to tell me my dog isn't normal (i know! but not bc of this!) or to get all huffy & scared abt what has just happened. again. especially not if you're on your phone the whole damn time.
i understand small dog owners don't see their dogs' signs of stress and anxiety as concerning in the least, some find it funny, and most ppl can't read dog. but at the very least if you're scared of my giant dog (and i get it! i would be too if i were walking a cotton ball!) don't come straight at us, don't bring your dog closer & closer to mine, don't expose your dog to something this frightening just bc you can't be bothered turning around & choosing a different route. i'd love to do that & we work hard to avoid dogs at every turn (sometimes i can't see your tiny little cute buttons with legs) & we're working hard on getting him to walk more politely when dogs are around, but in the meantime, please at least keep your distance.
to the small reactive fluff in the building next to ours whose owners walk him at odd hours & are careful to avoid all other dogs, i see you & i appreciate you & your owners' hard work. u met my gsd as a baby puppy & we remember u were graceful enough to give him a puppy pass.
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2020.12.02 15:03 anxiousthespian The Power of Chosen Names

Important note: I am cis and as such, cannot tell you about the experience of choosing a new name when coming out as trans or nonbinary. As a queer lady with many trans and nonbinary friends, I can parrot what I've been told when it's appropriate, but I can't tell you what it's really like to be in their shoes. If this post comes off as disrespectful to anyone in the community, I will gladly delete it.
Without including last names, birth names (also called dead names), or identifying details for the privacy of these people, I'd love to share some names that friends and acquaintances of mine have chosen for themselves, and how they picked them! Everyone I share about here are folks who are out publicly and do not consider the stories behind their name choices to be private. Keep in mind that some people don't change their name at all for whatever reason, like Jonathan Van Ness who is comfortable with their birth name as a nonbinary person. Every person is an individual!
If you are trans or NB and feel comfortable sharing your name and why you chose it, please comment! And of course, if I make a mistake in terminology at any point, please let me know so I can fix it.
Onto the names!
Some folks like to have a nod towards their birth name if it's comfortable for them. I have a few friends who have kept the same initials as their dead names, one of whom named themselves Benjamin James [Last Name]. I have three friends who changed their names to traditionally feminine version of their birth names when coming out as trans women, like Jaclyn and Daniella.
When people have close relationships with their parents, sometimes they may involve them! I knew a nonbinary person who had a wonderful mother, so they asked for her help choosing a new name, joking that she "deserved a redo." Together, the two chose Xavier, pronounced with a "z" sound at the start.
One older trans man I met in college was born before using ultrasound to learn the sex of a baby before birth was common, so parents would usually pick a "girls" name and a "boys" name to be ready for the delivery and big reveal. When he came out to his parents as a young adult, he asked them for the name they had chosen for if he had been born AMAB, and used that as his new name as a trans man! The name was Charles, Charlie for short. He joked that "Charles" was too dated and made him sound like a Grandpa, and he'd rather be seen as "the cool uncle that thinks he's hip with the kids but definitely isn't." His words!
A friend of mine from childhood chose a family name. Every first born son of a first born son had the same name. Great Grandpa, Grandpa, Dad, etc were named Kenneth. So when his dad had one AFAB child, there was no one to pass the name to. In high school, that child came out as a trans boy and asked his father if it was okay to name himself Kenneth and carry on the tradition. Tears were shed.
The majority of trans and non-binary folks I've met chose names that have personal meaning totally unrelated to their family or birth names. Many people feel really uncomfortable having names too close to their dead name or that may be traditional in a family that is unsupportive. Since a well-fitting name can have such a positive impact on self image, it makes sense that a name that doesn't fit your identity would be detrimental. This is something very personal to trans and nonbinary folks, so please pay attention to members of the community for their experiences.
I know several people who have named themselves after Ancient Greek, Roman, Celtic, or Norse deities. Artemis, Zephyr, Morgan, and Freya are the first that come to mind. Fictional characters are very common, I knew a Matthieu growing up named for his favorite character in a comic. A friend of a friend named herself after a British suffragette that was a figure she admired in history, I think it was Jane.
Some folks go on baby name websites or places like Name Nerd and chose a name that just sounds good or they like the meaning of, like my buddies Duncan and Oliver! There doesn't have to be a huge backstory behind your name to make it meaningful and special to you. Everyone deserves to have a name that feels like themselves, no matter what.
To wrap up...
I would love to hear from the trans and nonbinary members of the Name Nerds community about what your name means to you, whether that's the story of how you chose it, why it's special, or how it makes you feel to have a name befitting of your identity!
And a reminder to other cis folks, if you have trans and nonbinary friends and family members whose chosen names and stories you'd like to share in the comments, please be sure they are okay with it first!!! Also, unless you have explicit permission from the individual, do NOT share their dead name. Even if they won't go on reddit and see it being used, it's still disrespectful. I understand that if their chosen name relates to the one given to them at birth, you may want to tell us both to compare in a cute "before and after," but please, please get permission for that. Respect your loved ones' privacy.
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2020.12.02 14:58 RevaliTheRito28 I Hate the word “cuss”

I don’t know what it is. Something about the sounding of this specific word makes me want to strangle a little southern boy and beat the shit out of his corpse. It makes me so angry whenever a person uses “cuss” to refer to a curse word. It just sounds so childish and gross, like someone taking in baby speak. Even taking about this word brings me immense anger.
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2020.12.02 14:58 Bulbusroar Quitting

So for some background I recently got married on Oct 24, and I found out last week that I am pregnant. I’m only about 5 weeks along so it’s still very early but I’ve already missed 4 days of work (3 days last week then I didn’t work Thursday or Friday bc of thanksgiving, and then yesterday bc of morning sickness). My husband thinks I should quit this job since it’s a lot of added stress mentally and physically, and I agree with Him. He’s gotten me a part-time job at his work where I’d be able to have more flexible hours and it wouldn’t as physically demanding.
What my question is, is how would y’all go about telling your boss that you’re quitting and why? Do I just tell her that my husband wants me to cut my hours down from 45 to something more part time like 25-30 hours a week or so? I’m worried that with me getting sick so often from the baby that I’ll just keep leaving them hanging when I have to call out and I really don’t want that. Any advice on how to do this? I plan on giving them a months notice, is that long enough? Will they be able to find a nanny in that time? Or should I give them 2 months? I’ve never done this before as this is my first nanny family and they truly have been great (in most aspects) so I don’t want to upset them
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2020.12.02 14:56 macaronimango Dad of the year

Mother fucker faked getting a second covid test a week after the first (second exposure) so he didn’t have to help out w his baby and family for an extra 5 days...
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2020.12.02 14:56 litttle_momma Introduction to other children

My son who was born in February of this year (9months old now) has never been around other children much due to this virus going around. Hes very timid of certain noises and things but is a little happy clam other wise. I'm not sure how to go about getting him around other children close in his age group even a little older would be fine- because fear other parents might have with what's happening in the world. Also we are not in daycare or considering it right now because of the virus. What do I do to introduce my baby to other babies? 🥺 everyone is just so scared and cautious as well as we are but this poor babe needs to see other babes just like him.
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2020.12.02 14:55 nahikoate On the topic of getting a furry friend...

So I still live with my parents, and I would very much like to adopt one of the baby cats or dogs that our local shelter recently rescued. My parents are very fussy about the animal leaving hair everywhere and all, but that's not the issue.
See, my mother used to have a dog when she was my age, and she "trained" him through hitting him every time he did something "wrong". She claims to be very proud of that training, but the way she describes her dog acting "so obediently" sounds to me like the poor thing was terrified. My mother always speaks rather negatively about cats and dogs, and is the type of person who would kick a cat or dog for simply nipping you (not biting hard, just nipping). My father supports this way of training and has never had a pet of his own. That aside, I highly doubt they'd let me take the dog to the groomer as often as I know that breed would need, because it would be "wasting money" and "that thing doesn't need a fancy hairdresser" (something they've said to long-time friends of mine with pets).
How do I convince my parents that hitting a cat or dog is not a good or healthy way to train them? I do not want them to harm any animal I bring home, but considering they've pushed my best friend's cat into a wall with their feet several times and have slapped another good friend's dog for simply putting her paws on their legs... yeah, it's not looking good.
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2020.12.02 14:49 floss147 Apparently I’m not allowed anymore children

So I had my 20 week scan today and we’ve keeping the gender a secret until Xmas but we called both mothers to let them know that everything is okay although I need another scan in a couple weeks to finish some checks because baby was misbehaving.
While talking to my JMMum I mentioned the sonographer having a sore wrist and how I was sympathising with her because she’s got to manipulate her wrist and push down with the magic wand (no idea what it’s called!), so when we were leaving I said ‘good luck with the next baby, I hope they behave!’ jokingly and she chuckled.
Well, my JMMum couldn’t get her words out fast enough... ‘you’re not having any more!’
I’m 34 years of age and I’m happily married to my DH (29m). We own our own home and both work full time and adore our DD (10).
My sister (33) is unemployed with 3 kids by 3 different men. She’s single and likely will be until the boys leave home.
My brother (29) is unemployed and homeless with rage issues and drug problems and he got his ‘friend’ pregnant.
... and yet I’m told I can’t have more than 2!!!!!!! Madness!!!
We’ve already decided we’re having 2 together to make our brood 3 🤣
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2020.12.02 14:48 Itsjustem_ Hi! Below are photos of all my begonia babies. 1st is Momma Moana doing amazing. 2nd photo is a rescue I’m trying to save. Pebble trays and humidifier in place, what soil does everyone use? Any tips for the rescue ?

Hi! Below are photos of all my begonia babies. 1st is Momma Moana doing amazing. 2nd photo is a rescue I’m trying to save. Pebble trays and humidifier in place, what soil does everyone use? Any tips for the rescue ? submitted by Itsjustem_ to begonias [link] [comments]